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Animal Farm: Allegorical Timeline Project

(80 Points)
We’ve been discussing Animal Farm and its allegory since the beginning of the novel. Your job now is to summarize and
arrange the events into a timeline project. The novel needs to be set up like a timeline, in chronological order.


 You will need to summarize the novel chronologically, with at least ten points and page numbers.
 You will need to include at least five historical events on your timeline that align with at least five of the points from
your summary.
 The project needs to include at least 5 pictures, whether they are nicely hand drawn and colored, or printed.
 The project needs to be neat, nicely written (or typed), and organized.

Things to remember:

 If you use the internet for any reason (though you shouldn’t need to if you use our class notes), you need to cite your
sources, or it is plagiarism. Use the Online Writing Lab at Purdue to help you cite your websites.
 We’ve been talking about the allegory ALL novel, so this should be a simple project.
 Animal Farm is a NOVEL and needs to be ITALICIZED.

Below is a rubric to follow for a breakdown of your grade.

Novel Summary You choose at least ten points that You choose ten points, but they are not You are missing one or more points.
Points are important to the plot of the the most important points to the plot. Your points are randomly selected.
novel. Your points highlight the Your points are in chronological order. One or more of your quotes do not
_________/20 most important part of each have page numbers.
chapter. Your points are in
chronological order.

Allegorical You choose five historical points Most (4/5) of your allegorical You are missing one or more
Connection Points that connect allegorically to the connections are accurate. You include allegorical connections. Two or
________/25 Points points you’ve chosen from the accurate facts, including dates and more of your allegorical
novel. You include accurate facts, names. You align the allegorical connections are inaccurate. You do
including dates and names. You connections with the points from the not align the allegorical connections
align the allegorical connections novel. with the points you make from the
you make with the points in the novel.

You choose or draw five pictures You have five pictures, but one or You are missing pictures. Your
Pictures from history that align with the more is not relevant to your historical pictures are not school appropriate.
_____/15 Points points you are making. Your points. Your pictures do not align with your
pictures are school appropriate and historical points. Your pictures are
proportional to your project (They too big or too small for your poster.
are not too small or too big).

Neatness and Your timeline is neatly written or Your timeline is neatly written for the Your timeline is messy and
Organization typed. Your timeline has pictures most part. Your timeline has pictures disorganized. Your timeline has
_______/10 Points that are neatly cut out. Your that are somewhat neatly cut out. Your pictures that are sloppily cut out.
timeline has clean lines and is well timeline has lines drawn that could be Your timeline’s lines are crooked
organized. neater, but overall is well organized. and overall your poster is

Spelling, You will lose 1 point per spelling, You will lose 1 point per spelling, You will lose 1 point per spelling,
Punctuation, and punctuation, and/or grammatical punctuation, and/or grammatical punctuation, and/or grammatical
Grammar error. error. error.

________/10 Points

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