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Informative Essay (Expository Essay): Mohenjo-

daro Rubric Name _______________

3 points 2 points 1 point
Heading: Name, teachers name, One missing requirement in the More than one missing
Class and period heading requirement in the heading

Introduction that grabs the reader’s Introduction grabs the reader’s The thesis statement is not
attention and there is a bridge to link attention but a bridge to link it to clear and a bridge to link it
the introduction and thesis the thesis is missing. to the th

A clear, well written thesis A thesis is given, but it is not The thesis is missing some
strong. elements.

More than four transitions are used Two to three transitions are One or no transitions are
to make this paper flow smoothly used to help with the flow of the used

The conclusion has three to five The conclusion somewhat There is no conclusion or it
sentences summarizing everything restates what the paper is doesn’t sum up the main
including the main points in the thesis about, but misses some main idea.

Works cited page with at least four Works cited page with at least 3 Works cited page with less
sources with two or fewer mistakes sources with more than two than 3 sources or no works
errors cited page

Conventions: grammar, spelling, Three to none errors in Ten or more errors in

punctuation, capitalization with no conventions conventions
more than 3 errors

Typed, double spaced paragraphs, Typed, with more error in Many errors
correct indentation double spacing, or paragraphs.
9 points 6 points 3 points
There is a good description of the area There is a description of the The location is unclear and
and where it is located. Detailed area or where it is located, but there is no specific
evidence is used to support this. not both. Evidence supports description of the land

Evidence from sources clearly explain Some evidence tells of the The lifestyle of the people is
the lifestyle of the people and the people of Mohenjo-daro unclear
infrastructure of the city of Mohenjo-

Evidence from sources clearly explain Some evidence weakly No theories were given as to
at least three theories of what may describes theories of what what may have happened to
have happened to Mohenjo-daro happened in Mohenjo-daro Mohenjo-daro
Total content grade: ___/ 27 Final Essay Grade: ___/ 51 Comments:
Mohenjo Daro and the Indus Valley Outline

I. Introduction
a. Hook and bridge to transition the introduction and thesis
b. Thesis statement and background information (include: Mohenjo-daro was
discovered in the 1920’s along the Indus Valley River in present day Pakistan; 3,000 years ago
the city was abandoned and the mystery remains)

II. Land and Location

a. Where is it located
b. What was the land like then and now

III. The people

a. What were the people like?
b. Lifestyle
c. Homes and buildings

IV. Theories of what happened to Mohenjo daro

a. 1st theory
b. 2nd theory
c. 3rd theory

V. Conclusion

Works cited page