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Part A Bicycle components Direct material
Depreciation on plant Manufacturing overhead
Property taxes on store Period cost
Labor cost Direct labor
Factory supplies used Manufacturing overhead
Advertising expense Period cost
Property taxes on plant Manufacturing overhead
Delivery expense Period cost
Sales commission Period cost
Salaries paid to sales clerks Period cost

Part B
Product cost are incurred during the production process and are directly or indirectly related to the producti
These cost are carried in the inventory and are recognized in the income statement when the inventory is sol
compared to this the period cost are the expense which are not related to the production and are charged to
income statement as and when incurred.

Factory utilities $11,500
Depreciation on factory equipment 12,650
Indirect factory labor 48,900
Indirect materials 80,800
Factory manager's salary 8,000
Property taxes on factory building 2,500
Factory repairs 2,000
Manufacturing overhead $166,350
Direct materials used $137,600
Direct labor 69,100
Manufacturing overhead 166,350
Product costs $373,050

Depreciation on delivery trucks $3,800
Sales salaries 46,400
Repairs to office equipment 1,300
Advertising 18,000
Office supplies used 2,640
Period costs $72,140
ctly related to the production.
nt when the inventory is sold. As
duction and are charged to the
Cost of Goods Manufactured Schedule
For the Month Ended June 30, 2010
Work in process, June 1 3,000
Direct materials used 20,000
Direct labor 30,000
Manufacturing overhead
Indirect labor 4,500
Factory managerÕs salary 3,000
Indirect materials 2,200
Maintenance, factory equipment 1,800
Depreciation, factory equipment 1,400
Factory utilities 400
Total manufacturing overhead 13,300
Total manufacturing costs 63,300
Total cost of work in process 66,300
Less: Work in process, June 30 3,800
Cost of goods manufactured 62,500

Cost of Goods Manufactured Schedule
For the Month Ended June 30, 2010
Net sales 87,100
Cost of goods sold
Finished goods inventory, June 1 5,000
Cost of goods manufactured 62,500
Cost of goods available for sale 67,500
Finished goods inventory, June 30 7,500
Cost of goods sold 60,000
Gross profit 27,100