Anda di halaman 1dari 1

11. He ___ English every day.

1. Lisa ___ to market yesterday.

A. Study
A. Went
b. Studies
b. Goes
12. He did not ___ what I said.
2. Vera and Silvia ___ go to school.
A. Understand
A. Don’t c. Aren’t
b. Understood
b. Doesn’t d. Weren’t
13. Did he ___ new car yesterday?
3. She ___ come tonight.
A. Buy
A. Will
b. Bought
b. Would
14. He ___ live in Bandung next month.
4. Tono ___ a glass of milk yesterday.
A. Will not
A. Drank
b. Would not
b. Drunk
15. Nina is ___ now.
5. Yanti had ___ when Rina came.
A. Read
A. Come
b. Reading
b. Came
16. She ___ sick since yesterday.
6. He is going to ___ his grandmother tomorrow.
A. Has
A. Visiting
b. Has been
b. Visit
17. ___ she just sleep?
7. Mia is eating when Nia ___.
A. Has
A. Call
b. Had
b. Called
18. Maya ___ in the kitchen now.
8. Rudy was sleeping when Fahri ___.
A. Is cooking
A. Came
b. Was cooking
b. Come
19. He is not ___ now.
9. Do he ___ your house?
A. Sleeping
A. Like
b. Sleep
b. Likes
20. Hartono has ___ in Surabaya since 2010.
10. Anna ___ to school by bus.
A. Working
A. Go
b. Worked
b. Goes