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Urotsuki's Avatar Guide V2

This is an avatar modding guide. This is open source. Feel free to steal this and
replace my name with yours.

FIRST OF ALL we will examine every bit of the code of an avatar, we will be using
my Ratboy Genius avatar

avatar:, if you have a regular 3d avatar it can be, avatar:(name).rwg, so like

avatar:jim.rwg is jim avatar
but then if you want to mod more of it... you have to put avatar:
the (name) will use the animation for that avatar, and any body part you haven't
specified will be replaced by it (like vwbug, which is no animation or still
0 always starts the code of an avatar, if you dont have it you will be the default
avatar name or willy maybe,
E is the start of the textures you will use, C_Y is the default for yellow, T4bfy
is the 4th texture(T) for the bfy group. it can go T1aaa-T9aaa-T9zzz, T4bfy is the
transparent texture meaning when using it, where you put it nothing will show up
C_R is the default for red, C_B blue, and C_W white.
_A black
_B blue
_C brown
_D red orange
_E pale pink
_F bright green
_G green
_H dark blue
_I blue purple
_J light blue
_K dark pink
_L light green
_M pale orange
_N dark grey
_O orange
_P pink
_Q purple
_R red
_S burgundy
_T teal
_U light grey
_V violet
_W white
_X golden yellow
_Y medium yellow
_Z light yellow
(C stands for Color)
also, you can use the RGB value, -, 0-9, a-z, A-Z, and +, meaning - is black, and +
is white, 0-9 get lighter to white( now gray), a-z lighter to white, A-Z is
lighter, which all add up to 64, -(1) + 0-9(10) + a-z(26) + A-Z(26) + +(1)=64. you
can mix and match these colors, like C--Z being blue, Cfff being dark grey, etc. (i
actually haven't really played around with these that much, and this might be hard
to understand)
next we have, Rc0cJaKe0eYe0eXaMaOaUaVaLc0cWd0dId0dBc0cPd (well lets just pretend we
dont have the numbers in there, the 0s) so RcJaKeYeXaMaOaUaVaLcWdIdBcPd. this is
where we put in the textures. the first textures we put it after 0E, will be a-z. a
being the first one, yellow, b being the second one, T4bfy (transparent), etc.
so then... what are the capital letters? they represent body parts.
P pelvis (or whole body)
B back <-- front and back of abdomen
N neck
H head
L lfshoulder <-- left upper arm
M lfelbow <-- left forearm
O lfhand <-- left hand
R rtshoulder <-- right upper arm
U rtelbow <-- right forearm
V rthand <-- right hand
I lfhip <-- left thigh
J lfknee <-- left calf
K lffoot <-- left foot
W rthip <-- right thigh
X rtknee <-- right calf
Y rtfoot <-- right foot
Z tail
so then, the Pd, would make the pelvis a blue color, because the fourth texture
listed(a[1st], b[2nd], c[3rd], d[4th], etc.) is C_B, or blue.
and then the right arm, Rc, would be C_R, or red, and Ke would make the left foot
white, etc.
and then, we have the numbers.... which represent limbs. if a part of your avatar
isn't a color even when you put it on the body part it's at, you need to put a
0(letter) after it and it will fill the remaining place. then a 1, 2, 3, etc. an
example is the wolf head which goes up to like 20, because of its set of teeth.
also, if you put two different letters, like Pca, itll flash between the third and
first textures
now then... a specific part...
PdSnnn, we have.Snnn?
S stands for scale (but I like to say size), and then three letters represent,
lowercase makes you smaller, capitals make you bigger.
S000 wont do anything at all, Saaa makes you like 1% smaller, SAAA 1% bigger, Szzz
very smaller, and so on
so Snnn would make you however smaller... also after P would be your whole self
smaller, but it can go after any body part or limb (number)
SZZZ does not make you bigger. it was banned for being too big for some reason, so
use SYYY
so S000, Saaa-Szzz, SAAA-SYYY
so then... why are there THREE letters? well,
first letter represents width, second height, third length (width and length are
switched sometimes)
so then one Z or two Z's wont be banned, but three are.
S00Z will make you stretch more out from your chest, SZ00 will be the other way and
make you fatter
S00z put 4 times or so will make you flat, Sz00 will make you flat the other way
S0Z0 will make you stretch higher, S0z0 will flatten you
Also nobody knows why it does this, but SZZZ seven times makes you lay flat on your
back. (considering this and all above was done after, P, your whole body, but you
can do it on specific body parts and limbs too)

Next we have PdSnnnGdude

G I think stands for Group, not sure, anyways Gdude means it will use the dude
avatar part for that body part. (next we have Gmouse after N, so it uses mouse
head(H) and neck(N))
like, if you wanted the dude guy, but a different avatar animation,
avatar:dude.rwg, you add avatar:dude.0EPGdude.rwg, and then replace dude with the
avatar of your choice (like kangaroo, which will give it a different moving and
standing animation, without the Gdude after P, it would be a kangaroo instead of
the dude avatar) so avatar:kangaroo.0EPGdude.rwg

then you can put this after any body part, so if you wanted a penguin arm, do
Gpenguin after L(left arm) or R(right arm), or both

some avatars dont work when you choose them, youll be invisible, so to be one like
alien do avatar:dude.0EPGalien.rwg or whatever replaced with alien, like bik or
you can put a number after the G too, to put a specific body part. like if you
wanted a head instead of a skeleton arm after R(right arm), you would do RG4bones,
because 4 would represent the head, not the arm. and you can play around with
this... like putting G7kangaroo for a kangaroo leg after your head(H) instead...

with this you can put different things on your avatar, like my ratboy genius WITH

we have ZbSaaNSaNaG4bunny0b1b3b4b, which has to be between two other body parts for
it to work and not get in the way of the others, Z is never used so you can put
extra stuff onto there.(the tail)

so then, it would put the HEAD (G4) of the energizer bunny onto ratboy's head, and
since b(T4bfy)(2nd texture) is transparent, Zb, 0b, 1b, 3b, 4b, all of these will
not be shown (the parts of the bunny) except 2 which is the sunglasses. since the
default color for them is black, we do not need to specify. and then the size (S)
SaaN and SaNa to match the head.

i think we are done with the ratboy avatar, so now move on to some things not in
the avatar used in the example
this is how they make avatar's faces blink, we will use a random example...
manQHDgT2roundmanT3T2T1Q0c.rwg note the HDg.

delay is different then putting two small letters to flash between textures.
HDgT2roundmanT3T2T1, this means every so seconds(g) it will stay at T1, but then
flash through T1, T2, and T3 of roundman, which the textures are made to look like
it is blinking.
after D delays can be 0-9, a-z, and A-Z. smallest 0 and biggest Z.also you can
flash through specific textures with a delay like, DbT1uraDbT2uraDbT3ura, and so
on, flashing to each one every how many seconds b represents. (you can put these
delays anywhere, not just your face/head(H).

i think were done with delays now...

last one

i dont know why these things exist.

so you should NEVER use quotes(Q), well you will never need to, but an example from
above is...

S000 doesn't even do anything i dont know why its there
the first Q shouldnt even be there, nothing even happens when you remove it, same
with the S000

the second Q... has a purpose

if you take the Q off, your face gets messed up, but removing the 0c fixes it. also
in this case you dont even need the 0c, since it's the same default color (the back
of the head), also i didnt make this avatr but this is what happens when you put a
head on from the metamorphic gallery.

so then... Q seperates what was before it, because if you remove it it will think
T10c is one thing, and then the face will appear orange because there is no T10c as
a texture, but it will still "blink" through the other textures. like i said before
though, taking off the 0c and Q makes it stay the same, so you dont even need to do
that. worlds just trying to look professional, i guess.

That's it for this guide. My name is Urotsuki on if you have any

editor's note: the ratboy genius avatar was made before his videos got popular,
before potato knishes and the minecraft episodes were made (2012).

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