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MPD - Scope and Purpose of the Maintenance

Planning Document

ATA: 05-00 FIN: Ref: 05.00.00008

A/C Type: A300 A/C Serie: Topic: First Issue 16-AUG-2013
A300-600 Date:
Part Number: Last Publication 15-OCT-2013
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Scheduled Maintenance
First Issue Date: 16-AUG-2013
Model: Last Publication Date: 15-OCT-2013


The Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) provides the scheduled maintenance tasks and
their frequencies for the Systems, APU, Power Plant and Structure of the aircraft. It is
intended that the MPD will be used as a basis for each operator to develop his own
maintenance program subject to the approval of his Regulatory Authority.

The tasks and their frequencies given in this MPD, together with the Airworthiness
Limitations, form part of the instructions considered essential for proper maintenance as
required by certification requirements for JAR 25.1529 and JAR 25 Appendix H, Instructions
for Continued Airworthiness.

The MPD is neither a controlling nor an approved document. It is an AIRBUS envelope

repository document and covers repetitive maintenance tasks required or recommended by
miscellaneous source documents. These are among others:
 Maintenance Review Board Report (MRBR),
 ALS Part 2: Damage Tolerant Airworthiness Limitation Items (DT-ALI),
 ALS Part 3: Certification Maintenance Requirements (CMR),
 ALS Part 4: Ageing Systems Maintenance (ASM), Subsection 4-3,
 ALS Part 5: Fuel Airworthiness Limitations (FAL),
 ETOPS Configuration, Maintenance and Procedures (CMP)
 Airworthiness Directives (AD),
 Inspection Service Bulletins (ISB),
 Service Information Letters (SIL),
 Alert Operators Transmission (AOT)

The MPD comprises mandatory repetitive tasks for scheduled maintenance on A/C level from
above documents, available at the time of the MPD compilation. However, it does not
comprise all non-mandatory tasks.

NOTE: Maintenance requirements promulgated through ALS Part 1 and ALS Part 4 - Subpart
4-2 are not included in MPD since they are not repetitive maintenance tasks. However these
mandatory requirements approved by Primary Type Certification Authorities shall be
addressed by Operators Maintenance Programs.

Finally it is the operator’s responsibility to prepare their scheduled maintenance program,

after clearance with their regulatory aviation authorities.

NOTE: Compliance with the MPD does not automatically imply compliance with all
scheduled maintenance requirements. Especially for mandated requirements originating from
ADs and ALS Parts, operators are advised to check independent from the information in the
MPD, that these requirements are covered by their Maintenance Program.

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