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Name Department

Address Phone


Country Date

Project name

Application Axis of rotation Application of load

(please put a cross
horizontal vertical alternating at the applicable point)

fix fix

Movement Slewingrange No. of revolutions [min -1]

positioning only 360 [°] normal 8

slewing maximal 8


Bearing loads
Load information according to system
max. test load e.g. 25% Extreme load e.g. shocks or
of coordinates in relation to the rotating max. working load
overload condition out of operation
ring F z

Axial loads Fz -210.4 [kN]

Fx 7.1
Radial loads [kN]
Mz Fy 0
Mx 0
Tilting moment [kNm]
MY My 97.9
FX Mz normal 30
Bearing turning
MX torque
Mz max. 30
rotating rotating rotating
Bearing in various
Please note the sign with load situations
regard to the load information stationary stationary stationary

No. of drives _________ Please mark the positions of the drives in sketch (Appendix B)

Gear without external internal

Existing or chosen bearing per drawing No.: E.2.114-307

For continuous rotation, variable and B10 life requirements, please complete annex A. Annex A is enclosed.

1. e.g. special environmental conditions as there are corrosive media, dirt, temperatures others than standard (-20°C up to +60°C) etc.
2. e.g. special bearing dimensioning with regard to precisions, acceptance conditions, material testings, dimensions etc.

Please fully complete this form. Incomplete information will delay processing and impede profitable technical preparation.

Individual technical consultation required. Please call for appointment.


Rothe Erde© Großwälzlager
Questionnaire - Annex A

Axial load Radial load Tilting moment turning Speed
Load case / description torque

Fz [kN] Fx [kN] F y [kN] Mx [kNm] M y [kNm] Mz [kNm] n [min -1] [%]

1 out of operation -169.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 33.33%

2 on operation - 1/6 payload -178 0 7.1 80 0 30 8 25%

3 in operation - 5/6 payload -200 0 7.1 80 0 30 8 25%

4 in operation - full payload -210 0 0 0 0 30 8 16.67%


For continuous rotation:

Required B10 life

35000 8
min. _____________ hours at average _____________ rpm.

For slewing:

Required service life

min. _____________ slewing cycles with angle of +/- _____________ degrees,

or _____________ full load revolutions on the basis of service life.

Date 01.12.2017

Rothe Erde© Großwälzlager
Questionnaire - Annex B

Gearing geometry External gearing Internal gearing Spur gearing Helical gearing

Pinion Gear ring

Gear size m 10 10 [mm]

Pressure angle * [degrees]

Helix angle ** [degrees]

right / left hand orientation **

Number of teeth z 14 111

Addendum modification xm +7.2 +8 [mm]

Addendum reduction km 0 0 [mm]

Tooth face width b [mm]


Pinion adjustable (Please include pinion drawing.) yes no

Arrangement of drives: Load information according to system

of coordinates in relation to the rotating ring
Pinion Pos. [°]

1 0

Position of pinions fi x rotating

Further details

Clear fomr
Date 01.12.2017

* If diff erent from 20 degrees

** For helical gear only