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Election Day: Culminating Task Miss.


It’s Time to Vote!

Culminating Task Rubric
Name: ______________________ Date: ___________________
Level Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Political Platforms/ Student’s research was Student researched Student researched Student did not
Graphic Organizer throughout and included political issues in detail minimal political complete political
- 3 political issues different political issues in an organized issues in a semi- research and in no way
- Use of chart or graphic and organized it in a clear fashion. organized fashion. organized the
organizer and concise fashion. information.

Thinking, Application)
Speaking Notes/ Citizen Student exceeded Student created Student created Student created no
Questions acceptable speaking notes acceptable speaking minimal speaking speaking notes and
- 2 Questions and questions for the notes and questions for notes and questions questions for the
- 1.5 pages of speaking debate. the debate. for the debate. debate.

Debate Student actively listened Student listened during Student listening very Student not listening
-Are students prepared? during the debate. the debate. Student little during the during
-Are students actively Student was very involved was somewhat debate. Very little debate/preoccupied.
participating? in the debate by involved in the debate student involvement No involvement in the
addressing concerns and by addressing concerns in the debate in class party leader
(Application, issues they have to their they have to their party addressing concerns debate.
Communication) party leaders and in leaders and in sharing and issues they that
sharing ways in which ways in which issues have to the party
issues could be could be addressed. leaders and in sharing
addressed. ideas in which issues
could be addressed.
Election Day Student cast their ballots Student cast their Student couldn’t Student did not vote
-Students voted for party leader using ballots for party leader decide on a party for a party leader.
-Students understand their own judgement. by relying on the leader and cast Student need total
the election process Student was actively opinions on others. ballots favoring both direction for their
involved in their own Students needed some candidates. Student election experience.
(Knowledge/Understanding, election experience. direction for their needed more
Application) election experience. direction for their
election experience.
Reflection Student has written a Student has written a Student has written a Student has not
- Gave reasoning behind reflection paper that well reflected paper minimal reflection written a well
decision explains in great detail that demonstrates paper that only reflection paper that
- Explained thoughts their decision making and their decision making slightly demonstrates demonstrates their
thought process in and thought process in their decision making decision making and
(Knowledge/Understanding, regards to voting in the regards to voting in the and thought process thought process in
Thinking, Communication) classroom election classroom election. in regards to voting in regards to voting in
through examples. the classroom the classroom
election. election.

Next Steps: Overall Grade: _________%