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Are the kids in your life
already dreaming of summer?
When kids are inspired, they
can do anything. Let’s awaken
their imagination so they can
explore new activities and
healthy habits. Join us! 131719 1/30

Dow Bay Area Family YMCA • 225 Washington Ave. Bay City, MI • 989.895.8596 •
We’re here to inspire kids to work together and We’re here to make kids feel welcome and comfortable being
play together, creating friendships that can last themselves knowing they’re a part of something great.
a lifetime.
The YMCA Core Values are evident in all
ACCOMPLISHMENT our summer activities!
We are here to surround your kids with Caring: expressing sensitivity for the well being of others.
fantastic chances to try new experiences. Honesty: fairness and trustworthiness.
Show them all they can do when they believe in Respect: understanding and acceptance of all people.
themselves. Responsibility: accountable for one’s actions.

Receive 50% off Camp Iroquois when you

sign up for a specialty camp during the
same session.
Camp Iroquois includes FREE morning and afternoon
extended hours because we know it’s a lifesaver for
parents! Occurs weekly 7:00am-6:00pm.

Robin Hood Camp
In this camp, participants will learn all of the skills
necessary to become a member of Robin Hood’s
gang. Our instructors will partner with the Bay City
State Park to teach participants about archery,
CAMP IROQUOIS fishing, and other activities. This camp will meet and
take place at Bay City State Park. Ages 8-12.
Ages: 6-12. Come join us for the whole summer or
weeks at a time, the choice is up to you! Every week June 18-22, July 16-20, Aug 13-17
will have a different theme, with activities and field
trips relating to the theme. Bring your swim suit, Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm
snacks, and tennis shoes! 10% discount for multiple
children. Parents can drop their children off at 7am
and pick them up by 6pm as an added convenience. Y-Member: $80/week
Prospective Member: $100/week
Session/Dates Theme
0 June 11-15 Summer Fun
1 June 18–22 Welcome Week
2 June 25-29 Friendship Week
3 July 2-6 Party in the USA
4 July 9-13 Our Wonderful World
5 July 16-20 Art & Music Around the World
6 July 23-27 Out of this World
7 July 30- Aug 3 Safari Around the Y
8 August 6-10 Rise-N-Shine
9 August 13-17 STEM
10 August 20-24 Grossology
11 August 27-31 Goodbye Week
Y-Member: $30 per day
Prospective Member: $35 per day
Y-Member: $130 per week
Prospective Member: $150 per week
Before Camp Drop-off 7:00am – 9:00am
Camp Hours 9:00am – 4:00pm
After Camp Pick-up 4:00pm – 6:00pm
There’s nothing like Dow
Bay Area Family YMCA
Summer Camps.
When you count on us, you can count
on the best summer ever for your kids.



WALK & RUN 8.11.18
WATER-BALLOON BASEBALL Including Little Rays 1K, Kids Triathlon,
and post-race family fun fest.
SUPPLIES: small water balloons, baseball bat

Think of this game as a wetter alternative to Little League batting practice. You’ll need a pitch-
er and a batter, with the batter aiming to smash as many water-balloon pitches as possible.
The batter gets a point for each balloon hit, along with a small shower if the balloon explodes
on impact. Batters and pitchers can switch every three “strikes” and keep score along the way.

Tips: The balloons don’t always burst on impact. For an extra challenge, you can assign addi-
tional points to “home run” balloons that explode right away.


Dow Bay Area Family

YMCA Camp Timbers OPEN
West Branch, Michigan HOUSES
YMCA members Saturday, May 12 and
Sunday, June 3 from 1-5 pm.

SAVE $50 ON Tour camp, meet the staff,

and enjoy a variety of FREE
TRADITIONAL camp activites.

CAMP Summer Overnight Camps YMCA
For all youth ages 7-17 • One-Week Sessions, July 1 - July 27 TIMBERS
Financial assistance
Overnight Camps • Specialty Camps: Engineering for Kids, Horses,
also available through the 989.753.7721
Rowley Family Faith-Based Theatre, and Creative Arts • Teen Leadership Camps and Trips
Visit us at
Scholarship Learn more and register at
or call us at 989.753.7721. Income-based financial assistance available.
ENGINEERING Junior Power and Energy
Each camper FOR KIDS CAMPS In the Power and Energy camp, join us as we
look at ways to get things moving…no batteries
will receive Best JUNIOR (4 – 7) required. In this camp, students explore
the foundational concepts of potential and
Summer Ever camp Wings, Wheels, and Sails kinetic energy by building their very own toys.
In The Engineering of Travel, campers will Additionally, students will explore natural power
swag to show off explore areas of engineering such as mechanical, and energy sources such as falling water and the
civil, marine, and aerospace engineering. They sun. Get ready for a shock in this energetic and
to their friends! will explore the thought process behind road engaging engineering experience!
design, construct shapes that make sound
bridges and test them, design a boat to float Junior Scratch/MakeyMakey: Musical
across the ocean, and discover and build designs Adventures
that let us travel through the air and even into When your favorite song comes on the radio
space. do you sit quietly or do you dance around and
play the air drum solo? In Musical Adventures
Pirate Academy With Scratch and Makey Makey, we are going
Arg Matey! Come join Kelvin’s crew as we sail to explore how different sounds are created
the ocean blue searching for buried treasure. and we will create our own interpretations of
Join us as students build their very own pirate common musical instruments like drums, piano,
ship, go fishing for treasure, and work together guitar, and even a recorder, and we will create
in Kelvin’s crew to create a delicious treat that our very own dancing program, all through the
is more precious than gold. Hop aboard the use of Makey Makey and Scratch to bring our
Green Ghost and set sail as we explore The music to life!
Engineering of Pirates!
Junior Robotics: Wild Animals
Inventors Workshop This class is a perfect mixture of fun and
We have opened up the workshop for a week of learning, using LEGO® WeDo™ Robots. Using
fun, creativity, and of course --engineering! Over LEGO® bricks, students build a hungry alligator,
the course of a week, students will invent new a flying bird, and a roaring lion. They also learn
machines and explore creative design solutions how to program and operate their creations
using the Engineering Design Process. Discover using a laptop computer.
how a wind-up toy works and design your own
drawing robot inside the Engineering For Kids Twisted Fairy Tales
Attend a YMCA summer camp Inventor’s Workshop. Ever wonder how we got to the Happily Ever
After in traditional fairy tales? Students will
Junior Robotics: Simple Machines explore a few fairy tales from different points
We use simple machines everyday, but many of view and engage in activities to investigate
times without even recognizing them. In Junior solutions for each fairy tale’s obstacles. In the
Robotics: Simple Machines United, students will Twisted Fairy Tales Camp, we will design a
explore the basic concepts of simple machines getaway vehicle for the heroine from Kate and
and how we use them to achieve even our most the Beanstalk, help The Three Billy Goats Fluff
grandiose goals! Students will use LEGO® devise a method to cross the bridge quietly
WeDo™ construction and resource kits to and not wake the Troll, and construct an edible
produce new and exciting builds that will be reef entirely from candy to protect The Three
used to create Kelvin’s Amusement Park. Little Fish from the Big Bad Shark! Join us as we
explore the Engineering of Fairy Tales!
Breakfast and Lunch are included in all
Dow Bay Area Family YMCA Summer Camps
We will be offering FREE Breakfast and Lunch to anyone 18 and under.
This is available through a partnership with the Bay City Public Schools.
Breakfast and lunch will begin to be served for campers on June 11th.
* Free healthy snacks are available Monday-Friday from 4-5pm
provided by our Free Youth Food Program.

APPRENTICE/MASTER (8 – 14) Kodu Kart: 3D Game Design Engineering for Kids Camp Fees: $105 per camp
Race to the finish and create your own racing Thanks to a generous STEM grant awarded by the GM Foundation!
Wreck-it Week game in Microsoft’s Kodu gaming environment. Morning Camps:
Smash! Crash! BOOM! Students in this camp From terrain design to enemy selection, Monday-Friday 9:00am-11:30am
will join Wrecking Companies for the week and students are placed at the wheel and given full Afternoon Camps:
will attempt to work their way up the ranks of control to design their game. Create your own Monday-Friday 1:30pm-4:00pm
their company from Intern to President. They video game while exploring the foundations of
will compete against other wrecking companies coding. Kick your creativity in gear with Kodu Engineering for Kids MORNING CAMPS
in various engineering-related challenges, Kart Racing. (not compatible with Mac or Linux). Session/Dates Theme Ages
such as building a bridge from balsawood and 2 June 25–29 Wreck-it Week 8-14
constructing safety mechanisms to protect a 3D CAD Design: Minecraft Creations Wings, Wheels, and Sails 4-7
raw egg from impact. Put on your hard hats and 3D design and Minecraft both represent 4 July 9-13 Design The Future 8-14
safety goggles and join the fun! boundless opportunity for creating even our Inventors Workshop 4-7
wildest of ideas! In 3D CAD Design: Minecraft 7 July 30-Aug 3 Kodu Kart: 3D Game Design 8-14
Electronic Game Design: Pong - Monkeying Creations, students will explore the basic Junior Power and Energy 4-7
Around concepts of 3D printing (by using 3Doodler 9 August 14-18 Mechatronics Masterminds 8-14
If you have ever played the common game pens) and computer-aided design, or CAD, to Junior Robotics: Wild Animals 4-7
of Keep Away, then you already have a basic bring their most awesome Minecraft creation
understanding of Pong: Monkeying Around! to life! Engineering for Kids AFTERNOON CAMPS
We will use the Engineering Design Process to Session/Dates Theme Ages
create a storyboard that will outline the rules Mechatronics Masterminds 2 June 25–29 EGD: Pong - Monkeying Around 8-14
of play and characters for our game based on Eureka! Kelvin has finally done it! He has Pirate Academy 4-7
the basic rules of ping-pong. Then, we will use created a perpetual motion machine. But 4 July 9-13 Robotics: Ocean Missions 8-14
Clickteam Fusion 2.5® to bring our storyboard what is this?! An evil genius has stolen Kelvin’s Junior Robotics: Simple Machines 4-7
to life with programming. At the end of the masterpiece - oh no! Kelvin is now looking for 7 July 30-Aug 3 3D CAD Design: Minecraft Creations 8-14
program, everyone takes home a working a trustworthy team to develop and test new Junior Scratch/MakeyMakey:
Windows-compatible game. gadgets that will help him find and safeguard his Musical Adventures 4-7
perpetual motion machine. Explore the basics 9 August 14-18 MinecraftEdu: Medieval Redstone 8-14
Design The Future of mechatronics engineering and logic based Twisted Fairy Tales 4-7
What does the future look like? Join us as we programming as students use littleBits and work
embark on an odyssey to explore the future of together to design gadgets, tools, and machines
transportation, manufacturing and structural. that will help kelvin get out of any sticky
Let’s take a look at the innovations of today and situation he may encounter.
apply them to create the designs of tomorrow
as we explore ways to harness clean energy and MinecraftEdu: Medieval Redstone
house a growing human population. Become an MinecraftEDU is an expansive game that lets
engineer and help Design the Future. players design and create unique worlds with
amazing structures. One of the more complicated
Robotics: Ocean Missions aspects of MinecraftEDU is Redstone, which is
This LEGO® Robotics: Ocean Missions MinecraftEDU’s version of electrical circuitry. This
curriculum is designed to introduce students class will introduce students to the many uses of
to the world of robotics in an interesting and Redstone through a Medieval themed adventure
engaging way. The goal is to teach students of creation, exploration, and castle besieging, with
about the building and programming aspects students making mine cart tracks to help them
of robotics as it relates to real-world issues in gather resources, working together to build their
ocean exploration. kingdom, and designing traps to defend their
castle, all with the use of Redstone.
Dow Bay Area Family YMCA Summer Tennis Camps YMCA Basketball Academy Summer YMCA Flag Football Camps (YFFL)
Camps lead by Joe Ricard, an experienced Bay City tennis Camp Series (YBA) Camps will be broken down by age and
instructor. Locations TBD. This camp is perfect for all levels and the fundamentals will be the main focus.
will be customized based on skill level. Players will work on footwork, running,
Mighty Mites 3-6 Year Olds Campers will be exposed to ball handling, increasing foot speed, running with the
Dates Cost Time Days #/Sessions shooting, foot work, passing, defense, ball, catching, throwing the ball on the
June 19–28 $25 8:30-9AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) and rebounding drills that will develop run, ball handling and more! Camps will
July 10-19 $25 8:30-9AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) them into a complete basketball player. be held at Handy Middle School Football
July 31-Aug 9 $25 8:30-9AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) Field.
5-6 year olds | June 18-21
7-9 Year Olds Mon-Thur 9:00-10:30am 6-8 year olds | July 16-19, Aug 6-9
Dates Cost Time Days #/Sessions 5-6 year olds | July 16-19 Mon-Thur 9:00-11:00am
June 19–28 $45 9:00-10AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) Mon-Thur 9:00-10:30am 9-11 year olds | July 23-26, Aug 13-16
July 10-19 $45 9:00-10AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) 5-6 year olds | Aug 6-9 Mon-Thur 9-11:30am
July 31-Aug 9 $45 9:00-10AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) Mon-Thur 12:00-1:30pm
7-8 year olds | June 25-28 Flag Football Participant: $65/week
Mon-Thur 9:00-11:00am Y-Member: $70/week
10-12 Year Olds 7-8 year olds | July 23-26 Prospective Member: $80/week
Dates Cost Time Days #/Sessions Mon-Thur 12:00-2:00pm
June 19–28 $45 10:00-11AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) 7-8 year olds | Aug 20-23
July 10-19 $45 10:00-11AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) Mon-Thur 9:00-11:00am
July 31-Aug 9 $45 10:00-11AM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) 9-11 year olds | June 18-21

Mon-Thur 12:00-2:30pm
9-11 year olds | July 30-Aug 2
Teen Tennis (13+ Year Olds) Mon-Thur 9:00-11:30am YMCA Volleyball Academy Summer
Dates Cost Time Days #/Sessions 9-11 year olds | Aug 27-30 Camp Series (YVA)
June 19–28 $45 11AM-12PM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) Mon-Thur 9:00-11:30am This camp will be an extension of the
July 10-19 $45 11AM-12PM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) fundamentals worked on during the
July 31-Aug 9 $45 11AM-12PM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) YBA Participant: $60/week YVA season. Players will get multiple
Y-Member: $65/week repetitions on passing, setting, and
Prospective Member: $75/week serving. Players will also develop the
Competitive Teens (13+ Year Olds) correct footwork for attacking at the net.
Dates Cost Time Days #/Sessions YBA Advanced Camp This camp will develop the campers into
June 19–28 $45 12:00-1PM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) This camp is designed for 4th-6th complete volleyball players.
July 10-19 $45 12:00-1PM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) graders that have prior basketball
July 31-Aug 9 $45 12:00-1PM T/W/Th 6(2 Wks) experience and want to elevate their 8-9 year olds | June 25-28
game to the next level. Mon-Thur 12:00-2:00pm
8-9 year olds | July 23-26
9-11 year olds | July 9-12 Mon-Thur 9:00-11:00am
Mon-Thur 9:00-11:30am 9-11 year olds | July 16-19
9-11 year olds | Aug 13-16 Mon-Thur 12:00-2:30pm
Mon-Thur 12:00-2:30pm 9-11 year olds | Aug 13-16
Mon-Thur 9:00-11:30am
YBA Participant: $65/week
Y-Member: $70/week YVA Participant: $65/week
Prospective Member: $80/week Y-Member: $70/week
Prospective Member: $80/week

Give every kid a chance

Every year, hundreds of families throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region are in need of
financial assistance in order to send their children to Dow Bay Area Family YMCA Summer
The Dow Bay Area Family YMCA’s Financial Assistance Program provides financial
assistance to families who want to give their children a safe, enriching summer that would
otherwise be difficult to afford. Please support our Financial Assistance Program to help
our area kids have the best summer ever.
Give today at
Enjoy a fun day camp filled with splashtacular activities in
and around the water, Safety around the Water sessions, and
aquatic themed arts and crafts.

Splashapooloza (ages 6 -10)

Monday – Friday 1:00 – 4:00pm

Splashapooloza Jr. (ages 3-5)

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 1:00pm
Y-Member: $85/week
Prospective Member: $105/week
Jr. Lifeguarding
Junior Lifeguarding has a strong focus
on developing swimming skills to help
participants meet the Lifeguarding course
prerequisite. The course also introduces
participants to lifesaving skills, such as
in-water rescues, use of a rescue tube,
and first aid, CPR and AED. Participants
also have the opportunity to shadow
lifeguards in rotation to get a real sense
of being on the job.

Jr. Lifeguarding (ages 11 – 14)

Monday – Friday 1:00 – 4:00pm
Y-Member: $85/week Get the swimmer through the goggle shaped maze
Prospective Member: $105/week into the pool for the swimming competition.
Get the swimmer through the goggle shaped maze into the pool for the swimming competition.
Session/Dates Class Age
1 June 18–22 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
Jr. Lifeguarding 11-14
2 June 25-29 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
3 July 2-5 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
4 July 9-13 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
Jr. Lifeguarding 11-14
5 July 16-20 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
6 July 30- Aug 3 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
7 August 6-10 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
Jr. Lifeguarding 11-14
8 August 13-17 Splashapooloza Jr. 3-5
Splashapooloza 6 -10
Rowley Family Faith-Based Resident Camp Scholarship
The Brenda & Keith Rowley Family Faith-Based Resident Consideration for scholarships is determined by the
Camp Scholarship program provides partial scholarships to completion of a scholarship application. Applications
Bay County residents for overnight youth or family camps are available at or by visiting the
operated by faith-based organizations. Dow Bay Area Family YMCA Membership Service Desk.
Qualifying camps include but are not limited to: Springhill For more information, contact Tami Ashlock at
Camp, Camp Barakel, Camp Lu Lay Lea, and YMCA resident 989.895.8596 or
camps such as Camp Timbers.

Application Deadline is April 27, 2018.

225 Washington Ave.
Bay City, MI 48708