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Home Elevators for Private House

Luxury and convenience in your home
User Friendly
With Our Home Elevator Car Operating Panel
Our easy-to-read Car Operating Panel is installed on the side wall at a lower
position for especially wheel chair users.Your destination can be registered
with only a simple touch, and the Response Lamp lights up when your call
has been registered.

Door Open Lamp Response Lamp Power Failure Battery
Alarm Lamp

Our products have a wide range of safety features

to give you peace of mind. Direct access Mommy’s
Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device (MELD) to the 3rd floor! relaxing
If the power goes out while you are using the elevator, you don't have to And speedy time! Emergency Buzzer
Door Open Button Destination Button Button
worry about being stuck in a dark space. When a power outage does too!
happen, batter y power is used to turn on the emergenc y light,
automatically descend to the nearest floor, where the doors will open. Call Button Response Lamp
Large-size buttons are adopted
Detects power outages Operation Lamp
f o r e a s i e r fl o o r s e l e c t i o n .
Turns on emergency light Complementing the response Call Button
Home Party lamp, meanwhile, is an operation
Confirms safety lamp. All buttons are highly Management
visible even in dim lighting, Key Switch
Descends to the nearest floor Lowest floor Other floors
enabling passengers to confirm
The doors open riding conditions.

Other Safety Features I can help too!

Happy Extending of Door Opening Time
(1) Emergency Buzzer Button With the doors open, pressing the call button or “open” button inside the
To inform your family in case of emergency.
family living!
car keeps the doors open for up to 3 more minutes. This is helpful when
With Grandma carrying heavy loads or other occasions requiring time to get on and off.
(2) Overload Alarm Buzzer
here too!
The alarm buzzes and stay doors open when overload.
Remote Control (Option)
(3) Entrance Door Lock Device
One-touch remote control can be used to summon the elevator even when
Entrance door is automatically locked and never make doors open in the
some distance from the door. Please refer to page 6 for details.
floor which the car is not been stopping at.
(4) Over Speed Limiting Device
The car is electrically stopped in case of over speed. Teatime
Saving Solutions
(5) Safety Gear
are a breeze!
Space-Saving Solutions
The car is mechanically stopped in case that even one of ropes is loosened. Welcome to
To eliminate the need for a separate machine

(6) Limit Switch our home.
room, a "Machine Room-less concept" is
The car is electrically stopped in case of over run. adopted, whereby the driving machine is
(7) Buffer installed inside the shaft, and the control panel
To make impact shock smaller in case of over run. is installed inside the Hall-unit of the lowest
floor. Furthermore, the overhead dimension
(8) Next Landing and the pit depth have been minimized for the
When the doors fail to open at the selected floor, the car lands at another least building construction interface.
floor and the doors open.
Pit depth 1-gate model : 550mm
(9) Safe Landing (2-gate model : 750mm)
Upon temporary troubles during operation, if safety equipment doesn’t
Energy-Saving (Option)
activate the car will automatically land at the nearest floor.
Energy-Saving Operation Mode helps 50% or more CUT!
(10) Unintended Car Movement Protection System (UCMP) reduce the figures on your energy bills.
To protect not to move the car by detecting car movement and door
open at the same time through independent electrical circuit even if Mitsubishi Home Elevators work hard to
the operation controller circuit or the one brake happens failure. re d u ce wa s te f u l e l e c t r i c a l u s a g e. I n
UCMP consists of double brake and brake switch etc. addition to a high-efficient motor, they
feature an automatic illumination shutoff
(11) Multi-Beam Sensor Welcome back home, mom... What if we slip lugging Watch your step there, function and an energy-saving mode that
The sensor consists of as many as 54 infrared light beams, and immediately this heavy stuff? Grandpa. dramatically reduces standby power
reverses the closing doors when any of the beam is blocked. consumption. Without With

1 2
Entrance Design
Car Design

Doors, Return /
Transom Panel:
Coated steel plate

Wall, Ceiling:
Coated steel plate

Gray smoked plastics

Floor: Carpet

Gray plastics

Lighting: Fluorescent
lighting through
milky white cover

Car operating panel box:


Door frame/Doors: Wood (Option)
Coated steel plate ●
Telephone to be

Windows: provided by
Gray smoked plastics customers
※Triple Slit Windows : Option ※Room Mirror : Option
※Electric Fan : Option

Multi-Beam Door Sensor for User Safety Wired Glass Windows (Option) Handrail (Option) Room Mirror (Option)
A "Multi-Beam Door Sensor" which prevents users from being Wired glass windows allow passengers to be seen from Supports the weight of elderly users and children. You can hold You can check your appearance
caught by closing doors is provided as a standard feature. The sensor outside the car cage. on to the handrail at the entrance of the car cage, and feel sure before going out. It is also a
consists of as many as 54 infrared light beams, and immediately and comfortable in your hand. helpful way for you to check
reverses the closing doors when any of the beam is blocked. behind you if you are using
a wheelchair. A large mirror
Straight models also has the effect of making
the elevator car look larger.

Beige Black

L-shaped models
Wooden frame Alminium

Car Protect Plate (Option)

A stainless steel guard can
be installed to prevent the
inside the car from scratches
by wheelchairs.
Beige Black

3 4
Specifications of Home Elevators
Basic Specifications Standard Specifications Optional Specifications
Item Item Item
Use Passenger Multi-Beam Door Sensor Energy-Saving Operation Mode
Remote Control
Driving System Basement Drum Type Overload Holding Stop (OLH) Earthquake Emergency Return with P-wave Sensor #1 One-touch remote control can be used to summon the elevator even
Number of Persons 3 Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device (MELD) Car Indicator #1
when some distance from the door. Calling the elevator ahead of time
Rated Capacity (kg) 200 Management Key Switch Fire Emergency Return (FER)
saves on waiting time and irritation, and is also nice when caregivers have
Rated Speed (m/min) Up 20, Down 30 Automatic Car Lighting / 2-Gate Model (Only One Side Opening at Each Floor)
Fan (Option) Shut-Off Function trouble directly pushing the hall button.
Control System VVVF Inverter Drive Additional Management Key Switch
Maximum Emergency Buzzer Button Electric Fan
Number of Stops 5
Emergency Car Lighting Handrail
Maximum Travel (m) 10 Extending of Door Opening Time (3 Minutes) Mirror
Door Type 4-Panel Center Opening Next Landing (NXL) Wired Glass Windows
Drive Single-Phase 200V 3-Wired Door Load Detector (DLD) Transparent Glass Windows
Power Supply
Lighting Single-Phase 100V 2-Wired Safe Landing (SFL) Car Arrival Chime
Motor Capacity (kW) 2.6 Unintended Car Movement Remote Control
Width 950 Prootection System (UCMP) Bleep Button
Car Internal 1-Gate Model 1,150 Floor (Carpet) Car Protect Plate
Dimensions (mm) 2-Gate Model 1,180 Floor (Vinyl Floor Tile) View Window (In The Car Cage)
Height 2,000 Transformer
Entrance Width 800 Stainless Plate Type (Only Entrance Doors / Door Frame)
Dimensions (mm) Height 1,900 Floor (Wood)
Width (Minimum) 1,350 Triple Slit Windows
Elevator Shaft 1-Gate Model Flood Emergency Return
(Minimum) 1,350
Dimensions (mm) Depth Non-Service Function (Key Switch Type)
Energy-Saving Operation Mode
2-Gate Model 1,450 #1 : This feature is recommended by Building Standard Low of Japan 2009 in case the travel is over 7m.

Minimum Pit 1-Gate Model 550 Energy-Saving Operation Mode helps

Depth (mm) 2-Gate Model 750 reduce the figures on your energy bills.
Minimum Overhead (mm) 2,400
Mitsubishi Home Elevators work hard to reduce wasteful electrical usage.
Applicable Standard : Comply with the Building Standard Law of Japan, 2009
NOTE : Please consult our local agents for installing to the duplex building. In addition to a high-efficient motor, they feature an automatic
Additional Management Key Switch
illumination shutoff function and an energy-saving mode that
One additional management key switch dramatically reduces standby power consumption.
Elevator Shaft Dimensions Installation and Dimensions
can be installed. This key switch is used to
1-Gate Model 2-Gate Model activate and deactivate the elevator.
*A management key switch is usually installed on the lowest floor.
50% or more CUT!

2,400mm (min.)
Additional management key switch

Overhead :
Car depth : 1,150mm

Car depth : 1,180mm

1,350mm (min.)


Bleep Button
Shaft depth :

Shaft depth :


Car r
loo When buttons such as the call buttons are pressed, and electronic tone
Guide pf
rails To vel
le sounds to indicate that the button has been pressed.

Pi Pi
Car width : 950mm Elevator
Car width : 950mm hall
Without With
Travel : 10m (max.)

Entrance width : 800mm
Shaft width : 1,350mm (min.) Entrance width : 800mm
Shaft width : 1,350mm (min.)
Electric Fan
Refresh the air inside the car. If the button is not pressed for about 3
minutes, it automatically turns off to save energy.

Car Arrival Chime
m l
tto ve
Bo or le
flo Sounds the chime immediately before the elevator comes to a stop to
: l announce its arrival. The chime can be turned on and off using a switch
pth de
de mo m.)
Pit gate (mi el located in the elevator car.
1- 0mm mod in.)
55 gate (m
2- 0mm
75 lab
Driving ati
u nd
device Fo
We strongly recommend that you install a telephone inside the car cage so that you can call for help in the event of an emergency.

5 6
Color Samples
Entrance (Doors / Door Frame), Cage Doors
Coated Steel Plate Type
Dark Mahogany Brown Cherry Camel Walnut Ecru Beige Maple Cream Marble Snow Willow Pure White
MS91 MS92 MS93 MS94 MS95 MS96 MS78

Stainless Plate Type (Option) [Only Entrance Doors / Door Frame]

Hair Line (Hair Line)
Titan Gold Etching Etching Etching Etching
SUS-HL MG-GH1 MD-102 MD-401 MD-105 MD-143

Wall, Ceiling, Return / Transom Panel

Coated Steel Plate Type
Cream Marble Snow Willow Pure White
MS95 MS96 MS78

Car Operating Panel Box

Beige Black
W-5 W-6

※Handrail : Option
※Electric Fan : Option

Vinyl Floor Tile Carpet Wood (Option)
Natural Cherry Dark Brown Oak Light Brown Gray Natural Oak Casural Oak
F-16 F-17 F-11 F-12 F-6 F-7

HEAD OFFICE: Tokyo Building 2-7-3,Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-8310,Japan

A13M-1010-A〈IP〉 Specifications subject to change without notice