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Creating Genius in a Future Society

Excerpts from the New book

Our philosophy of Creating Genius in a Future Society is developing a complete
“Science of Spirit Thesis into a Unified Field Theory of Life” demonstrating the
Primacy of Consciousness & Energy - showing that it creates the Nature of Physical Reality.
To secure Body, Mind, and Spirit for our imminent evolution, we must develop
within ourselves a specific understanding of Consciousness, to make the changes that
are really needed to free ourselves from the personality program and the illusions of the
matrix of society. We start with a simple definition of consciousness… “as an awareness
of being aware of life”… so that we can know what the mind is made of and what
consciousness really is beyond the personality program. We learn to understand diverse
aspects of this philosophy realizing that most people do not study philosophy at all, {the
root of all knowledge} but knowing it is needed in society more than ever. We need to
appreciate a new point-of-view of life and all that it encompasses beyond the engines of
commerce as the foundations of our world. Consequently, we discuss an eclectic
understanding of consciousness here learning to “Create Genius” in our lives. This
philosophy incorporates Existential, Systems, Integral, and Process philosophy in our
research to get a deeper understanding of the mechanics of consciousness. A conscious
human being needs to fully understand its great potentials to revolutionize our ability to
create our own reality.
In the first decade of the twenty-first century the main branches of the empirical
sciences face a paradigm shift as deep as that which occurred at the beginning of the
twentieth century, when classical physics gave way to relativity and subsequently to
quantum physics. The current shift goes beyond the ruling paradigm of twentieth century
science, to a new and different paradigm, more adequate to the facts that are now coming
to light. The paradigm-shift is triggered by a number of surprising observational and
experimental findings; these do not fit into the established theories, or do so only at the
cost of introducing arbitrary assumptions and auxiliary hypotheses.
Maintaining the dominant paradigm in the face of the new evidence threatens the
coherence of the scientific world picture—the very opposite of the phenomena that
scientists are now called upon to explain. For the pertinent findings speak of a hitherto
unsuspected form and level of coherence in nature. This kind of coherence means a
quasi-instantaneously synchronized state, with nonconventional connections between
the parts that make up a system, and between the systems and their environment. Such
connections seem to obtain over all finite distances and finite times, and they suggest
that the “nonlocality” discovered in the microscopic domain of the quantum may extend
into the macroscopic domains of life, mind, and cosmos. Nature, it appears, is made up
as a nested hierarchy of nonlocally connected coherent systems. Time- and space-
invariant coherence in diverse domains of observation and experiment calls for
fundamentally new assumptions about the nature of reality.
The Connectivity Hypothesis by Ervin Laszlo shows the Foundations of An Integral
Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, And Consciousness… and presents an hypothesis
that responds to these findings. It suggests that space is not a vacuum but a plenum, and
information, as physically effective “in-formation,” is as fundamental as energy, and is
likewise conserved. These concepts serve as a foundation for “integral quantum science,”
a transdisciplinary unified theory that furnishes the essential element of the paradigm that
will ground science in the twenty-first century.
The attempts to unify all the fields into a single mathematical model began with
Einstein and are ongoing today. The current state of the art, known as the theory of the
quantum vacuum field, attempts to model the wholeness and connectedness of the
physical universe, from quantum to cosmos. Meanwhile, the methods and dreams of
mathematical physics were applied to biology by Nicholas Rashevsky, and to psychology
by Kurt Lewin, in the 1930s.
More recently, hopes grow for a science of consciousness, and many capable
scientists are engaged in experimental and theoretical work aimed at models inspired by
the field theories of mathematical physics, especially quantum theory. Somehow, and
nobody knows quite why, the upper, vital spheres of the perennial philosophy—intellect,
soul, and spirit— were dropped out of the picture, as modern science took over from
philosophy and religion at the end of the Renaissance.
The new science of life of Rupert Sheldrake tries to restore vitalism to biology. The
archetypal psychology of Carl Jung, James Hillman, and Thomas Moore tries to bring it
back into psychology. Along with many others, these efforts may be seen as a New
Amid the milieu of this embryonic paradigm shift, Ervin Laszlo stands out as the
unique champion of a holistic philosophy of the broadest perspective. For his bold plan is
to unify all— quantum, cosmos, life, and consciousness—in a single grand unified model.
In this book he summarizes the new empirical results that now trigger a paradigm shift;
details his blueprint for the conceptual foundations of a unified theory of quantum,
cosmos, life, and consciousness; and works out the implications of the new theory for the
outstanding philosophical problems unresolved by the current paradigm.
A major characteristic feature of the metaphysics inspired by his connectivity
hypothesis is its bipolar aspect: the manifest domain of matter and the quantum vacuum,
a cosmic plenum of infinite energy are in an endless loop of coevolution. When a great
grand unified theory will appear, it will very likely conform to the prophetic vision of Ervin
Laszlo… he points the way to an integral science of cosmos and consciousness, and
provides the conceptual foundations for it: the hypothesis of connectivity {click the link to
read the document}. He puts before us the essential elements of the emerging paradigm
of science in the twenty-first century.
This document is deep in the Science of Quantum Physics… by page 64 of a 156
pages, Ervin Laszlo states: All possible superimpositions of particles or parallel universes
can be selected at the point of information-transfer, since they all share information
through interference at that point, prior to becoming actualized in a given universe (Coyle
2002). Although still speculative, such exploratory work indicates that cutting-edge
particle and field physicists view the energies that fill space as a physically real, cosmically
extended plenum. This cosmic plenum interacts with the particles and systems of
particles that make up the observable universe. It appears that it is the interaction
between particles and the cosmic plenum that determines the mass of the particles, as
well as the values of the universal forces and constants of nature.
Note: This excellent theory is only important to the mind that can understand it’s
deep significance and use it to change this “Monetary Materialistic Illusion of a Society
that we live in”… the world will change one day when we understand what these Geniuses
are really saying.
To simplify things greatly and provide a curious mind with the golden threads of
Genius… it is our theory based on a lot if scientific evidence that this “Cosmic Plenum” is
the essence of a Conscious Intelligent Mind that keeps the universe in perfect
alignment… as “All matter originates, and exists by virtue of a force… We must assume
behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This mind is the matrix
of all matter.” Max Planck, Father of Quantum Theory.
So, if you are not a Scientist, we will save you the grief of trying to understand such
a complicated theory of Consciousness and we will put this deep new theory of life in a
philosophy that a layman can understand and evolve from.
Our philosophy of Creating Genius in a Future Society is developing a complete
“Science of Spirit Thesis into a Unified Field Theory of Life” demonstrating the Primacy of
Consciousness and Energy and showing how it creates the nature of Physical Reality.
This is a New Neurotech Research Journal displaying a “Conscious Life in Action”… We
are connecting all the relevant theories of consciousness together… describing the
foundation of the universe that intelligent Human Beings can understand. This is without
dedicating 25 years to learning how to interpret all the relevant data for human beings to
evolve to their greatest potential. The globally promoted theories of life in the past in the
20th Century have promoted a monetary system of Corporate Fascism in the illusions of
a globally sponsored Democracy.
We are investigating “The Mechanics of Consciousness” that is showing
exponential growth in Human Evolution following Human Beings that are conscious and
aware of the constant change in the world and not “unconscious consumers of a
capitalistic society”.
This thesis shows that human evolution is an Electrical experience with Conscious
life exploring the acceleration of our Spiritual Development to be able to live over 200
years feeling forever young. We are taking advantage of an Advanced Technological
Society… living in the now moment of Analogical Mind… outside of our controlled
interactive personality program.
This existential thesis starts with its foundation in Science in the essence of
Quantum Mechanical Theory that states… “All matter originates, and exists by virtue of a
force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent
Mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Max Planck, Father of Quantum Theory. Max
Planck states that Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature… and that is
because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to
solve. Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes
that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: 'Ye
must have faith.'
So our Theory of life concludes with an understanding of Metaphysics and theology
to realize “Consciousness as Spirit”… not as a mystic religion but as a common aspect
of daily life. This is the ancient philosophy of Christ… where all consciousness is a deeper
understanding Christ Consciousness… when everything in the universe is connected to
an intelligent conscious mind - this Mind is the electromagnetic frequency of love, coming
from the infinite unknown radiation of cosmic energy {from the electromagnetic spectrum}.
To understand “The Mechanics of Consciousness” we dig deeper into “the why’s
of reality” and our reason for being here on planet Earth. We learn what makes the mind
tick beyond the personality program’s habits and attitudes to make sense of life that
matters to all human beings. So, we look to Ancient Philosophers, Great Scientists and
Mathematicians who have spent years considering what makes the mind work, for some
real answers.
A wise man once said… “There can never be any real opposition between religion
and science; for the one is the complement of the other. Every serious and reflective
person realizes, I think, that the religious element in his nature must be recognized and
cultivated if all the powers of the human soul are to act together in perfect balance and
harmony. And indeed, it was not by accident that the greatest thinkers of all ages were
deeply religious souls”… Max Planck.
So, we start with Max Planck, a German theoretical physicist whose discovery
of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. Planck made many
contributions to theoretical physics, but his fame as a physicist rests primarily on his role
as the originator of quantum theory, which revolutionized human understanding of atomic
and subatomic processes. The Max Planck Society (MPS) now includes 83 institutions
representing a wide range of scientific directions. This is a core of his philosophy in
theoretical physics…
“The Theory of Relativity confers an absolute meaning on a magnitude which in
classical theory has only a relative significance: the velocity of light. The velocity of light
is to the Theory of Relativity as the elementary quantum of action is to the Quantum
Theory: it is its absolute core.” ― Max Planck, Scientific Autobiography and Other
Papers. [I understand this to mean that we as human beings are “Beings of Light”
connected to the Spirit-within].
Next, we look to philosopher and
physicist Peter Russel and his philosophy of the
reality of consciousness. He has written ten
books in this area, including The Global Brain
Awakens, Waking Up in Time, and most
recently, From Science to God: A Physicist’s
Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness.
From this Video he states, that the
Wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle,
the collapse of the wave function, and
entanglement all point to awareness being an
intrinsic aspect of reality. Yet we are still trying
to understand them in terms of a worldview that believes the real world to be that
of space, time, and matter, and relegates consciousness to some artifact of brain
Yet the one thing of which we are certain is that we are aware… but it is the one thing the
current worldview cannot account for… is that the profound anomaly will ultimately lead
to the full paradigm shift to which contemporary physics is real unwittingly, pointing.
With consciousness as primary, everything remains the same and everything
changes. Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry are unchanged. What changes is our
assumption as to what they are describing. They are not describing the unfolding of a
physical world, but the unfolding of a universal self-aware field. We are led to the
conclusion that the entire cosmos is a vast field of knowing, knowing itself, and in that
knowing creating for itself the appearance of a material world. Why then don't we see it
that way? Why does the material world appear devoid of consciousness {hint $$$}? Peter
Russell has become an expert in many fields, he has degrees in theoretical physics,
experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge in
The mindset we are discussing here is known as process philosophy, showing us
how life is a process of evolution and everything is connected. We learn to create reality
with an unlimited consciousness and without our prevailing limited materialistic spell of
Money. This thesis uses Science to enhance our understanding of, and evolve Spirit-
within the human being. With Sciences and Ancient Philosophy, in a balance of reason
and faith, using analogies, we are learning to evolve body, mind and Spirit to higher levels
of consciousness back to the source… instead of just living as Sheeple, unconsciously
advancing technologically, and aging biologically as consumers of toxic products.
We next look to philosopher and mathematician, Alfred North Whitehead, through
his understanding of process philosophy we have all the elements of a real “Mechanics
of Consciousness”. Whitehead, is remembered chiefly for Principia Mathematica (1910–
13), but best known as the defining figure of the philosophical school known as process
philosophy,[18] which today {in the 21st century} has found application to a wide variety of
disciplines. Process theology is a type of theology developed from Alfred North
Whitehead's (1861–1947) process philosophy… Process theology and process
philosophy are collectively referred to as "process thought. For both Whitehead and
Hartshorne, it is an essential attribute of God to affect and be affected by temporal
processes, contrary to the forms of theism that hold God to be in all respects non-temporal
(eternal), unchanging (immutable), and unaffected by the world (impassible). Also Pierre
Teilhard de Chardin can be included among process theologians. Process theology does
not deny that God is in some respects eternal, immutable (that God is unchangingly
good), and impassible, but it contradicts the classical view by insisting that God is in some
respects temporal, mutable, and passible.[1] "Whitehead's process philosophy argues that
"there is urgency in coming to see the world as a web of interrelated processes of which
we are integral parts, so that all of our choices and actions have consequences for the
world around us."[20]
In Whitehead's conception of reality, in his 1925 book, “Science and the Modern
World”, he was convinced that the scientific notion of matter was misleading as a way of
describing the ultimate nature of things. The problem with materialism is that it obscures
the importance of relationships… that objects have… to everything else around it. It sees
every object as distinct and discrete from all other objects. For Whitehead, change {in life}
is fundamental and inescapable; he emphasizes that "all things flow", people change all
the time, if only because they have aged by another second and had some further
These “occasions of experience” are logically distinct, but are progressively
connected in what Whitehead calls a "society" of events. Whitehead describes any entity
as nothing less than the sum of its relations to other entities – its synthesis of and reaction
to the world around it.[94] Relationships are not secondary to what a thing is, “they are
what that thing is”. It must be emphasized however, that an entity is not merely a sum of
its relations, but also a valuation of them and reaction to them.[96] For Whitehead, creativity
is the absolute principle of existence, and every entity has some degree of novelty in how
it responds to other entities {Every person is capable of creating genius}.
Alfred North Whitehead gave Lectures at the University of Edinburgh in 1927,
discussing the interconnectedness of life in the cosmos that makes the claim that the
universe itself is a process characterized by the evolution of consciousness. The Lectures
were on the nature and meaning of life in the universe, and lead to the startling conclusion
that consciousness—not matter or energy—are the foundation of the cosmos. Whitehead
states, “Consciousness and matter were inextricably combined or linked, emerging as a
sequence of events” that he called “occasions of experience.”
In his view, the universe is not made of things or particles. It is a process made up
of events {from evolving life that creating a greater reality}. The cosmos is never static,
but always dynamic—it is not a state of being, but a continual process or sequence of
events and occurrences that have been taking place since the Big Bang {this creates an
evolution of Mind in the creator and in all life}.
However, we cannot stop here with our understanding we must postulate a greater
evolutionary principle of evolving life. The ultimate purpose of this process is for
consciousness to evolve… in an unlimited number of lifeforms, its “Spiritual Essence” and
realize its full potential making known the unknown, in a [3 dimensional] reality, for its own
existence in the universe… far above that of our primitive human life. Evolving
Consciousness is the source for all developing “Conscious Spiritual Beings” to taking
action creating its own destiny in unique lifeforms.
I have learned through this research, that all life in the cosmos is an experience of
sentience for cosmic consciousness to evolve Alien life in the universe to have physical
expression. In Sentient Spiritual Beings, making known the unknown allowing for a
continuous evolutionary experience to take place [in Time/space], creating self-
awareness, understanding physical / emotional expression for itself and all conscious
sentient beings able to feel and have emotion. And this is the key…making known the
unknown for the “sake of understanding specific emotional experiences in physical life”…
creates a self-aware consciousness in living sentient beings everywhere. In this Time-
Space continuum, Spirit is expressing itself in physical form and we have a linear illusion
of experience, physical emotion is the key.
This is the power to move energy… vertically, up, and down, in a sequence of now
moments, in emotional events, on a physical plane of existence, that cause evolution of
form and the ascension of consciousness to rise to the next plane of experience. This
path shows divine threads of consciousness dropping in frequency from Spirit down
through the quantum field of subatomic particles of quarks and leptons to electrons and
protons to the energy that makes up physical mass… the atomic structure of a physical
human body, creating you and I. Through this magical movement of everlasting life, in the
form of the Invisible Spirit as the source of consciousness: Spirit moves its energy up and
down through the essence of light, mass, and physical energy as “occasions of
experience”, evolving new species within her very essence as Mother Nature {Pistis
Sofia} binding all life together here on planet Earth,.
In his summary, Whitehead rejected the idea of separate and unchanging bits of
matter as the most basic building blocks of reality, in favor of the idea of reality as
interrelated events in process. And we continue his philosophy of life in our “Unified Field
Theory of Life” demonstrating the Primacy of Consciousness and Energy creating the
nature of Physical Reality. This is the fundamental purpose of this universe – “for Spirit to
Evolve” in human form on a physical planet in an evolution of consciousness…
understanding the exponential growth of a human being without the limitation of the
controls of fiat money in a future society… to read more go to…
This is an excerpt from Creating Genius in a Future Society by Robert Donald
Tonelli my website.