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Day By Day ora muscby © Sammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl, Paul Weston z Aw? D7 Medium Swing* Al Am? Day by day. I'm fall - ing more in love with you, and Gu Cc? —3— Bw" E* my love seems to grow. ‘There Em: Em? E mi is- n't an - y end to my de - vo tion, Is : Fr Em At Am Bu? £7 deep - er, dear, by far, than an - y 0 - cean, 1 find that 0 B] Aw? L Am D7 day by day you're mak - ing all_my dreams come true, So Gut Cc? —3— Bu E7 come what may, T want yout know __ rm Aw Cm™ F" Gut FM ET yours a - lone, and I'm in love to stay, As Aw O° Gu! (Bu”_E7 ) we go through the years. day by day. * also played as a samba