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What do we have to do to be successful in the era of

Bonus Demography

What is demografy ? 13 important skills to face the

demographic bonus era


positive and negative

impacts of demographic
which must be fixed to face

Demographic bonus is the benefit that a country enjoys in this world as a result of the
large proportion of the productive population (age range 15-64 years) in the population
evolution experienced by that country.Demographic bonus is a phenomenon where the
population structure is very advantageous in terms of development because the population
is very large productive age, while the proportion of young age is getting smaller and the
proportion of elderly is not much
Therefore, demographic bonuses can be a boon to the Indonesian nation, provided
that the government must prepare the young generation with high quality of its human
resources through education, training, health, employment and investment.
However, if the Indonesian nation is not able to prepare this incident, that will be the
occurrence of demographic bonuses, such as provision of employment and improving the
quality of human resources, both in education and health services and adequate nutrition,
there will be problems, namely the occurrence of large unemployment and will become State

As for the positive impact of the demographic bonus as follows

1. The establishment of the next generation of the nation or the next generation of young
generation who are ready to assume the responsibility of the nation, serve and sacrifice
for the nation, and want to build and manage the nation
2. Increasing the level of the Indonesian economy, which will be very corresponding
nation and country.
3. The life of the Indonesian nation will be more modern, orderly, and better.
4. Wheels of the economy will continue to run and grow rapidly and ready to compete in the
international world
As for the negative impact of the demographic bonus as follows :
1. The narrowness of employment due to the large number of productive age population
who want to find a job.
2. Unemployment is increasing because of the narrowness of employment.
3. Poverty is becoming increasingly widespread and unemployed.
4. The emergence of slum areas that cause crime rate also increases.
5. Quality of health declines.
6. The economy is worsening.

What should be done by the government and the people of Indonesia in the face of future
demographic bonuses, namely:
1. Improve the quality of the population in Indonesia by declaring 12 years compulsory
education, improving education facilities and infrastructure, improving teacher
quality, perfecting the curriculum according to the times, providing scholarships for
outstanding students.
2. The first step is to optimize vocational schools. Some vocational schools must increase
significantly both in quantity and quality. Vocational schools should be able to produce
ready-to-use manpower no longer ready to train. SMK must have complete and up to
date equipment so that SMK graduates are no longer awkward when entering the
business and industry.Very unfortunate graduates of SMK, but lack adequate skills due
to lack of school materials and equipment practice. Useful steps to increase SMK if the
established SMK is not followed by good equipment and complete.

3. The government should expand employment opportunities, also renew adequate and
supportive facilities and infrastructure for the productive aged population and raise
minimum wage standards. so that the younger generation of Indonesia is interested to
build its own nation.
4. Socialize to the residents about pasitif and negative impacts, and provide tips on
dealing with demographic bonuses, so that people understand their position in the life
of the nation and the land.
5. Protecting existing natural resources to be maximally utilized for economic
Elementary School: University Student:
Life skills Infomation Technology

How to be
successful in the
era of Bonus

Junior High School: Junior High School:

self-improvement self-improvement

How to be successful in the era of Bonus Demography ?

in my opinion, in the era of Bonus Demography
We must have life skills, proper education, especially in the time of Globalization. Many
positive effects of the era of Bonus Demography for the state and there are also adverse
impacts on the country if the government can not maximize this opportunity. So the
government must really be able to fix it from all especially aspects of education.
In primary school must manage life skills, such as respect, honesty, and cooperation.
Respect is a sense of awe in others because their achievements are good. Honesty is a fact
that is true, may seem disappointed. Cooperation is doing something together toward a
common goal
There are 13 important skills to compete in the demographic bonus era:

1. Collaboration and teamwork

Collaboration is the act of working or situation of two or more people working together
to create or achieve the same thing or produce. Teamwork is the activity of working well
together as a team.
2. Creativity and imagination
Creativity is the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new
or imaginative involving use of skill and the imagination
3. Critical thinking
Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to
4. Solving
Problem solving is the process of working through details of a problem to reach a
5. Flexibility and adaptability

Flexibility is the quality of being able to change or be changed easily according to the
6. Global and cultural awareness
Global is considering or relating to all parts of a situation or subject. Cultural awareness
is their understanding of the differences between themselves and people from other
countries or other backgrounds, especially differences in attitudes and values.
7. Information literacy
the ability that a person needs to be aware of when information is needed and the ability
to be placed, built, and using the information needed effectively.
8. Leadership
The process of influencing or setting an example by the leader to his followers in an effort
to achieve a common goal
9. Civic literacy and citizenship
Civic literacy is the knowledge of how to actively participate and initiate change in your
community and the greater society.

10. Oral and written communication skills

Communication is the capital and the key to success in the association and career because
only with communication a good relationship can be built and nurtured.Oral
communication is the process of communication in which messages or information is
exchanged or communicated within sender and receiver through the word of mouth.
Written communication is the process of communication in which messages or
information is exchanged or communicated within sender and receiver through written
form and receiver through the word of mouth
11. Social responsibility and ethicsSocial responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests
that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit
of society at large. Ethics is moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the
conducting of an activity.
12. Technology literacy
Technology literacy is the ability to effectively use technology to access, evaluate,
integrate, create and communicate information to enhance the learning process through
problem-solving and critical thinking.
13. Initiative
Initiative is the ability to decide a problem and act on your own without waiting or before
other people do.