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Analysis of Q Post 827, 834

by Dr. Jeffrey Russell, PhD

Stanislav Lunev was a Soviet GRU agent who defected to the United States in
March of 1992 after a successful career of intelligence gathering from China and
the United States. As the highest-ranking military defector to the U.S., he is in a
unique position to detail the intelligence aspect of the cold war and the
emergence of the Russian mafia as a threat to national security. His only book to
date was published May 25, 1998.
Stanislav Lunev was the first BRIDGE. By definition, a bridge is a connecting,
transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements,
activities, conditions, or the like. Stanislav is the bridge and he is connecting
Russia to the United States. The element that is moving across the bridge is
information or intelligence. Normally on a bridge, there is two-way traffic in both
directions. Before Stanislav defected, the intelligence flow was back to Russia
only. After his defection, the flow of intel was only from Russia to the U.S.
Before 1992, Stanislav worked as a TASS correspondent in Washington D.C.
This was his cover as he was actually an agent for the GRU (equivalent to CIA).
After his defection, he spent a year being debriefed by the FBI, CIA, and NSA and
he provided those agencies with a wealth of intelligence on the inner workings of
the GRU, the KGB, and the political situation in the Kremlin. Perhaps, one of his
biggest intel drops during the debriefings was on the Russian mafia and he
warned everyone of the dangers of these criminal syndicates moving into the
U.S., particularly in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.
In 1993, Mr. Lunev begin working in the private industry as a security analyst
and later participated in a Russian think tank. His function as a bridge was
terminated in 1993 when his debriefings officially ended. This corresponds to the
second line in Post 834: 187.
Now we have a new bridge called BRIDGE-2 and that bridge is given by Q to be
Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden enlisted in the Army in 2004 with a request to
join the Special Forces group. Due to a training accident and leg problems he was
discharged after being in the Army for only 5 months. Then, he worked as a
security guard at an NSA facility for a year. In 2006, he attended an intelligence
job fair and accepted a CIA offer as a technology specialist. In 2007, he was sent
to Geneva, Switzerland where he was responsible for maintaining computer
security and was thought to be the top agent in his field there.
Snowden resigned from the CIA in 2009 due to a contempt for security
violations and leaks of classified intelligence that was being done by CIA agents on
purpose. Then he worked as a private NSA contractor in Japan for Dell. In 2012
he moved to Hawaii and began work at the NSA’s regional cryptological center
For all intents and purposes, Snowden was a patriot. He always kept a copy of
the Constitution on his desk for reference. He was very unhappy with the
decisions he saw BO making—he stated they were just the opposite of what the
President should have been doing. In 2013, he decided to start releasing info
after quitting his job. When, the Guardian began running his video he had to go
to ground in Hong Kong. Later, he turned up in Russia and they decided to give
him asylum there.
There is a big debate currently about whether Snowden is a white-hat or black-
hat. The future proves past. For me, he did what he did to expose multiple
abuses within the intelligence field that the citizens of America needed to know
about. The NSA and the CIA were/are both guilty and most probably every other
agency dealing with intelligence. The veil of secrecy is what allows the
perpetuation of all corruption and abuse of power. Snowden tried to shine some
light onto the part of the abuse he knew. In my book, he is a Patriot.
Now, let us consider Snowden’s function as the BRIDGE-2. While Lunev’s
BRIDGE carried intelligence from Russia to the U.S., Snowden’s BRIDGE-2 does the
opposite. He arrived in Russia with terabytes of encrypted data. That data had to
be decrypted and the most likely candidate in Russia was the GRU/FSB Cyber-
cryptology section. It was reported that all files were eventually decrypted and
contained highly sensitive information. It is unclear at this time if Snowden has
the decrypted files or if those stayed with Russian intelligence.
Q has informed us that Snowden is on the move and that he has entered China
again. It’s possible that he was extracted from Shanghai, Posts 682-688, on
February 7, 2018. Some people claim that Snowden is still working covertly with
the Clowns who are the central linkage between Google/YT, FB, and Twitter. I
think this possibility is very small since he had a well-known dislike for the CIA and
their tactics which is why he resigned from that agency. I consider Edward
Snowden as a Patriot until I see evidence to the contrary.
In summary, we are shown two bridges linking Russia and the U.S. The first
bridge brought covert intelligence from Russia to the U.S. while the second bridge
took covert intelligence from the U.S. to Russia. The entities involved are Russia
(GRU/FSB, Kremlin) and the U.S. (CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, ONI, etc.). The wildcard is of
course the Russian mafia which consists of dozens of criminal syndicates. What is
their interaction/importance? One thing seems to be certain and that is Snowden
still has a part to play in the Second Revolution. What part? Future proves past.