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Frame - Property Modifier

Form: Frame Assignment - Property Modifiers

Modification factors can be defined as part of frame section properties and assigned directly to frame
objects. It is intended that modification factors be specified using a frame section property definition or a
frame object assignment, not both. See Property/Stiffness Modification Factors Form for more

This topic addresses assigning modification factors to frame objects (i.e, on an object-by-object basis).

1. Select the frame object to be assigned property modification factors.

2. Click the Assign menu > Frame > Property Modifiers command to access the Frame
Assignment - Property Modifiers form.

3. Enter the required value for the modification factors by typing the value in the edit box for the
individual factors.

4. Click the Apply button. Any previously assigned property modifiers will be replaced by this

When the Apply button is used, the Frame Assignment - Property Modifiers form will remain
open until it is closed by clicking the Close button. This allows selection of another frame object(s),
to which a different assignments can be made.

If only one assignment is being made to only one set of selected objects, the OK button can be
used to both apply the assignment and close the form.

Note: Modification factors cannot be assigned to Auto Select lists, which usually consist of multiple
sections. If an Auto Select list is selected from the list of names in the Select Property Type area of the
form, the Auto Select form appears. Close that form by clicking the Cancel button to return to the Frame
Property Type form and choose an individual section before continuing.

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