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Programming, Games, Apps, and Society

Employability Skills

Chart of employability skills taught in this course:

Topic Format
Communicate effectively through writing and Students research computer science topics,
speaking prepare written notes, and make informal
presentation to class.

Students do large projects (typically FBLA

Competitive Events) and have to present their
projects to the class. Students who choose to
enter their projects in FBLA competition have to
prepare, practice, and present their competition

Students were required to participate in a Mock

Interview conducted by a volunteer from the
local business community. They had to prepare
cover letters and resumes before the interview,
and write a thank you letter after the interview.

Demonstrate creativity Students get to choose their own independent

project (individual or small groups) during Fall
Semester and are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to
choose something they are very interested in so
that they can be enthusiastically creative.

While the Long Term Project has specific

guidelines, there is still room for creativity in
exactly how the project is implemented.

Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills When learning “algorithmic thinking” students
must analyze problems and determine how an
algorithm can be developed to solve the problem.
Students learn this by creating flowcharts
(problems that won’t necessarily be solved by a
computer program), by writing pseudocode
(problems that may eventually be solved by a
computer program), and writing actual
programming code (problems that will be solved
by a computer program)

Students are working primarily on independent

projects in this course, so they must think
through and solve their own problems.
Model work readiness traits such as integrity, Programming projects are divided into segments
honesty, accountability, punctuality, and time and each segment has specific due dates.
management Students are required to demonstrate progress at
the specified dates.

The GABEST Portfolio requires students to keep a

5-day time log so they can analyze their
distribution of time, ability to be punctual, and
time management.

The GABEST Portfolio requires students to

research ethical use of social media and write a
brief report. They also participate in a group
discussion on the perils of misuse of social media.

Apply appropriate skill sets to be productive in a Students use collaborative tools such as Google
changing, technological, and diverse work place Docs and Google Slides to prepare assignment
and to be able to work independently, interpret documentation for team assignments
data, and apply team work skills
Students learn how to program in a variety of
tools/environments that are relevant to current
industry trends, such as the Java programming
language, writing apps for Android and iOS
platforms, MySQL for database development,
PHP for interactive web pages, Unity for 2D/3D
game design, and various other tools.

Students study and prepare for the Microsoft

Technology Associate – Software Development
Fundamentals professional certification exam
through coursework, review, and practice exams.

Present a professional image through Students are encouraged (typically through extra
appearance, behavior, and language. credit points) to dress professionally when
making formal presentations to the class.

Students were required to dress professionally

for their Mock Interviews.

As part of the GA BEST Portfolio, students were

required to write an essay on Business Casual vs.
Business Formal dress and provide example

Students are held accountable to professional

behavior and language standards in the
classroom (i.e. no leaning back in chairs, no
horseplay, proper workplace language, etc)