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The focus of this study is to determine the level of patient satisfaction as to the

competence of health care provider in rendering services to the patients in the community.

Another focus is to relate the satisfaction on the type and availability of services offered in the

health center and the quality of communication skills of the health care providers in the


The idea that no previous study on the level of patient satisfaction on the services

rendered has been conducted in the community setting motivated the researchers to conduct this

study. Manila is a well developed and progressive city with good facilities and enough supplies

but are the residents satisfied on the services rendered given by the health care team? Also, the

researchers wanted to know what are the different factors that can contribute to patient

satisfaction and they hope that the results of their study will be able to help the health center in

improving their patient services. During the course of related learning experience, the researchers

observed that some patients were complaining while waiting too long to be attended by the

health care team, and their unavailability, but others seem to show contentment.

Public health services in the Philippines are delivered to communities by the LGUs, with

the DOH (through the CHDs) providing technical assistance. In addition, campaigns and

implementation of specific national programmes/strategies such as TB, family planning,

EmONC, are coordinated by the DOH with the LGUs. At present, other types of health care such

as long-term care for the elderly and for persons with disabilities, palliative care, mental health

care, dental health care and alternative/complementary medicine are still lacking.
Overall, access remains the fundamental objective of the delivery of

public health services. However, problems persist with the quality and effectiveness of these

services. Solutions to improve health outcomes through various reforms in the public health

system are continuously being pursued.

The researchers intend to do a survey in selected health centers in Manila to support their

study. They will use a survey questionnaire related to the patient satisfaction as to the

competence of health care provider, services rendered and the communication skills of the health

care providers in the community. In return, after intensive data gathering and data analysis, the

researchers will construct recommendations to improve the services rendered and competence of

health care providers to be given to Health Department of Manila City.