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A)-Choose the correct response for each of the sentences:

Ex1. You have to be more _ a_______.

a) careful b) carefully
2. We have to walk more ________. We're late!
a) quick b) quickly
3. I did this ________.
a) willing b) willingly
4. He was ________ to help me.
a) willing b) willingly
5. They speak English very ________.
a) well b) good
6. You did your homework very ________.
a) good b) well
7. My grandfather is very ________.
a) clever b) cleverly
8. He speaks very ________.
a) quiet b) quietly
9. Our neighborhood is very ________.
a) quietly b) quiet
10. What a ________ movie!
a) great b) greatly
11. James did not want to wake his girlfriend, so he left ________.
a) quiet b) quietly
12. I can't understand him. He doesn't speak very ________.
a) clearly b) clear
13. We had a ________ time in Mexico City.
a) greatly b) great
14. I understood the question, but I couldn't answer very ________.
a) quickly b) quick
15. I don't have a ________ time making friends.
a) hardly b) hard
16. John arrived at the airport________, and ended up missing his
a) late b) lately
17. Ever since he met Sara, he has looked very ________.
a) happily b) happy
18. I can hear the ________ rain falling on the roof.
a) loudly b) loud
19. She is a very kind and ________ person.
a) gentle b) gently
20. That child behaves very ________.
a) badly b) bad
B)-Identifying Adjective Phrases.
Underline each adjective phrase in the sentences below
EXAMPLE: The maple tree in the back yard is one of my favorite
1. Everyone in the lab completed the experiment on page 30.
2. The new house at the end of the street is nearly finished.
3. The gate in the fence around the estate was padlocked.
4. Tomorrow, the mayor will announce her plans for the new
5. Exchange students from France are visiting a family in our
1. One of my sisters saw that famous Mexican woodcarver.
2. Her favorite carvings are small statues of fire dragons and other
fantasy creatures.
3. Collectors around the world enjoy these imaginative Mexican
4. The colors of the carvings are bright and bold.
5. Animal figures in bright green, yellow, blue, and red are common.
6. Wooden carousel animals are still a specialty of some Mexican
7. Many of the carvings are exported.
8. The style of the animals, though, is clearly Mexican.
9. New generations of woodcarvers have kept the craft and the
tradition alive.
10. Oaxaca was my sister’s favorite part of our vacation.
B)-Identifying Adverb Phrases.
Underline each adverb phrase in the sentence below.
EXAMPLE: Without a word to anyone, John walked out of the
1. The nervous applicant shifted from one foot to the other.
2. Without any hesitation, Frank stepped to the microphone.
3. No unauthorized personnel were permitted close to the launch pad.
4. After the game, we stopped at the diner on Hudson Street.
5. Hundreds of fans were eager for a glimpse of the star.
1. We traveled to Nepal’s capital city.
2. In Katmandu are many Buddhist shrines.
3. The city lies between Himalayan mountain peaks.
4. During our visit we saw many interesting shops and restaurants.
5. We walked slowly through narrow, crowded city streets.
6. Most people in Nepal survive by farming.
7. Extra crops are traded for kerosene, salt, and other important items.
8. In the Himalayas live the Sherpas.
9. The Sherpas are known for their special mountaineering skills.
10. During mountain-climbing trips, they guide the climbers and help
carry supplies.
In 1998, Eduardo traveled throughout Spain.
11. He shopped in Madrid and relaxed on the Costa Brava.
12. He went by bus from Madrid to Toledo.
13. Then he visited Granada for three days.
14. At the Alhambra he saw how the Moorish rulers lived during the
Middle Ages.
15. Moorish influence is also evident in the architecture of Seville.
C) Underline the prepositional phrase in each sentence. Then, on
the line, write ADJ if the phrase is an adjective phrase or ADV if it
is an adverb phrase.
Example . _Adv___A train ran through the mountains
_____1. At Delhi we changed trains.
_____2. When the train pulled up, I stared at the steam engine.
_____3. The smoke from the engine was thick and white.
_____4. The view from the little window sometimes took my breath
_____5. The dining car on the train was open.
_____6. However, we had already bought some food at the station.
_____7. Friendly servers brought beverages to people’s seats.
_____8. The water in my glass was fresh and cool.
_____9. The rhythm of the rails soothed me.
_____10. Soon I rested my head against the seat and fell asleep.
______11. The knights rode across the drawbridge.
______ 12. Several of the king’s attendants greeted them.
______ 13. Inside, the knights knelt before the king.
______ 14. They explained that they had ridden from a distant
______ 15. They had seen a dragon with long red claws.
______ 16. They had shot arrows at this fierce dragon.
______ 17. During the battle, one knight had been injured.
______ 18. Respectfully the knights asked the king for help.
______ 19. To his attendants, the king said, “Give these fine men our
strongest bows, our sharpest arrows, and our swiftest horses.”
______20. Each of the knights smiled and thanked the generous king.
______21. People throughout Alaska are concerned with the issue of
oil production and drilling.
_____22. Ecologists study relationships between living things and
their environments.
_____23. Ecologists worry that oil will have negative effects on
Alaskan wildlife.
_____24. In the future, more safeguards should be required for oil
_____25. Some of the Alaskan people depend on oil for employment.
_____26. Many Alaskans fear the loss of wildlife and natural
_______27. The puppy ran out the open door.
_______28. The guests received small baskets of fruit
_______29. She arrived with her suitcases.
_______30. Throughout the night he tossed and turned
_______31. Within minutes the police arrived.
_______32. Outside the kennel we couldn’t hear a sound.
_______33. A cat from the alley gobbled the cheese.
_______34. I saw some tourists without their luggage