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1. United Nation came into existence on _______ (24 Oct 1995)

2. Pakistan is located in which region of the world?

a) South Asia
b) South west Asia
c) Eastern Asia
d) West Asia

3. First world war was started in ______ (1914)

4. Sun shines vertically on the equator ______

a) Twice a year
b) Once a year
c) 6 months
d) Throughout the year

5. What is �Hammas�?
a) A town of Jordan
b) A radical Palestine Group
c) President of Lebanon
d) None of the above

6. What is the capital of Iceland?

a) Reykjavik
b) Vestmannaeyjar
c) Vilnius
d) Nuuk

7. Production of rubber tree is adopted to which climate?

8. Sun�s heat and light energy reaches the earth by ________ (Radiation)

9. The term third world refer to ________ (under developed countries)

10. When the cease fire line was drawn in Kashmir?

11. Buffer state of Asia is geographical surname of ________ (Afghanistan)

12. What is the location of Canada? (North America)

13. Atmospheric pressure is measured by ________ (barometer)

14. Largest Railway Station in the world _________ (Grand Central Terminal)

15. In rainbow, which color comes between orange and green? (Yellow)

16. Which continent has no desert? (Europe)

17. Wheel is symbol of __________

18. PH value blood is _________ (7.3 to 7.8)

19. Areas having rainfall between 102 � 204 cm is dominated by ________ forest.
20. Pakistan shares shortest boundary with ______ (China)


21. Which of the following convert�s thermal energy to kinetic energy?

a. Thermo couple
b. Storage Battery
c. Fuel Cell
d. Rocket

22. In which power plant availability of power is least reliable?

a. Wind Power Plant
b. Solar Power Plant

23. Which engine has highest air fuel ratio?

24. A relay used for protection of motors against overload is _________

25. Solid grounding is useful for ____ voltages.

26. Light is produced in electric discharge lamp by _____

27. ________ diode is used as voltage controlled capacitor.

28. Cross over distortion is problem in __________ class of amplifiers

29. Due to voltage saturation, MOSFET enters in Saturation region _______

30. The channel of JFET is between ______ and ______

31. Diode having positive resistance characteristic ______

32. DC to DC with high voltage gain ______

33. Main feature of crystal diode _________

a. Stability
b. Reliability
c. High frequency

34. We built control systems for _______

35. To decrease the required power of the system we usually refer________

a. Open loop control systems
b. Close loop control systems
c. Combination of open and close loop control systems

36. Signal with different frequency and sampling rate are time division
multiplexed by ________
a. FDM
b. Synchronous Multiplexing
c. Pulse Stiffing

37. Modulation techniques in which carrier is switched between two different

carrier levels _________
a. On/off keying

38. Which equation best represents AM power?

a. PT = PC + PM
39. Which is used to prevent power wastage on � _______
a. FDM
b. SSB
c. DSB

40. Which one is used to generate DSB in AM?

41. The DSB category of AM system is generally used in ___________

a. Oscillator
b. Color information TV
c. Oscilloscope

42. Unit of SNR ________

43. Disadvantage of DSB ___________

44. Which is not specification of AM receiver?

45. Output of system depends only on present or past value not on future value,
then system is said to be ________