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Draw Tendons
Form: Properties of Object (Tendon)

Toolbar button:

Use the Draw Tendons command to add tendon objects that can have a force and profile to concrete floor
slabs. This command will display the dockable Properties of Object (Tendon) form, which displays the
parameters for the tendon to be added, including Property (previously defined tendon properties or None).
There is also an edit box for Plan Offset X and Plan Offset Y and a drop-down list for Line Drawing Type
(Straight Line, Arc-3 Points, Arc-Center & 2 Points, Multilinear, Bezier, Spline).

If needed, modify the displayed data by selecting from the drop-down lists or by typing directly into the edit
boxes before drawing tendons. Use the Plan Offset X and Plan Offset Y edit boxes to locate the tendon a
certain distance from where it is drawn; all points on the tendon are shifted by the offset amounts in the
global X & Y directions.

To draw a straight tendon object in the model, select Straight Line from the Line Drawing Type drop-down
list and click on a grid intersection or at any other location on the floor to start the tendon. Although tendons
have a profile, they can be drawn only on a floor in a plan view. Click again to end the tendon. Each
subsequent click will add another tendon segment. Arcs and curves may be drawn similarly by selecting
one of the other options from the Line Drawing Type drop-down list.

To stop drawing tendons without exiting the draw mode, double left click at the last end point or hit the
Enter key or click the right mouse button. To exit the draw tendon object mode completely, click on the

Select Object button or hit the Esc key to activate the select mode. Data associated with a tendon
object, including the profile, can be reviewed and modified by right clicking on the tendon to access the
Tendon Object Information form.

Note: After selecting a tendon, use the Assign menu > Tendon Loads > Tendon Loads command to
assign a load to a tendon, and use the Assign menu > Tendon Loads > Tendon Losses command to
specify tendon losses.

Access the Properties of Object (Tendon) form by clicking Draw menu > Draw Tendons command by
clicking on the Draw Tendons toolbar button.

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