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Answer key- Revision worksheet-1

Level 1

​I. Fill in the blanks:

1. We need ​industries​ to convert raw materials into finished goods.
2. Molars​ help in grinding the food.
3. Iron and steel plants are examples for ​large scale​ industries.
4. Enamel ​is the hardest substance present in our body
5. Banglore /Kanpur​ is a city famous for the manufacture of aeroplane.
6. A set of temporary teeth consists of ​20​ teeth in all.

II. ​Match the following:

Kolkata Jute
Protozoa Malaria
Bhopal BHEL
Perambur Railway coaches
Canines Tearing food
Bacteria Typhoid

III. Give 2 examples of each:

1. Small scale industries: Automobile parts industries, utensils industries

2. Diseases caused by viruses: Measles, common cold
3. Cottage industries: Pickle making, toy making

​ ​Level 2

​IV. Give reasons:

1. You get a toothache when a cavity in the tooth reaches the pulp.
Ans: The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves. When it becomes infected, the tooth starts
2. Industries are the backbones of our country’s economy.

Ans: An industry employs labours and earns money which contributes to our national income.
Hence industries are the backbones of our country.

V. Define the following:

1. Industry: The process of converting raw material into finished or usable products is
known as industry.

2. Microbes: Microbes are tiny living organisms which cannot be seen through our naked
eyes. Eg: Bacteria, Virus, protozoa

3. Germs: Disease causing microbes are called germs.

VI. Name the following​:

1. The oldest industry of India: Textile​ ​industry

2. The inner part the tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves: Pulp
3. Types of microbes: Bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa.

4.Parts of tooth : Crown , root,enamel,dentine and pulp

​Level 3
​VII .Answer the following​:

1. Differentiate between a small scale and a large scale industry.

Small scale industry Large scale industry

Employ a small number of workers Employ a large number of workers

They work in small factories They work in big factories

They use simple machines They use large machines

Required small amount of money Required large amount of money

Eg. Manufacturing plastic goods, Eg. Iron & steel industry automobile
medicines, utensils etc. industry, railway industry etc.
2. Gowardhan is a little boy who is so fond of chocolates. One day, he complained severe
toothache and was taken to the doctor. Diagnose the reason for his pain.

Ans: Chocolates have sugar that invites bacteria which turns sugar into acid in our mouth.
It results in tooth decay and hence lead to severe toothache

3. Enumerate the importance of teeth in our life.

Ans: a. Clean and well-kept teeth improve the personality of a person.

b. Teeth give shape to our face.
c. It helps in the digestion of food.
d. It helps us to speak properly.

​Level 4
VIII. ​Analyse the following:
1. Arun is a weaver. He earns money by working on a loom at home. Name the type of
industry to which he belongs.
Ans: He belongs to cottage industry.
2. Teeth give shape to our face and help us to speak properly. Draw the structure of a
tooth and label its parts.


3. Rohan says microbes don’t exist because we cannot see them. Help Rohan with your
Ans: Microbes cannot be seen by our naked eyes. It is visible only under microscope.