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1. Santa cause gave sweets to all the children and they thanked him profusely.
2. The project was completed by the students and they were given credits by the
3. The company awarded him a medal. The showed it proudly to his family.
4. The teacher completed the portions and conducted a test
5. We should help the poor and they will praise us.
6. The manager gave the bonus to the workers and they received it with joy.
7. The florist delivers flowers to my office every day.
8. The received a letter from his father
9. The was awarded a prize by the government. His mother congratulated him.
10. Children enjoy cartoon serials very much and they watch these programmes for
a long time.
11. The grandmother looks after the children. They admire her very much.
12. The man completed his work. This master paid him.
13. The prixes were distributed to winners by the chilf guest and the was thanked
by them.
14. The gardener gathered flowers from the garden and put them in his basket.
15. The was awarded a prize by the government.
16. My uncle will visit me on my birthday. He will give me a watch.
17. The boy realized that he had committed a mistake.
18. Santa claus gave sweets to all the children. They thanked him.
19. The artist painted a beautiful picture and everyone appreciated it.
20. Take good care of your things. Someone might steal them.
21. The press had printed the books and they dispatched them in no time.
22. I had sharpened my pencil and I had used it to sketch the diagram.
23. You have answered the question correctly so I will give you a gift.
24. My watch has been stolen and it hasn’t been recovered yet.
25. A gift was given to me. It was received with joy.
26. Children like cartoon serials very much and they eat snacks while watching
27. Santa claus gave sweets to all the children and they thanked him profusely.
28. She buys mangoes in the village. She sells them in the market.
29. The gardener gathered the flowers from the garden and he sold them in the
30. Arjun bajpai scaled the M.T everest and he was honored by all.
31. I purchased a pen. I shall use it for the examination.
32. The are man completed his work, careless drilling has caused many accdents.
33. My mother had me story before I went to bed.
34. The teacher will give us the answer paper neat week.
35. All the letters will have been typed by bharathi.
36. The poem was not understood by Ajay.
37. Saroja is not accompanied by her friends
38. They painted the house east month.
39. Sarala was created by the doctor for her illness
40. Balaji gave sweets to all the kids and they thanked him.
41. The file can be cleared by the clerk in no time.
42. Let the correct answer be chosen.
43. Please finish the work in ten minutes
44. Set my name not be spoiled like his.
45. Who was sorting out the letters?
46. Their lunch has been prepared and taken by them.
47. Our teacher is teaching us grammar.
48. Complete the work in ten minutes
49. Who is teaching them maths?
50. I spent a day at ooty. I enjoyed the visit.
51. The boys broke the window while playing
52. Shyla was reading a look when her mother called her.
53. Mrs.Sharma apoted a child. The orphanage gave the child in adoption.
54. The laborers are taking tea. They have completed the work.
55. They celebulty is going to be honoured. She is being led to the stage by guards
of honour
56. The muzzle needed to be twisted in a clockwise for the water to be allowed to
gush out from the hose.
57. The famous painting by lenardo da vinci, the last ‘ Supper’ despicts Christ as
his dinner is taken.
58. Small pieces of wood are being collected by the wood cutter. They will be used
in the his fire place at home
59. The wickedness of his crime did not strike him until the court brought before
him the giving daughter of dead victim.
60. Spicy flavors are contained in this that dish. It is loved by the thais very much.
61. The president may use his power in order to pardon the quality man.
62. The assassin had hidden a knife in his sleeve. A police officer suspected him.
63. Some people lend money at exorbitant rates we call them loan sharks.
64. A pan of hot wars was kept in the room to keep us warm. The central heating in
the hotel had not yet been repaired
65. The discovered that vious- carrying l – mails were blooding my inbox for quite
66. A wall of sand bags was setup by the soldiers. Vehicles would be stopped by it
for inspection.
67. Glossy pictures are contained in this magazine. It is sold at a high price.
68. Business men have opened many hotels and resorts along the coastline. This
attracts twists all through the year.
69. Do not let your spirits go down. You may get another chance soon.
70. Has the boy returned my cycle? The had borrowed it.
71. The fruit is sour when it is tasted. It used for cooking?
72. By which police dog was the hidden explosive sniffed out? It has been trained
very well for the job.
73. Kindly replace the book in the4 snelf. The librarian has taken a lot of pains to
arrange them.
74. Nobody passed even a single comment. But the principal has called us for an
75. Will they correct the mistakes that have been identified?
76. Larry put a spider in his friend’s bag. Usually he plays many such pranks.
1. Sweets were given to all the children by santa claus and was thanked by them
2. The students completed the project and the teacher gave them credits (or)
The students completed the project and the teacher gave credits to them.
3. A medal was awarded to him by the company. It was shocon proudly to his
family by him (or)
He was awarded a medal by the company. It was shown proudly to his family
by him.
4. The portions were completed and a test was conducted by the teacher.
5. The poor should be helped by us and we shall (will) be praized by them.
6. The bonus was given to the workers by the manager and it was received by
them with joy.
7. Flowers are delivered to my office by the florist everyday.
8. A letter was received by him from his father.
9. The government awarded him a prize. The was congratulated by his mother.
10. Cartoom ser5ials are enjoyed by the children very much and thses programmes
are watched by them for a long time
11. The children are looked after by the grandmother. She is admired by them very
12. The work was completed by the man. The was paid by his master.
13. The chilf guest distributed the prizes to the uninners and they thanked him.
14. Flowers were gathered from the garden and put in his basket by the gardener.
15. The government awarded him a prize
16. I will be unisited by my uncle on my birthday. A watch will be given to me by
17. A mistake had been committed by the boy and that was remixed by him.
18. Sweet were given to all the children by santa claus and he was thanked by
19. A beautiful picture was painted by the artist and it was appreciated by
Some one has stolen my water and I have not recovered it.
20. Set your things be taken good care of and they might be stolen by someone.
21. The books had been printed by the press and they were dispatched by them in
non time.
22. My pencil had been sharpened and it had been used by me to sketch the
23. The question has been answered by you correctly son you will be given a gift
by me.
24. They gave me gift. I received it with joy.
25. Cartoon serials are liked by children very much and snacks are latten by them
while television is being watched.
26. Sweet were given to the children by santa claus and he was thanked by them
27. Mangoes are bought by her in village and they are sold by her in the market.\
28. The flowers were gathered by the gardener from the garden and they were sold
by him in the markets.
29. The mount everest was scalled by arjun bajpai and everyone honowed him.
30. A pen was purchased by me and it shall be used by me for the examination.
31. The aldman’s work was completed by him.
32. Many accident have been caused by careless driving.
33. A story had been bold by my mother to me before I went to bred.
34. The answer papers will be given by the teacher to us neat week.
35. Bharathi will have typed all the letters
36. Ajay did not understand the poem.
37. Sarojo’s fuinds does not accompany her
38. The house was painted by them last month.
39. The doctor cleated sarla for her illness
40. Sweets were given to all the children by balaji and he was thanked by them.
41. The clerk can clear the file with no time
42. Choose the correct answer.
43. Please let the work be finished in ten minues.
44. Don’t spoil my name like this
45. By whom were the letters being sorted out?
46. They have prepared and taken dneir dunch.
47. Gorammar is being taught to us by our teacher
48. He the work be completed in ten minutes
49. By whom are they being taught maths?
50. A day was spent at ooty and it was enjoyed by me
51. The window was broken by the boys while playing
52. A book was being ared by shyla when she was called by her mother.
53. A child was adopted by Mrs. Sharma. The child was given in adoption by the
orphanage .
54. Tea is being taken by the laborers. The work has been completed.
55. We are going to honour the celebrity. The guards of honour are leading her to
the stage.
56. You need to twist the nozzle in ceockuise dicection to allow the water to gush
out from the hose.
57. Christ is depicted as he takest his dinner in the famous painting by Leonardo da
cinci ‘The last Supper’
58. The woodatter is collecting small pieces of wood. The will use them in his
fireplace at home.
59. The was not stocks by the wickedness of his crime unite the grieving daughter
of the dead wictim was brough before him
60. This thai dish contains spicy flavors. The thais love it very much.
61. The presidents power may be used in order that that guilty man be pardoned.
62. A knife had been hidden by the assassin in his sleeve. The was suspected by the
police affecter.
63. Money is sent at ecorbitant high raters by some people. They are called ‘Loan
64. They kept a pan of hot coals in the room that kept us warm. They had not yet
required the central heating in the hotel.
65. It was discovered that my in book was being flooded by views – carving l-
mails for quite sometime.
66. The soldiers set up a wall of sandbags. It would stop the vehicles for
67. The magazine contains grossary pictures we sell it at a high price
68. Many hotels and reasorts have been opened along the coast time. Towists are
attached by this all thorough the year.
69. Set not your spirits go down. Another change may be got soon.
70. Has the cycle been returned by the boy? My cycle had been borrowed by him.
71. This fruit tastes sour. Do you use it for cooking?
72. Which police dog sniffed out the hidden explosive? They have trained it very
well – for the job.
73. Set the books be kindly replaced on the shelf. A lot of pains have been taken by
the librarian to arrange them
74. Not ovem a single comment was passed by anybody. But we have been called
by the principal for an enquiry.
75. Will the mistakes that we have identified be corrected by them?
76. A spider was put by darery in his friends’ bag. Many such pranks are played
by him usually.

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