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Information Technology

About us

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled has been working since 1997
to empower the visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged
people in India. The Trust is working to help them keep pace with
the rest of the society by providing quality education,
accommodation, nutritious food, vocational training, placement
based rehabilitation and achieve personal independence.
The Trust works towards creating an inclusive society which
provides opportunities without any discrimination—for the
development of the visually impaired, disabled and
underprivileged people.


To empower visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged

people through developmental initiatives focusing on
educational, social, economic, cultural and technological aspects.


An inclusive society, free of discrimination against the disabled,

where people with disabilities, especially the visually impaired,
enjoy equal opportunities and an enhanced quality of life.

Our Approach

Integrated approach in the empowerment of the disabled,

through direct action with community support.

Strategic Priorities
Disability advocacy, education for the disabled, livelihood of the
disabled, capacity building of persons with disabilities and their
organisations, accessibility and environment.



To promote primary and higher education of the visually

impaired, disabled and underprivileged people.

To increase educational and employment accessibility of the

people with disabilities by using assistive aids/ technologies
and comprehensive vocational training.

To reduce malnutrition related disability through nutritional


To promote and spread art, cultural and recreational

avenues for people with disabilities.

To encourage sports and games of the people with

disabilities especially the visually impaired.

To promote eco-friendly living and sustainable waste

management practices as an innovative vocational
opportunities for the disabled.

To establish and execute community based rehabilitation

centers for special target groups like destitute women and
neglected children.

To work at national and international levels to achieve the

objectives of UN Convention on Rights of Persons with


Message from F M T
Dear friends and well wishers,
The year 2009-2010 proved to be yet another fruitful year for
Samarthanam. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the team
members, project directors, supporting units, donors, and well
wishers for this momentous achievement. Samarthanam ever
since its inception has been striving hard to empower the disabled
and underprivileged people by providing quality education,
shelter and unlimited new opportunities for exploration.
Samarthanam has been instrumental in resource mobilization
and project conceptualization to maximize efforts and help
change the lives of the disabled and economically impoverished
children and youth in the country. We have achieved a significant
growth of 40% in terms of annual turnover in the last fiscal year.
Apart from this, Samarthanam was successful in expanding its
services and is in the process of establishing an Indian Blind Union
and a Board of Cricket for the Blind in order to hasten the I am happy to share that, with
development of sports for the visually impaired. the able support of Deshpande
A remarkable milestone this year was the establishment and Foundation we were able to
inauguration of Samarthanam's Residential Primary School at our expand our Techvision
own plot in HSR layout, Bangalore on 1st October 2009. The programme to Hubli-Dharwad
school has been inaugurated with the intent of providing areas to empower and serve
qualitative residential and educational support to underprivileged more number of beneficiaries
children from rural areas of Bangalore. Dedicated and trained in the rural areas of North
teachers are available to help in the all round development of
Karnataka. By the next fiscal
these children.
year, Samarthanam plans to
Samarthanam Vidyaprasad, the mid-day meal program
facilitate a Techvision centre at
continues to provide nutrition to over 35,000 underprivileged
school going children in government schools. The beneficiaries of Gadag in order to cater to
Vidyaprasad have increased considerably and the program has more number of beneficiaries.
been enjoying great support from organizations and individual
A remarkable milestone this
donors in Bangalore as well as funding from the State
Government. year was the establishment and
TechVision - Samarthanam's most innovative IT project is poised inauguration of Samarthanam's
for state-wide expansion. The project is in the process of Residential Primary School at
extending its presence and services across many parts of
our own plot in HSR layout,
Karnataka in due course. This year it successfully provided training st
to hundreds of candidates with suitable placements as well. Bangalore on 1 October 2009.

Swadhara, a residential rehabilitation and counseling centre for

women in distress is functional in Bangalore. Swadhara takes care
of 50 women by providing food, accommodation, medical help
and vocational training thus enabling them to become
independent, both emotionally and financially. This year, I am
happy to announce that Swadhara has joined hands with
Karnataka Rural Poor and Handicapped Women's Development
Society (KRUPHWODS) and initiated various activities in Peenya
with vast employment opportunities for the disabled and the


Samarthanam-Parisara, a Dry Waste Management initiative, has
made substantial progress by offering innovative Waste
Management programs, conducting awareness campaigns and
by advocating natural resource management solutions to
corporates, residences, and educational institutions in Bangalore.
'Parisara' received excellent response and support from major
corporate organizations. This year, it has been instrumental in
establishing a paper recycling unit and is in the process of setting
up a cartridge remanufacturing unit to make it a source of
revenue generation for the organization as well as an opportunity
for providing employment.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals,
corporate donors, volunteers, collaborators, supporters and
friends who helped us in achieving all the above milestones this
My special thanks to Deshpande Foundation for enabling us
expand our facilities to Dharwad and Kolar, Axis Bank
We aim to reach out and Foundation, Mumbai, for supporting our Inclusive Education for
empower the disabled, needy the Disabled. My sincere gratitude to Target Corporation USA for
their continuous support towards providing education for
and underprivileged children children.
and youth as much as possible
I appreciate the cooperation of my Fellow Trustees Ms. Vasanti
and make our presence felt in Savanur and Mr. S.P. Nagesh , team work of staff and take pride
all parts of the State with each in their dedication, hard work and commitment towards
passing year and I am proud of Samarthanam and to the cause it stands for.
the international presence we Samarthanam reiterates its commitment to change and make a
have achieved through our difference in the lives of the disabled, underprivileged children
and youth in India by providing quality services through
fund raising efforts.
developmental initiatives and resources available in the

Mahantesh G.Kivadasannavar.



Programme report


Hostel Facilities :
Samarthanam supports all the children in the hostel free of cost
with the able financial support from individual donors and a
number of corporates, national and international organisations.
Each child receives support for school/college fees, food,
accommodation, transportation, medical care, study materials,
uniforms, bags, exam fees and other livelihood expenses.

Samarthanam Primary School (Kannada Medium)

Samarthanam Primary School at HSR Layout, Bangalore ,
approved by the Government of Karnataka, provides quality
education from 1st to 7th standards to economically poor
children with hostel facilities. The inmates are from places of
drought, flood affected and poverty stricken areas of North
Karnataka. We are proud to state that we take care of the basic
needs of children like food, residence, education, health, future,
and exposure to the world outside.

Samarthanam Residential High school, (Kannada Medium)

Samarthanam Residential High School at Hulimavu aims at
providing education from 8th to 10th standards to economically
poor children. We select children who are slow learners and
from economically backward classes and put in our best efforts to
make them model citizens. This helps to reduce the rate of
dropouts, child labour, prevention of crime, etc

Facilities offered

Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls, Nutritious food, Study
material, uniform, books, bags and all other basic schooling
Counseling and mentoring services for overall healthy growth of
Quality high school education with tuition facilities.
Opportunities to interact with volunteers.
Quality computer and English language training with the able
support from KPMG and Hope Foundation.
Extra curricular facilities like sports, arts and cultural programmes.
Exposure visits and study tour.
Regular medical check-ups.



Samarthanam Inclusive Education

Integrated Education for the Disabled (IED) was launched in the
year 2000 by the Government of India. This project aims at
providing education to disabled children in an inclusive
environment and includes children studying from 1st to 8th
standards operational in Bangalore and Kolar. Unfortunately, the
Government cancelled the scheme due to which hundreds of
disabled children were deprived of support and many teachers
lost their jobs. But, Samarthanam took it up as a challenge and
started approaching private funding firms/agencies. After a
relentless hunt, Axis Bank Foundation, Mumbai came forward to
support the programme. It is a matter of pride that Samarthanam
Trust for the Disabled is the only NGO to run the programme
uninterruptedly without support from the Government. Hence, It
is now called Samarthanam Inclusive Education. Under this
program, 41 teachers are assisting in the identification and
education of over 496 disabled children.

IEDSS Project
IEDSS is the up gradation of IED programme and aims to provide
inclusive education to disabled children studying from 9th
standard to 2nd PUC /12thStd. The programme is supported by
the Central Government, under which 3 teachers are engaged in
assisting 36 disabled children in Bangalore South.


Improvement in academic performance.

Future Plan Reduced stigma related to disability among normal children.

Expansion of IEDSS project

Improved communication skills.
to 30 more children and appoint Improved self esteem and confidence.
3 - 4 experienced teachers.
An inclusive society which respects the rights of the disabled




Samarthanam Higher Education

Samarthanam encourages higher education and professional
education immensely. At present, healthy, normal individuals are
struggling to find a place in the job market Realising the fact, that
one cannot survive in the present competitive scenario, without
professional education, Samarthanam greatly emphasises on
higher and professional education of the pupils with various
disabilities. Hence, it supports college education by getting the
disabled students admitted to renowned colleges in the city, by
providing digital audio books to enable them to study and
compete, arrange scribes to help them aquire better skills and
Our students have been admitted to professional courses in
National College, NMKRV, NSVK, Surana College, Mahaveer Jain
college and many other renowned institutions in the city. We are
proud to announce that one of our talented students by name
Vishal, has been qualified for IIM Lucknow and one person in the
TRIBE. Samarthanam is ambitious to produce as many disabled tax
payers as possible.

Jnanavikas is an initiative of Samarthanam to set up quality
libraries with attractive, thought provoking and work based
books. The project is supported by Child Vikas International, a US
based charity group. The books are given to children to read
regularly and are evaluated periodically. Samarthanam
Jnanavikas has 6 libraries serving 4000 underprivileged students
from various Government Primary Schools assisted by 5 staff
members. Besides quality library services, Jnanavikas facilitates
support activities like activity camps and awareness classes which
helps the students to improve their knowledge base.

Ashakiran, residential school for the underprivileged primary
Future Plan
school children is a project sponsored by the Government of
Karnataka to ensure quality education to poor children , school
To set up 4 more
drop outs and those who come from weaker sections of the Jnanavikas libraries
society. This academic year, Samarthanam Ashakiran initiated at in the next financial year.
Hulimavu, is supporting 50 children with the help of 4 teachers to
impart quality primary education from 1st to 7th standard. Besides
academic support, Samarthanam provides secure shelter, food,
clothing, study materials and also encourages extra curricular
activities. Ashakiran also focuses on improving computers and
English language as well. All these facilities are provided free of
cost with individual attention to each child.



v yaprasaD
Samarthanam has been providing free mid-day meals to children
studying in Government schools under Akshara Dasoha project
of Government of Karnataka since 2003. Samarthanam
Vidyaprasad provides mid-day meals to 35,000 students in 124
schools in urban and rural suburbs of Bangalore. Nutritious meals
are provided, six days a week throughout the academic year in
these 124 schools in Bangalore. The food is cooked in centralised
kitchens and distributed through customized vehicles. To expand
and strengthen this service, the Ministry of Finance, Government.
During 2009-10, Samathanam of India has granted 35AC certificate for the tax benefit of the
Vidyaprasad Mid-day meal individual and corporate donors.
programme supplied food to All donations towards Samarthanam Vidyaprasad are 100% tax
124 schools and 35,000 exempted.
children every day. A highlight
of this venture is that we have
supplied 62,00,000 (Sixty two Impact
lakh) meals with constant
support from 36 staff members.
Increased school participation: Samarthanam Vidyaprasad has
had a great impact on school participation, not just in terms of
getting more children enrolled in the registers but also in terms of
daily attendance, preventing classroom hunger. Our study
showed that many children reach school with hunger.
Samarthanam Vidyaprasad helps overcome classroom hunger by
providing nutritious and stumpous mid-day meal.
Facilitates healthy growth of children: Samarthanam
Vidyaprasad works as a regular source of “nutrition” for children,
and facilitates their healthy growth. Vidyaprasad meals are
naturally rich with nutrients like iron which help prevent
“anemia”, a widespread cause of weakness and poor growth
among children.
Fosters social equality: Samarthanam inculcates social values
among the students. The students from various social
backgrounds learn to sit together and share common food,
without discrimination of social status, caste or religion. Gender
bias in school participation has minimized after mid-day meals
were introduced. Nutritious mid-day meals, erodes the traditional
barriers that prevents girls from attending school.



Information Technology


Samarthanam started an IT cell in November 1999 to impart
computer education to the visually impaired. The idea was to
enable them to use JAWS (screen reading software) as a powerful
tool to gather information pertaining to their academic and
various subjects.
Techvision is a multi-dimensional and holistic initiative promoted
by the Information Technology (IT) cell of Samarthanam. As the
slogan emphasizes, the project aims to use Information
Technology as a tool for empowerment and provide a 'vision for
Techvision consists of the
life' to the visually-impaired, person with disabilities and youth
following initiatives to
from weaker sections of the society.
support its core objectives.
The objective of Samarthanam Techvision is to create IT
awareness, provide knowledge and specialized skills to empower Current Modules
the disabled to become self-reliant and explore entrepreneurial
Advanced Computer Training
opportunities in IT-enabled organisations.
Excellence through
Communication in English
Spoken and Written English
Skills Improvement (EXCEL).
Digital Book Library
Personality Enrichment and
The aim of DBLib is to reach out and catalyze education for the All-round Learning (PEARL).
print-disabled persons (visually impaired, slow-learners and Digital Book Library (DBLib).
dyslexic children). Samarthanam aims to build required
competency and enable print disabled persons to lead a confident
and independent life. DBLib provides CDs to the students as per
their academic requirements. Samarthanam is an active member
of DAISY Forum of India (DFI).
As the prime focus for DBLib is school and college students,
preparing the digital format course materials for studies is always
a priority. Besides the library aims to stock academic books,
competitive exam books, and books related to personality
development, current affairs, fiction and non-fiction literature in
print disabled friendly formats. The project started producing
large number of Digital Talking Books with the help of 12 laptops
donated by KPMG Foundation for the same purpose.


Tech Vision Bengaluru

Samarthanam Techvision, Bangalore, has trained 5 batches of 39

students in Advanced Computer Training programmes.
It has structured, updated and stream lined the curriculum for
Future Plan advanced computer courses and also for English and soft skills
program with the help of dedicated, well trained staff and
To expand Techvision centres volunteers. Certificates were issued for the first batch of students
all over state and country by KEONICS.
Over 40 digital audio books were produced in Daisy format and
more than 50 books were scanned and edited in the last financial
year for the benefit of the students. Techvision Bangalore, plans
to facilitate new digital recording centres in corporate office
campus for the convenience of its employee volunteers .
Techvision also plans to commence weekend coaching classes
for the benefit of working candidates.

Tech Vision Dharwad

Samarthanam expanded its IT project to Dharwad in the month of

August 2009 with the able support of Deshpande Foundation.
Tech Vision program at Dharwad is a vocational training unit with
a special focus on Information Technology with latest software i.e.
JAWS (screen reading), and DAISY (Voice enabled digital books),
to empower the differently abled with latest IT tools, build
confidence, help find suitable placements and thus making them
financially independent. It also includes activities like teaching,
training and Audio Book production for the visually challenged.
We also conduct Spoken English classes, Personality development
and provide training for Competitive exams to all disabled
students. At present, one batch of 40 students have been trained
and 5 already well placed. At present, 20 students (12 girls and 9
boys) are being provided with free food and hostel facilities.
Samarthanam will be expanding Techvision programme to
Gadag district of North Karnataka to cater to more number of
beneficiaries in North Karnataka.




Samarthanam Swadhara: (A home for women in distress)

Samarthanam Swadhara is an initiative to provide shelter, food
and economic avenues to women in distress and disability.
Samarthanam Swadhara is in collaboration with the
Department of Women and Child Development, Government of
India since 2008. The home takes care of 50 women from
different parts of Karnataka. The women include widows,
physically disabled, visually impaired, abandoned and those
who did not have any economic and social support.
Samarthanam Swadhara provides them with food,
accommodation, counselling services, vocational training and Facilities available
employment opportunities. Samarthanam Swadhara has been
Counselling Services.
designed with a more flexible and innovative approach to cater
to the requirement of various types of women in distress in Hospital facilities
diverse situations under different conditions. (treatment and medicine).
Help solve problems and
rehabilitation facilities.
Vocational Training.
To provide primary need of shelter, food, clothing and care to
the marginalized women/girls living in difficult circumstances,
without any social and economic support.
To provide emotional support and counselling.
To rehabilitate them socially and economically through
education, awareness,
skill up gradation and personality development through
behavioural training.
To arrange for specific clinical, legal and other support for
women/girls in need by networking with other organisations in
both government & non- government. Training provided
Computer training in
To arrange for specific clinical, legal and other support for
Samarthanam Tech-vision,
women/girls in need by networking with other organizations in
Data Entry training,
both government & non- government.
Paper bag making,
Candle making,
Spoken English classes,
Beneficiaries Served
Personality Development classes,
Number of beneficiaries rehabilitated during the year 2009-2010 Call centre training,
are 36 and around 52 new members are currently availing our beautician courses,
services at Swadhara. Most women have found placements in Music and recreation classes.
various renowned companies including Ocwen Company; IT
services companies, K.E.B., Cigfil Garment factory, as tele-callers in
Call centres, Garment factories, tailoring units and as primary
school and Anganawadi teachers.



Samarthanam Parisara is an Environment Management Program

initiated in 2003. It has emerged as a reliable waste management
partner to various corporate organisations, with its state-of-the-art
To introduce a common Dry waste management technologies, transport handling equip-
Waste Collection System for ment, and prompt service. Samarthanam Parisara is a platform to
all large establishments. serve corporate organisations and residential apartments with
To Develop and initiate usage their waste management requirements. Samarthanam Parisara is
of dry waste management in agreement with major recycling companies authorized by
system software for faster and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB).
transparent operations.
The objective of Samarthanam Parisara is to create a waste-free
To expand Samarthanam
Parisara Operations to Hubli environment and to constantly work on environment friendly,
cost effective, innovative and sustainable technologies for the
Initiate fundraising for the
common man's usage. This programme helps in empowering the
Disabled friendly School and
outreach programs through disabled by providing innovative employment opportunities.
funding agencies and Samarthanam Parisara helps us in generating revenue for
Government. sustaining the invaluable activities of Samarthanam. This year
Parisara recycled 3.18 lakh Kg dry waste collected from corporate
MNCs, apartments, schools and other organizations in Bangalore.
Parisara also initiated a recycling plant with the help of KPMG
This year, Samarthanam Parisara has identified 20 new companies
and few big establishments which generate large amount of dry
waste. It has initiated 'Green Clubs' in 5 schools and colleges as
part of the outreach program. It has also identified few
communities to initiate Community level Waste Management
System and has successfully procured all required legal clearances
from the competitive authorities ( KSPCB - BBMP) – CFO Certificate
for Dry Waste Management. Relations with existing and new
vendors of Samarthanam Parisara were systemized and entered
into short term agreements. Initiated Zero Waste Corporate
/Community program. As part of its environmental awareness
program, Samarthanam Parisara conducted painting competition
for school children with the theme as Waste Management and its
benefits. Samarthanam Parisara is successfully running an
in–house handmade paper recycling plant.



An entity of Samarthanam Trust for the disabled


Vividha is an unique entrepreneurial initiative of Samarthanam to

introduce a socially responsible business model by providing
massive employment opportunities to the disabled. Vividha
envisions itself evolving as a business to employ and empower the
disabled, in a highly competitive working environment. Vividha
has adopted an industrial unit of Karnataka Rural Poor and
Handicapped Women Development Society to revive it into a
successful business unit.
Vividha's efforts have opened up several opportunities for the
people with disabilities to have a respectable source of livelihood
based on their professional skills . It has committed itself to utilize
all its revenue for the social welfare of the people with disabilities.
It has provided a platform for Samarthanam Parisara to set up a
paper recycling plant, focusing on producing and marketing
office stationary products made out of 100% recycled paper,
which are an innovative alternative to corporate gift items. Apart
from this, remanufacturing and recycling of printer cartridge unit
is in progress.


To promote a social entrepreneurial enterprise.

To provide the disabled and underprivileged with massive

employment opportunities and support their financial self

To advocate and re-emphasize the professional capabilities of

the disabled and disadvantaged persons.

To mobilize financial resources for the welfare of the people

with disabilities

To support social issues like environmental conservation

through appropriate business practices.

To comply with the best standards of production and

marketing, both qualitatively & quantitatively



suna a
In 2004, Samarthanam set up a separate cultural disabled wing
Samarthanam Sunadha. Our artists include accomplished
disabled singers, dancers, mimicry artists and instrumentalists.
They perform in several languages including Hindi, Kannada,
Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Samarthanam believes in
identifying and training the potential artists from different parts of
the country and provide them with opportunities of growth and
to perform on a public platform.
Samarthanam has evolved Sunadha as a medium of effective
rehabilitation of the disabled. Sunadha artists have performed in
20 MNC's and in 3 state level cultural events. Sunadha helps
Samarthanam to address disability related social stigma. Sunadha
also helps the disabled children to gain confidence for better
social interactions.
Sunadha artists have performed in various corporate
organisations in Bangalore and across India.

Sports: Cricket
Our cricket team has played at National and international
levels, and won laurels of appreciation

We emphasize on evolving a healthy sports culture within the

organization and the sports wing of Samarthanam does it
successfully. Excellence in sports is one of the positive aspects for
the disabled youth to access gainful employment. Participation in
sports is encouraged, adequate facilities are provided, and
innovative opportunities are created for sports persons to make
the best use of their abilities to realise their dreams.
Samarthanam cricket team plays special matches with corporate
cricket teams in Bangalore to promote the vision of an inclusive
society and awareness about rights of the disabled.



Supporting Units

Advocacy is the apex intervention in the development. Though
Samarthanam started working as a service delivery organization
for the empowerment of the disabled, over a decade it graduated
itself into advocacy, policy influencing and capacity building
resource centre for the disabled.Advocacy is an organized course
of action to achieve the desired change. Samarthanam's advocacy
is all about concerned citizens joining with others to campaign for
equality and social inclusion of people with disabilities by
changing policies, practices and attitudes that perpetuate their Volunteer Management
exclusion and segregation. (Programs organised)
HR and Placement Initiated a day's trip and
HR and Placement cell of Samarthanam recruits personnel for summer camps for primary and
various positions within the organisation and its branches. The HR high school students
person conducts end to end recruitment, processes payrolls, Executed the IGenius (Max
keeps track of the employee details and their benefits. The Newyork and Times initiative)
department is also involved in the suitable placement of the scholarship program for 10 of
underprivileged and disabled candidates / students trained in our primary school students
various courses at Samarthanam, thus providing job
Initiated two organizations
opportunities for the enthusiastic aspirants and making them self towards bringing in Korean
reliant. Some of our students / candidates have been successfully volunteers on cultural
placed in well established companies like BESCOM, Vardhaman exchange programs from other
Pharmacy etc. countries at our different
Volunteer Management
Taking forward individual and
Volunteer Management at Samarthanam basically supports the corporate relationships on a
organisation by outsourcing volunteers for the organisation. day to day basis
People volunteer for simple reasons bringing in great results.
Volunteer sourcing, sustenance and retainment are the key roles Maintain and plan activities for
number of internship hours for
of the system. Volunteer management involves providing the
the students from different
right volunteer with the right skill to the right person at the right colleges, from individual
time. Individuals from various walks of life, professionals, people volunteers and also the
working for corporate companies join volunteering at corporate sectors.
Samarthanam for an opportunity to socialise , build contacts and
serve the community for goodwill. There are varied volunteering
opportunities to choose from. Some of them are in teaching , as
scribes, helping in administration, holding personality
development classes, conducting vocational courses, recording
of voice for digital audio books, event based volunteering
activities etc.
Samarthanam provides orientation training and conducts
periodical meetings with the volunteers to obtain updates of
events and coordination. Apart from volunteering services, it has
created varied work- curriculum for interns who approach at
different levels.


Supporting Units

Communications and Branding

Communications and Branding in Samarthanam plays a

prominent role in the functioning of the organization, its projects
and activities. Samarthanam which is marching ahead with a
number of projects and activities is well supported and marketed
by able and effective Communications and Branding team to
communicate internally and externally to its beneficiaries,
supporters , Media and to the public at large.
Samarthanam in Media
The team coordinates and provides assistance to various projects,
All the events received its activities and events. Communications supports all projects, its
excellent media support activities and events by preparing effective communication
and extensive coverage. materials like brochures, write ups, newsletters, reports, proposals
for grants, press releases, graphic designing, flyers, invitations and
promotional materials along with publicity and visibility in the
The department was
Media. It also ensures that the branding complies with the
successful in regularizing
branding policies of the organisation.
news reading for the visually
impaired in Doordarshan's Apart from being a prime supporting unit to all the front end and
Chandana channel. backend operations of Samarthanam, the Communications team
also effectively handles Event Management and Media Relations.
Communications at Samarthanam has been very competent to
build cordial relationship with the Print and Electronic Media and
create good will in the society.
Last year, major events like Walkathon 2009 the green way, News
reading by the Visually Impaired persons representing
Samarthanam for the first time in the history of the organization as
part of Louis Braille day Celebrations on Chandana Channel,
Doordarshan, created new waves in the Media and the
Community. In the month of February, Samarthanam organized a
Charity Show of Sharukh Khan’s bollywood blockbuster ‘My
Name is Khan' for the purpose of raising funds for the
The department was successful in regularizing news reading for
the visually impaired in Doordarshan's Chandana channel, thus
boosting their confidence to work with the mainstream society as
well as in supporting them economically. Hence, Comm-
unications at Samarthanam constantly strives to drive the
organisation towards progressive development.



Supporting Units


The department comprises of a team which works on sourcing

and raising funds, corporate, individual & institutional, thereby
giving better visibility & financial support to the organisation.
Individual Fundraising: Samarthanam has partnered with HGSL
since July 2008 focussing on Individual funds. In the last fiscal year
we have expanded our Individual fundraising programmes in
addition to HGSL by partnering with:
Transgenez which is an outsource partner dedicated to raise
funds for the Dharwad project
Future Plan
Unisol – A domestic centre which raises funds for the general
donation programme of Samarthanam focussing on the Disabled
friendly school building
To increase corporate fund
In-house team – comprising of 5 visually impaired have been inflow with more focus on the
trained to make outbound calls and raise funds for the corporate team thereby
organisation along with donor retention programmes reducing the cost involved in
Corporate Fundraising
To set up a call centre of our
A team trained and dedicated for corporate fund raising is
own which can be
working on establishing new contacts within corporate
commercialised thereby
organisations and reviving existing support.
bringing revenues to the
Institutional Funds: Samarthanam has partnered with Deshpande organisation.
foundation as part of its Institutional activities
To increase the present gain
Total amount raised: Rs 2, 99, 37198/- percent over expenditure by at
Total number of donors: Monetary support from more than 4,823 least 30%.
donors in the last fiscal. Reduce outsourced units with
Top achievements in the last financial year focus to build in-house capacity
& sustain the same.
1. Revenues have increased with an increase in gain percent
Streamlining & tracking of
2. Samarthanam's tele-calling team has achieved great success as donor database with increased
on an average we reach out to 2500 plus customers with details donor retention & relation,
on Samarthanam projects & activities, providing the organisation reports & analysis etc., with
better visibility and branding support from CRM.
3. Partnership with Unisol & Transgenez are expected to increase
the fund in-flow and augment in this financial year in Bangalore &
North Karnataka, giving the organisation higher visibility in the
Northern regions of the State.
4. In-house team contributes a lakh per month on an average for
the last 5 months thereby, creating employment opportunities for
themselves with a respectable amount of funds generated.


Major Events of 2009-2010

Daisy International Conference 2009, Germany

Samarthanam participated actively in the Daisy International
Conference at Germany and advocated about fortifying the
position of Daisy in India, its opportunities and challenges. Mr.
Mahantesh G. K. , Managing Trustee of Samarthanam and Mr. P. K.
M. Swamy participated in the Conference.

Inauguration of Samarthanam School and Hostel Building

Samarthanam, proudly inaugurated its primary and hostel
facility at its own plot at HSR Layout on 1 of October, 2009. The
inauguration was graced by Mr. & Mrs. Sri. Ramalinga Reddy
and many other dignitaries of high standing.

Parisara Waste Management Workshop

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, in association with TARA
Machines and Tech Services Pvt. Ltd had organised a one day
workshop on “Waste Management and Recycling of Renewable
Resources on 10th November 2009 at KRUPHWODS, Peenya
Industrial estate.
The workshop, an awareness activity of Samarthanam 'Parisara',
emphasized the need for stewardship in environmental waste
management and recycling of available resources in a most safe
and scientific manner and also promote efficient disposal of
waste. Mr. Lakshmikant, Environmentalist, Karnataka State
Pollution Control Board, Prof. Ramachandran of IISC, Mr. Sameer
Gora of TARA Machines spoke about the importance of effective
waste management.

State Award.
Our beloved Managing Trustee, Mr. Mahantesh G.
Kivadasannavar , was conferred with the prestigious State Award
for his relentless service to the disabled community on December
3 , the World Disability Day by Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka,
B.S. Yediyurappa at Balbhavan , Bangalore.

WALK-A-THON 2009 - the Green way.

Samarthanam has been organising the mega event - The
Bengaluru Walkathon every year to commemorate the World
Disability Day celebrated on December 3rd.
This year too, Samarthanam proudly presented the 5th 'Bengaluru
Walk-a-thon' on 5 December 2009 to all Bengalurians to share
their compassion and solidarity to the cause of the disabled. The
Walk-a-thon aims to create awareness and sensitise the public on
the issues of disability and promote social integration. This year,
the theme for Bengaluru Walkathon 2009 – was, Walkathon - the
Green way in order to draw more attention to the conservation of
environment and our responsibility towards it.



Major Events of 2009-2010
The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board extended its support
for the event and helped create awareness on environmental
issues through their display vehicle at the venue. Over 8,000
people from various multinational companies, educational
institutions, organisations, NGO's, and Government officials were
a part of the event to support over 3,000 disabled people.
Eminent dignitaries namely, Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Senior Director,
Doordarshan, Dr. Perumal, Principal Secretary, Silk Board, Mr.
Jairam, Director, Department of Welfare of the Disabled and
Senior Citizens, Shivramanna, Cine actor, Dr. Kumaraswamy,
Senior Environmentalist, Karnataka State Pollution Board, B.J.
Satyanarayana Swamy, Freedom fighter, Mr. H.M. Venugopal,
Temple Trustee, Hulimavu, were the guests of honour on the day. Over 14 major newspapers
which carried news reports and
Our long standing partners such as TATA ELXSI, TESCO, TARGET, features along with
ACQUINA supported the mega event through their presence. photographs. News bytes were
Upahara Darshini provided food and water for all the participants
telecasted in prime bulletins of
of Walkathon. RADIO MIRCHI & DNA were our radio and print
3 popular Kannada channels
partners respectively.
namely Chandana, Udaya tv
and Suvarna Channels making
News reading by the visually impaired on Loius Braille Day
the “ Walk ” a grand success.
Four Visually Impaired Persons from Samarthanam Trust for the
Disabled were bestowed with an unique opportunity to present
Kannada News bulletins in the popular Chandana Channel ,
Doordarshan, on 4th January 2010, to mark the bi-centenary
(201st) celebration of Louis Braille's birthday. Samarthanam’s
Managing Trustee Mr. Mahantesh G. Kivadasannavar and three
Visually Impaired Persons presented news bulletins along with
regular news readers at scheduled timings. (7.45 am, 1 pm, 7 pm
and 9 pm)

Samarthanam 'Parisara' Painting Competition.

Samarthanam Trust for Disabled in association with Youth for
Seva (YFS) volunteers, the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN)
and Green Technologies (GT) had organised a painting
competition for government school students at the Rotary West
hall, Malleshwaram, on 13th Feb, 2010. The aim of organizing this
event was to make the school children especially those from
government schools environment conscious and to involve them
in activities benefiting the ecological balance.
More than 85 school children from various government schools
took part in the competition and won prizes. The themes of the
painting competition were 'Waste segregation at source', 'Say No
to Plastic Bags', 'Composting', 'Rain harvesting' and so on. The
guests for the event were, Mr. Lakshmikant, Senior
Environmentalist, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Prof.
T.V. Ramachandran, Centre of Ecology and Science, Mr.
Gurudasappa, renowned artist, Dr. Meenakshi Vikshut of Youth
for Seva, Mr. Jagdeesh , President, Rotary Metro, Mr. Ashok
Menon, Coordinator, Youth For Seva, and Girish, Director, Parisara



Charity Film Screening

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, for the first time, hosted
charity shows of Bollywood blockbuster movie, “My Name is
Khan” on 14th February 2010, at Urvasi Theatre, Lalbagh road to
mobilise resources for the construction of the new disabled
friendly residential school building for the disabled and the
underprivileged children in H.S.R. layout, Bangalore.
The public could buy tickets for the show and extend their
solidarity and support to Samarthanam.
Pilgrimage Tour for the Visually Impaired
A 5 day pilgrimage tour for the visually impaired students of
Samarthanam was arranged by G. Janardhan Charitable Trust
to holy places such as Sringeri, Horanadu, Subramanya,
Dharmasthala, Udupi and other places on 28th of Feb 2010.
Veteran actor and theatre personality Arundhati Nag flagged
off the tour.

BPO Grant Ceremony

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled in association with
Department of Disabilities, Government of Karnataka, proposed
to launch a unique BPO training program for the persons with
visual impairment and the underprivileged for Business Process
Outsourcing and transaction processing. ADC, a leading provider
of Communications Network Infrastructure Solutions, presented a
cheque of 25,000 USD (2/3rds of the total investment) to
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled to launch a BPO Training
Centre on 1 March 2010 at ADC office, Bangalore.
Inter-country Meet in Delhi

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled participated in the Inter-

country meeting for Promotion of Inclusivity in Education,
Employment, Health & Well Being of Persons with Disability in
the South-East Asia Region which was held in New Delhi
between 3rd and 5th March, 2010. The meet was inaugurated
We take this opportunity and by Mukul Wasnik , Honorable Minister Social Justice and
pride to announce that our empowerment.
beloved Managing Trustee
The meet was organized in collaboration between Amar Jyoti
Mr. Mahantesh G.K. will be
Charitable Trust, Rehabilitation International, World Bank,
honoured with the
Internationally acclaimed UNICEF and Government of India and was targeted at policy
“Aryabhata International makers, implementing agencies, service providers, corporate,
Award” in April 2010 for his and NGOs, Samarthanam was represented by Mr. Nagesh S.P.
relentless service to the Trustee and Mr. H.P. Vernekar, Director Primary and Secondary
disabled and underprivileged Education.


Financial Information for 2009 -2010

RECEIPTS Amount (Rs.) %

Receipts & Payments account as on 31st March 2010

Cash & Bank Balances 742922 01.23

Donations from Individuals 31910081 52.78

( Donations Within India and Outside)

Grants from Indian Sources 14828724 24.53


Grants from International

4261717 07.05
Sources( Under FCRA)
Self Generated (Fees/subscriptions/ Staff Details
interest/community Contributions etc.,) 5023908 08.31

Deposits 0.13 Paid Paid Paid

(Building Advance & F.D.Withdraw) 81000 Gender part-time Consultants
Loans & Advances 3605242 05.96
( Vehicle Loan) Male 135 Nil 3
Total 60453594 100.00 Female 76 Nil Nil

Total 211 Nil Nil

Payments Amount (Rs.) %

Office support expenses ( rent/repairs 4832584 07.99

/telephone/stationery, electricity, water etc)

( Correspondence/Website etc.)
735656 01.22
Remuneration details
Salaries and benefits 15714832 25.99
Gross Salary slab M F Total
Staff Travel & Conveyance 214871 00.36

Consultants 'fees (audit etc.) 295787 00.49 Less than 5000 83 36 119
Other programme expenses 31.03
(Food etc.) 18759412 5000 to 10000 40 29 69
Other Non Programme expenses 12064237 19.96
10001 to 25000 12 11 23
Capital Items 2573379 04.26
purchased for the organization
Capital Items 461090 00.76 Total 135 76 211
purchased for beneficiaries

Deposits & Advances 1296700 02.14

Loans & Advance 273222 00.45

Gross remuneration to
Cash & Bank Balances 3231824 05.35 board members per annum
Total 60453594 100
No Name Amount

1 Mr. Mahantesh G.K `0

Income and expenditure account as on 31st march 2009
2 Mr.S.P Nagesh `0
Amount (Rs.)
(Rs.) %
3 Ms. Vasanthi Savanur `0
Donations from Individuals 31910081 56.96
( Donations Within India and Outside)
Total `0
Grants from Indian Sources 14828724 26.47

Grants from International Sources 4261717 07.61

( Under FCRA)
Self Generated (Fees/subscriptions/ 5023908 08.97
interest/community Contributions etc.,)

Total 56024430 100


EXPENDITURE Amount (Rs.) %

Office support expenses ( Rent/repairs/ 4832584 08.63
telephone/stationery, electricity, water etc)
Communication 735656 01.31
( Correspondence/Website etc.,)

Salaries and benefits 15714832 28.05

Staff Travel & Conveyance 214871 00.38

Consultants fees (audit etc.,) 295787 00.53

Other programme expenses 18759412 33.48
( Projects etc.,)

Other Non Porgamme expenses 12064237 21.53

Depreciation 1743846 03.11

Excess of Income Over Expenditure 1663205 02.97

Total 56024430 100

Sources of Funds Amount (Rs.) %

Capital Fund 10126197 40.66

Income and expenditure 1663205 06.68

account surplus

Building Fund 4192238 16.83

Reserve Fund 1513759 06.08

Reimbursement to board members 7410261 29.75
Current Liabilities
No Name Amount
Total 24905660 100
1 International Travel ` 2,38,778.00

2 Domestic Travel ` 1,96,725.00 DETAILS OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES

3 Local conveyance ` 1,53,627.00 Name Mr. Mahantesh G.K Mr.S.P Nagesh Ms. Vasanthi Savanur

4 Entertainment Expense ` 3,068.00 39 42 55

Total ` 5,92,198.00 Sex Male Male Female

Position on Board Founder Managing Trustee Founder Trustee Trustee

Occupation CEO of Samarthanam Bank employee Teaching-retired

Financials for the Year ended
31st March 2010 Area of Work Top Management International blind sports man General management

Application OF Funds Amount(Rs.) % Meetings attended 4/4 4/4 4/4

Fixed Assets 14231545 57.01

Deposits & Advances 6207076 24.92 No Travel Expenditure Amount

Receivables 1235215 04.96 1 National Travel cost ` 1,96,725.00

International Travel cost ` 2,38,778.00

Cash & Bank Balances 3231824 12.98 2

Total 24905660 100 Total cost ` 4,35,503.00

CEO’s remuneration: ` 0 (Nil)

Remuneration of 3 highest paid staff members: ` 25,000/pm
Lowest salary paid: ` 1000/pm (Staff Details as on March 31,2010)*

Our Major Supporters
Deshpande Foundation Government of India
Child Vikas International-USA Government of Karnataka
Target International Global Impact
Cisco Heart and Hands for the Handicapped-USA
Give to Asia SSA- Karnataka
Give India HCCC
KPMG Foundation HHH
CAF America AXIS Bank Foundation Mumbai
Tesco Hindustan Service Ltd ARGE Steel
Intel Group Pvt Ltd TATA Elexi Ltd

Our Collaborators

World Blind Union RV Educational Institutions-Bangalore

National Institute for the Visually Handicapped BNM College- Bangalore
Hippocampus Reading Foundation BES College -Bangalore
Hinduja Global Solutions.Ltd Surana College- Bangalore
Ascharya Creative Communications Mahaveer Jain- Bangalore
American Service to India NSVKCollege- Bangalore
CAF- India National College
Hope Foundation Girijamba College

You can donate

Vidyaprasad Mid-Day Meal Programme
(Donations for the scheme Have 100% Tax Exemption under 35 AC)

Provide mid-day meal to 3 government school children for one year: ` 3600.
Provide mid-day meal to 6 government school children for one year: ` 7200.
Provide mid-day meal to 10 government school children for one year: ` 12,000.
Provide mid day meal to 12 children for an year: `14,400.
Provide mid-day meal to one school for one month: ` 75,000.
Provide mid-day meal to one school for one year: ` 7,50,000.

Education and Hostel (50% Tax exemption under 80 G)

Sponsor a disabled child's school education for one year : `15,000

Sponsor a disabled student's college education for one year : ` 18,000
Sponsor breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in our Hostel for one day : ` 6,500
Sponsor one time meal in our Hostel : ` 2500
Sponsor the computer education expenses of a disabled child : ` 6000
Make a general donations to our education programme : ` 5000

Building and Corpus fund (50% Tax exemption under 80 G)

Total build up area of the hostel building : 18,100 sft

Total cost of the hostel building: ` 2,17,20,000.

Total build up area of the shool building : 17,150 sft

Total cost of the school building: ` 2,05,80,000.

You can leave a legacy in the name of Samarthanam


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