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Global Elementary Unit Test 1

Facts & Figures

Part A
Grammar and vocabulary
A Write a or an.

1 ……… emergency
2 ……… hospital
3 ……… telephone number
4 ……… address
5 ……… mobile phone
6 ……… unlucky number

B Underline the correct words.

I is / I'm from Melbourne in Australia.

7 Is / Are you from China?

8 Anna not is / isn't from Brazil.
9 She's / She be from Mexico.
10 English is / it’s an official language in more than 50 countries.
11 Some words is / are the same in different languages.

C Write my, your, his, her or their.

12 Hi, I’m Eva. What’s ……… name?

13 Good morning, ……… name’s Yi Ling.
14 This is my wife, ……… name’s Lisa.
15 That’s Mr Wilson and ……… family.
16 Write down two friend’s names and ……… telephone numbers.

D Write the numbers in words.

23 twenty-three

17 12 ………
18 8 ………
19 52 ………
20 34 ………
21 97 ………

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E Write the ordinal numbers.

Example: ninth 9th

22 second ………
23 tenth ………
24 third ………
25 first ………

F Underline the correct words.

A: Hello. My name’s Tamami.

B: Hello. Nice to (26) know / meet you. I’m Ester.

C: Hi, Nikki. How (27) do / are you?

D: Hey, Kate. I'm (28) fine / nice, thanks.

E: Hi, Mike.
F: Hi, Zhang. (29) Fine / Good to see you. How's it going?
E: I’m OK, (30) thanks / please.

Part B
Reading, listening & pronunciation

G Reading

Read the text and choose the correct answer, a, b or c.

In many countries, a postcode is part of your address. A postcode is a sequence of letters
and numbers. There is usually a different postcode for each street or area.

In the UK, a postcode is a sequence of six or seven letters and numbers. It’s written at the
end of an address. The first one or two letters tell you the city or area where a person
lives. For example, a postcode for Manchester starts with the letter M and a postcode for
Oxford starts with the letters OX.

In the US, there’s a zip code at the end of an address. A zip code is a sequence of five
numbers. A US address usually has two letters to show the state and then the zip code.
For example, NY 10001 is in New York City and IL 60601 is in Chicago, Illinois.

31 A postcode is part of …
a an email address.
b a telephone number.
c an address.

32 A UK postcode is a sequence of …
a letters and numbers.
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b five numbers.
c six or seven letters.

33 The first letters of a UK postcode tell you …

a the state.
b the country .
c the city or area.

34 The postcode OX3 4PP is for an address in …

a Oxford.
b Manchester.
c Oklahoma.

35 A postcode or zip code is usually written …

a at the end of an address.
b after your name.
c at the start of an address.

36 A US zip code is …
a six numbers.
b five letters and numbers.
c five numbers.

37 The two letters before a zip code are for …

a the country.
b the state.
c the area.

H Listening

Listen to someone talking about alphabets around the world. Are the sentences True (T) or
False (F)?

38 Russian uses the same alphabet as English.

39 People in many countries use Greek letters in maths and science.

40 The English alphabet has 24 letters.

41 There are five vowels in the English alphabet.

42 Many English words begin with the letter S.

43 There are more As in English words than any other letter.

I Pronunciation

Listen to some personal information. Is the information correct () or incorrect (x)?

44 Mari Davis
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46 0117 521890

47 16 Westberry Road

48 Bristol

49 BSH 4UT


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