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Subjective: Sleep After 7 – 10 a. Place patient a. To After 7 – 10 days of

deprivation days of in a promote nursing intervention
“Hindi siya mapakali related to nursing comfortable wellness the patient mother
at parang hindi siya sleep apnea. intervention room. of the reported
humihinga kapag the patient patient. improvement in
natutulog.” as mother will b. To have sleep and rest
verbalized by the report b. Assess for a pattern of her baby.
patient’s mother. improvemen patient usual comparis
t in sleep sleep on
and rest pattern. baseline.
pattern of c. Give milk 15 c. To
Objective: her baby. – 30 mins promote
before sleep.
Temperature:37.5˚C sleeping
Pulse rate: 172bpm (sense of d. To relax
Respiratory fullness) the
rate:4cpm d. Recommend patient.
the mother
Irritability to listen the e. To
baby in enhance
soothing patient’s
music. ability to
e. Let the fall
patient take asleep.
a sleep
always at the
same time.