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Blessings to all my past lovers who have empowered me to be the woman I am today.
Blessings to my amazing parents for creating me.
Blessings to all my spiritual teachers for your guidance and support.

An excellent, comprehensive guide to a plethora of essential oils. Caitlin has done a magnificent job
compiling the distinct benefits and uses of different essential oils not only in the bedroom, but for the self as
-Diana Richardson, Author of Tantric Orgasm for Women.

Caitlin’s intimate knowledge of essential oils and sexuality offers many practical ways to experience the vast
worlds of sensuality, sacredness and connection with self and others. The discoveries I made through reading
SEXuality and Essential Oils were both insightful and erotically exciting!
-Ari Amala, Writer/ Women’s Circle Facilitator

Caitlin’s offering is rich in information. It will help anyone seeking a deeper, more intimate connection
essential oils
-Jane Hardwicke Collings, Teacher of Women’s Mysteries


Arborvitae Essential Oil
Basil Essential Oil
Bergamot Essential Oil
Birch Essential Oil
Black Pepper Essential Oil
Cardamom Essential Oil
Cassia Essential Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
Cilantro Essential Oil
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
Clary Sage Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Coriander Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil
Douglas Fir essential oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Fennel Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil
Helichrysum Essential Oil
Jasmine Essential Oil
Juniper Berry Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Lime Essential Oil
Marjoram Essential Oil
Melissa Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil
Oregano Essential Oil
Patchouli Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Petitgrain Essential Oil
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Sandalwood Essential Oil
Spearmint Essential Oil
Spikenard Essential Oil
Tangerine Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca)
Thyme Essential Oil
Vetiver Essential Oil
White Fir Essential Oil
Wild Orange Essential Oil
Wintergreen Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
A Final Message from the Author
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Shared by author Caitlin Fitzpatrick

It was a combination of Lavender and Frankincense. I began to surrender into the experience. My breath
lead me deeper into an overwhelming sense of … I wasn’t sure at first but I knew I was enjoying the blissful
feeling throughout my body. I recognised energy undulating my whole being. It was tingling, pulsing and
expanding. There I lay naked, alone, immersed in powerful feminine energy. Oh my Goddess, what was
happening to me!
I began to contemplate whether one could really be so profoundly in love with essential oils. Was that even
possible? Then the revelations began. It was not the essential oils as such that I was in love with, it was the
connection to nature, the connection to the source that birthed my very own existence. I felt comforted and
empowered by the experience. It was in that moment that insight arose. My purpose was to empower others,
especially women, to connect with nature, to remember the powerful resources that can offer unconditional
loving support through this human life journey.
Sexuality is an expression of nature, our great Mother Earth. Energies combine in co-creation, to give birth
to new forms. Throughout my spiritual seeking, I explored many paths, religions and practices. Sexuality and
nature have become an integral part of my spiritual practice. It was the missing link to many spiritual
teachings I explored over the years. Sexuality now brings wholeness into my world.
Throughout this book, you will learn about many aspects of sexuality including, sensuality, pleasure,
aphrodisiacs, love, intimacy, communication, relationships, emotions, expression and sex. Information and
innate plant wisdom will be shared with you, so be sure to experiment and embrace what resonates for you.
Use this book honourably as a reference guide and enjoy the gifts that it reveals. Embrace essential oils into
your world and explore the beautiful depths of sexuality.
Caitlin xxx

An aphrodisiac creates excitement that fulfils sexual desire and pleasure. It ignites passion, encourages
relaxation, and evokes a sense of release and sensual opening. It may induce an intimate sexual
exploration, a passionate connection, an exotic adventure or an erotic eruption.
An aphrodisiac feeling is one of enjoyment and pleasure. It allows one to breathe deep throughout their
whole body, to grow and expand, to pulse, and embrace inner God or Goddess qualities. It’s fun and
empowering and it’s very sexual!
The word aphrodisiac is derived from the famous Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the
Goddess of love, desire, and beauty. The sexually liberated Goddess was the daughter of Zeus and
Dione and was known to have had numerous lovers and love affairs. Aphrodite represents sex,
affection, and the attraction that unites people together.
Our various senses ignite aphrodisiac qualities. The sound of exquisite music, a beautifying image, a
unique touch, a preferred taste or the most powerful and influential aphrodisiac to the senses, being
Both animals and humans secrete naturally occurring bodily chemicals known as pheromones that
trigger sexual responses in one another. If you are attracted to someone you were most likely initially
attracted to their scent. If you are repulsed by one’s scent, then there is little chance of the sexual
connection blossoming. Sex pheromone’s exhibit innate communication and sexual behavioural
responses. They act as fantastic sex radars and awaken wild animalistic instincts. Have you ever
wondered how the random stranger walking past you down the street can spontaneously produce an
exhilarating shiver down your spine? Mmmmm yes, these are pheromones at play and they are not
always appropriate to instantly act on, however, they can be a valuable tool to attract a desired lover.
Most common aphrodisiacs come in the substance of food, drink, drugs or plants. Mother Nature
herself offers a voluptuous assortment of aphrodisiac plant remedies that come from various plants,
trees, flowers, grasses, herbs, roots and spices, all from which essential oils can be derived. Essential oils
are potent aromatic scents that can be very effective aphrodisiacs. These little bottles of goodness can be
a powerful tool to embrace and enhance sexuality.

Essential oils are valuable resources to embed into everyday living. Each bottle consists of innate plant
wisdom that can empower true essence of being. They are to be used honourably and responsibly due
to their potency. Since ancient times essential oils have been used to support overall wellness. By
embracing essential oils into daily life, one begins to reap the profound holistic health and aphrodisiac
benefits from such powerful plant remedies. Essential oils support physically, mentally, emotionally,
spiritually, and sexually.
Essential oils come from seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plant and trees. Tiny
essential oil sacs are released in a plant to help protect the plant from bacteria, fungus, pests, or
environmental threats, acting as a Plant’s natural defence mechanism. For our human bodies, essential
oils have the ability to work on a cellular level as they can travel through the cell wall and offer
nourishment and healing to the cells. The most common distillation methods used to extract essential
oils today include steam distillation and cold pressing distillation for citrus fruits.
Essential oils can be 50 to 70 times more potent than herbs hence the reason to use them respectfully
and carefully. When creating Rose essential oil, one of the most luscious aphrodisiacs of all, it requires
thousands of rose blossoms to distil a 5ml bottle of Rose essential oil! Purity is extremely important
when using essential oils and you want to be sure that you are using a therapeutic grade essential oil to
receive the most effective and safest results.

When using essential oils for healing or natural wellbeing, be sure to only use the highest quality
essential oils. There are so many different brands of essential oils that are available on the market,
unfortunately many of them contain synthetics, heavy metals, additives or have been adulterated in
some form. When it comes to selecting essential oil brands, research into the company is integral to
ensure they greatest quality.
Unless you are using therapeutic grade essential oils that have been independently tested, then refrain
from using topically or internally as this may be harmful. Essential oils are available at health food
shops, however, many of the brands offered hold no therapeutic value at all. Be sure to not use
fragrance oils for any health-related concerns as they can be rather harmful. If the oil is inexpensive be
aware that you will not be receiving quality. Inexpensive essential oils are most likely to be synthetic
Select Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that have been ethical sourced, indigenously
grown, and independently tested to ensure the highest quality essential oils. When using essential oils
for health support, emotional, spiritual or sexuality work then it is integral to use only the highest
quality essential oils.


Diffuser: Using a diffuser device is a safe and effective way to emit essential oils. Diffuses use
cold air or water and release aroma over a period of designated time
Mist Spray: Mix oils and water into a spray bottle and mist throughout the bedroom or onto
the linen to create desired atmosphere. You can add a little vodka to the mixture to help the
oils and the water disperse together. The vodka also helps the aroma last longer in the air
Hair Diffuser: Apply essential oil to your hair each morning to act as your own personal
Palm Diffuser: Place one drop into the palm of your hands, rubs your hands together, close
your eyes, then take three deep breaths


DIY Spa Products: Incorporate essential oils into your home made luscious body lotions, lip
balms, bath bars, hair care and skin care
Milk Bath: Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to half cup of milk and then add into bath. The
milk allows the essential oils to disperse into the water as well as nourishes skin
Massage Oils: Add essential oils to carrier oils to create a sensual massage oil. Carrier oils could
include Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil or Rosehip Oil

Only use the highest quality essential oils to ensure safety. Refer to the importance of purity. Be sure to
heavily dilute essential oils with the base oil for sensitive bodily areas. Read the labels to confirm the
specific oil is safe for topical use and begin by adding small amounts, as essential oils can be very potent.
Specific essential oils like Oregano, Clove, Cinnamon, Thyme, Cassia, are known as hot oils and
should not be used on sensitive skin. Some essential oils may not be safe for babies, children or
pregnant women so use with caution and consult a professional health care adviser for individual
advice. Applying essential oils directly to the genitals is not recommend as they can interfere with the
balance of natural secretions and can cause irritations.

Essential oils are powerful aromas that are extremely effective in evoking emotional and sexual
response. The reason for this is that the volatile compounds interact with our olfactory receptors in the
nose. The smell receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity make direct links with the
limbic system of the brain, where scent is perceived and processed.
Essential oils can support and enhance emotional response rapidly and shift emotional blockages from
past negative experience. Our emotional state correlates to our sexual being. The more confident and
content one is emotionally, the more confident and content one feels in expressing individual sexual
being. Authentic sexual expression represents the core and essence of one’s true self.

Erotic and sexual uses of aromatics date back to ancient history. Using scent to stimulate sexual desire
and enhance sexual pleasure has been practiced in various ways by many cultures. Shamans created
aromatic potions, ancient Asian cultures implemented plant aromatics within their Taoist teachings.
The Indians particularly used Sandalwood within their tantric practice. The ancient Egyptians and
Hebrews were well known for their use of aromatic bathing and oil applications followed by the Greek
Gods and Roman Emperors who also embraced essential oils for their health and aphrodisiac benefits.
The use of plant aromatics, oils, and fragrances is noted in ancient scriptures and texts and today
scientists are proving profound results through studies.

Yin Yang
The Yin and Yang ancient Chinese symbol represent sexual union between woman and man. The Yin
represents passive, intuitive, feminine energies depicted by the black area of the symbol. The Yang
characteristics portrays logic, active, masculine energies that is the white area. The outer circle of the
symbol represents union and everything in the universe. The two sections together illustrate the
interaction between Yin and Yang. The polarity and complimentary energies are found in all aspects of

Tantra is an ancient Hindu practise originating from India. In Sanskrit, the word Tantra represents the
‘capacity for expansion’. “Tantra teaches an acceptance of who we are as a whole, from the solid density
of our physical body to the refined layers of our spirit”. (Richardson, 2014). Sexual Tantra explores the
balance between energies from the man and woman. In India, the ancient God is known as Shiva and
the Goddess is Shakti. Through the balancing of opposite energies, liberation of the mind can occur
and the sexual energy can evoke spiritual transformation. The ancient sexual practise is used to attain
spiritual evolution and to reach one’s full potential. The genitals are referenced in Sanskrit as ‘Lingam’
for the man and ‘Yoni’ for the woman. Lingam and Yoni shrines are worshipped throughout temples in
India where they are celebrated with pride. For more information and teachings about Tantra refer to
the texts of Diana Richardson.


The man sits cross legged, and the woman sits on top of his upper thighs
The woman then wraps her legs around his back
Connect brows with each other, slightly resting on your partners’ forehead
Breathe deeply
You may wish to implement a gentle rocking back and forward
Notice any visions or insights that arise

The Yab Yum is a classic tantric position that can be used for various exercises. This positon helps align
couples’ energy centres and creates connection in energetic flow.


Sit facing your partner

Hold hands with your left palm up, right palm down
Look into the left eye of your partner (the left eye is considered the receptive eye)
Direct your complete attention into your gaze
Breathe deeply

Begin for 5 minutes, then extend the time with each practise. In Tantra the eyes are considered the gateway
to the soul.


Sit or stand facing your partner

Place your right hand onto your partner’s heart
Begin by tuning into the physical breath, then connect with the emotions and energy that
Gaze into each other’s eyes
Engage in harmonizing breath

Begin for 5 minutes, then extend the time with each practise. This exercise encourages a nonverbal
communication and creates deeper heart awareness and connection.


Create a sensual atmosphere

Mix your desired essential oil massage blend
Massage long, very slow strokes up and down your partner’s spine
Incorporate caressing and kissing within the massage
Massage with awareness and maintain arousal
Deepen breath to deepen connection

Massaging from the base of the spine right to the neck helps to re-awaken sexual energy. The slower and more
fluid strokes the better. Place the oil into your own hands first to warm it up, then lovingly massage it over
your partner’s body.


Embrace your favourite love making position facing your partner

Slightly open your lips
Gently connect lips with each other
Begin to alternate breathing (as one breathes in, the other breathes out)
Maintain focus on exercise and explore the energetic sensations

Kissing is a beautiful way to begin an intimate connection with a lover. With this exercise try to remain
focused for 2-3 minutes initially before surrendering to other possible explorations. Initially it can take a
little bit of practise to find the flow of the breathing.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text that is one of the world’s oldest sexuality manuals. The
English translation of the Sanskrit word Kama Sutra means ‘a treatise of pleasure’ or ‘sexual science.’ It
focuses on sensuality and explores what is happening in both the body and mind. In the ancient times,
when it was written, sexuality and sensual pleasure was considered as high regard. It was not attached to
taboo connotations as it so often is today in our western culture. Sexuality was embraced and
Images of sexual positions and sexual techniques are clearly illustrated in the Kama Sutra as an
educational guide to love making. Kama Sutra is a “holistic solution to any sexual challenge, and active
practise of the techniques can help one become an expert at giving pleasure, and quite possibly
receiving the pleasure themselves” (Stewart, 2016).
The Kama Sutra not only describes of 64 different sexual positions and how to attain immense
orgasmic pleasure, it explores all various aspects of sexuality including teachings about relationships,
kissing styles, foreplay, attraction, courtship and sexual power. Illustrated below are images of some
Kama Sutra positions.

Tribal – Rhythmic – Animalistic

The earthy grounding effects of Arborvitae essential oil conjures connection to the depth of one’s
sexual base. The sexual base is a sacred place where immense power can be harnessed. This deep sexual
earth energy enhances many aspects of life including sexuality, relationships, creativity, and success in
Arborvitae essential oil evokes tribal sexual qualities. It draws out the wild tribal woman or man so
don’t be surprised if grunting, groaning or roars become vocalised. The rooted earthy tribal sounds
encourage wild sexual jungle explorations. The innate rhythms awaken wild sexual qualities within.
Arborvitae essential oil guides shamanic journeys, an experience of surrendering to the beat of one’s
own pounding drum. Explore deep earthy tribal sex and witness the inner wild tribal woman and man
in their element. The depths of these rooted sexual connections support immense personal growth and
Arborvitae essential oil eliminates negative preconceived ideas around sexuality. As one connects deeper
with Arborvitae essential oil they don’t think about what sexual connections should look like, or what
rhythms they should be, rather they feel it. The earthy vibration awakens the genitals, the innate
vibration that undulates the whole body and evokes powerful sexual expression.
Arborvitae essential oil reminds one of the beauty within wild animalistic qualities. They can so often
be misinterpreted, however, they are natural, sacred and hold much beauty and depth. Arborvitae
essential oil inspires experimentation and exploration of wild sex acts that may have always been a
desire, however, have not yet been actualised. Arborvitae essential oil nurtures the journey of wild
exciting sexual explorations within a safe and sacred practice.
Combines well with:

White Fir
Wild Orange

Rejuvenate – Flow – Heart

Basil essential oil rejuvenates sex life. Basil promotes free flowing love and nourishes the heart to sweetly
open to its true essence. Only when one is truly in alignment with their hearts desire can they fully
open to greater, more glorious sexual expression. Living in heart truth opens opportunities to be able to
freely communicate expression in love.
Soothing, sedative effects of Basil essential oil calm a nervous fragile heart, delivering peaceful
relaxation. Unexpressed stress can become stagnant within the body when it has not been expressed.
Negative stuffed emotions often lead to physical pain and sexual blockages. Basil essential oil removes
toxic blockages that hinder connection to sweet sexual truth and satisfaction. The content feelings that
Basil essential oil arouses, promotes healthy conscious heart centred connections.
Utilise Basil essential oil to break cycles of a monotonous sex life or unhealthy sexual practices. Basil’s
energetic effects shift stagnant sexual energy that have become rigid, routine or expectable. It shifts
sexual energy subtly to encourage new sexual explorations. Basil essential oil supports one to release
unhealthy addictive sexual practices, allowing the heart to open to positive healthy flowing sexual
connections. The sweet heart opening that Basil essential oil offers, circulates loving energy through
ones sexual being igniting flow, love, and sweetness in all aspects of life.
Basil essential oil increases circulation igniting sexual desire and arousal. It stimulates desire by speeding
up the heartbeat and by promoting healthy circulation throughout the whole body, especially the
genitals. Basil essential oil circulates energetic flow to enhance sex drive promoting longer lasting sex.
Combines well with:

White Fir

Acceptance – Confidence – Love

Bergamot essential oil encourages acceptance of sexuality and sexual identity. Embrace this oil in times
of inner sexual inquiry, doubt or healing. Bergamot’s comforting effects restores self-love and sexual
confidence, reminding one that they are loveable and worthy.
Bergamot essential oil alleviates negative mindsets of not being sexually good enough. It releases false
belief systems that hold one back from expressing full power sexual expression. Releasing negative belief
systems around individual sexuality brings light and understanding in knowing authenticity in sexual
being. Bergamot’s optimistic emotional benefits restore sexual confidence. Sexual confidence can be
utilised to promote more enjoyable sexual explorations and to enhance various other relationships and
roles in life.
The fruity aroma from Bergamot essential oil sets the tone for intimate love. Its sweet fruity fragrance
promotes uplifting feelings of joy, happiness and love. The invigorating and refreshing aroma ignites
heart felt love and passion as it opens the heart centre. The pleasant aroma supports initial sexual
connections removing nervous awkward tension that may be obstructing true desires and sexual urges.
Openness in love is liberating. With Bergamot essential oil, you exhale heaviness and inhale comforting
pure light energy. The breath deepens and awareness of true sexuality is embraced with confidence.
When inhibitions are released, sexuality becomes a sweet honour, a joyous experience. Bergamot
essential oil brings peace and love to one’s own sexual relationship to self. Bergamot essential oil can
open the gateway to the depths of sexual acceptance, exploration, and self-love.
Combines well with:

Ylang Ylang
Combine 2 drops of Bergamot, 2 drops of Geranium, and 2 drops of Petitgrain to create your own
Self-Love Diffuser Blend. This combination evokes sexual confidence, restores self-love and opens the
heart to intimate communication.

Inner Strength – Sexual Core – Honour

In times of a sexuality instability, Birch essential oil offers strength. It is easy to blame others, to become
a victim, however, this behaviour does not serve, heal or allow growth. Finding inner strength to gain
individual insight and healing is powerful. Birch essential oil is a reminder that individual innate power,
connects one with personal internal processes, that deliver immense spiritual growth.
Birch essential oil emphasises the importance for individuals to be able to connect to their sexual centre,
to the core of sexuality. The sexual core holds strength for individuals to confront and respond to
sexual issues that may be waiting to be undressed or expressed. Emotional wounds from past negative
sexual experiences rise to surface with the support of Birch essential oil. The healing process, which can
arise from Birch essential oil, encourages individuals through sexual healing so they can reclaim their
sexual power and birth rite.
Birch essential oil releases unhealthy sexual patterns that stem from generational roots. It destroys
negative destructive patterns, allowing the creation of new healthy sexual pathways. Sexuality reveals
profound personal power that delivers prosperity in various aspects of life. By harnessing healthy sexual
patterns one is able to explore the abundant gifts of their sexuality.
Birch essential oil assists in overcoming sexual rejection and encourages reflection upon personal
reactions and responses from rejection. Birch supports strength in individual sexuality and encourages
healthy new mindsets that magnetise satisfying attractions, rather than constant rejection. Birch
essential oil helps magnetise new lover connections that deliver appreciation and honour. Birch inspires
reflection of individual needs and inspires positive mindsets and perspectives to attract appropriate
respectful lovers. Birch essential oil evokes deep fulfilment within individual sexual being.
Combines well with:

White Fir

Warming – Free Flowing – Dark Shadow

Black Pepper essential oil delivers comforting, warming bodily sensations. It heats up sexual desire by
increasing flow and circulation throughout the whole body. Warming energy expands throughout the
entire being as the sexual reproductive system becomes excitingly activated. It supports those who
require a sexual boost or kick start, encouraging an energising sexual journey ahead.
Black Pepper essential oil eases tension and rigid stiffness in the body evoking sexual liberation and
freeing loose bodily sensations. Black Pepper undulates sexual movements adding flow and freedom to
intimate sexual bodily conversations. The free flowing sexual expressive bodily movements create hot
satisfaction and warming fulfilment throughout sexual journeys. One becomes increasingly aware of
sexual bodily movements and deeply in-tune to expression through the body. A conscious awareness of
the body’s delightful responses and reactions to sex is appreciated.
Black Pepper essential oil evokes expression of the sexual dark shadow. The sexual dark shadow is often
hidden or repressed. It can be an unknown fearful place to explore, however, it is a sacred place that
reveals greater profound power. Black Pepper essential oil supports the surrendering of one’s sexual
shadow and delves into the depths and darkness of vulnerability. It assists to unmask false pretences and
reveals secret gems from deep within. Black Pepper essential oil unveils the dark shadow. It offers
comfort through the unfamiliar darkness that in fact brings the most divine light, insight, and inner
sexual wisdom that is possible. Black Pepper essential oil takes one to the depths of sexual darkness and
vulnerability, yet gifts beautiful profound sexual revelations.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
Juniper Berry

Combine 1 drop each of Black Pepper, Fennel, Juniper Berry, and Lime to create your own Secret
Gems Diffuser Blend. Diffuse when you are wanting to circulate more love into your life.

Balance – Responsibility – Respect

The spice warming effects of Cardamom essential oil stimulate sexual weaknesses and overall sex desire.
It doesn’t over stimulate, rather it delivers sexual desire in digestible loads creating a sense of balance
and control. Cardamom physically boosts sex drive, awakening a fatigued sexual spirit.
Sexual empowerment and responsibility are ignited with Cardamom essential oil. It encourages
individuals to take ownership of sexuality and invites internal reflection upon sexuality. Cardamom
essential oil reduces sexual projection onto others. The qualities of Cardamom assist when dealing with
or working through personal sexual issues or dissatisfactions.
Cardamom essential oil discourages sexual blame and helps individuals recognise their part and role in
sexual sharing. It invites consideration of one’s own deficiencies or issues that may not have entirely
been taken ownership of. Until complete ownership of one’s sexuality issues are dealt with, the same
dissatisfactions continue to occur time and time again whether with the same lover or another.
Sexual self-control can be supported by embracing Cardamom essential oil which can be especially
beneficial for men. It reduces intense sexual excitement and brings balance into sexual sharing. Self-
control allows intimate connections to further explore more meaningful wholesome sex. Self-control
supports one to digest and process sexual excitement rather than just ‘blowing your load’. Sexual self-
control ultimately evokes more pleasurable satisfying sex to the individual and the collective.
Cardamom essential oil demands respect, tolerance, and patience in sex, such integral sexual virtues.
Ultimately through practising and honouring respect, tolerance, and patience, sex improves and
flourishes organically. Cardamom delivers confidence and respect within sexual sharing. It offers an
honest, responsible, self-controlled pleasurable love journey.
Combines well with:

Black Pepper

Re-assurance – Confidence – Flirtatious

Cassia essential oil is reassuring in times of feeling a little shy or timid to put oneself out there sexually.
Cassia’s warm spicy scent supports the release of bashful expressions that some people hide behind and
use as a protective shield. Cassia offers the confidence to take the step forward, to be able to embrace
courage, and honest sexual sharing.
Consistent attempts to avoid or disregard possible love connections perpetuates self-confidence issues.
Cassia essential oil encourages expression and courage in ensuring sexual intentions are expressed and
known. It supports expression of sexual attraction so that possible lover connections can develop,
evolve, and blossom.
Cassia essential oil promotes healthy flirtatious sexual play. It gives permission to reveal attractions and
desires to others and to have fun in sharing sexually. Cassia essential oil supports expression of true
authentic sexual feelings and ignites confidence so joy and sexual play can be openly shared. Cassia’s
sweet yet confident evoking qualities encourage new exciting connections, sexual prospects, and the
opportunity to embrace one’s true authentic sexual expression.
Combines well with:

Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang

Combine 5-10 drops of Cassia, 5-10 drops Frankincense, 5-10 drops of Geranium and 5-10 drops of
Ylang Ylang into a glass mist spray bottle with water (plus a little bit of vodka) to create your own
Flirtatious Mist Spray. Use when you desire to evoke more fun and play in your sexual expression.

Receiving – Giving – Sexual Wisdom

Cedarwood essential oil sedates nervous tension and calms the whole body. Cedarwood’s calming,
grounding effects travel down the body allowing the earth to support true sexual expression. Its sedative
effects remove anxious energy around sexuality thus alleviating nervousness. A feeling sense of openness
to sexual exploration arouses with pleasure.
Sex accompanied with Cedarwood essential oil feels grounded and supported. Cedarwood essential oil
offers a comfortable intimate experience and sexual exchange that allows one to feel completely held by
their lover. Such safe, held environments create an openness to receive heartfelt bliss. Cedarwood
essential oil evokes acceptance of divine sexual offerings. Its somewhat sedative effects grant feelings of
content and openness to receiving sexual worship and honour. Embrace the offerings and immerse into
the beauty of receiving.
The intoxicating sexual bliss evoked from the warm scent of Cedarwood encourages giving openly and
freely just as one received. The roles of both giver and receiver become entwined, uniting lovers as one.
The magical sexual dance satisfies the soul as it celebrates pure bliss in uniting sexually aroused souls
Cedarwood essential oil symbolises sexual wisdom. It supports spiritual growth and delivers revelations
through sexual union when evoked and called upon. It is a reminder of the magical power that occurs
when two sexual beings unite. Such divine unions create powerful healing. Cedarwood essential oil
takes on time within its own realm, so allow a dedicated, elongated timeframe to deeply immerse into
the sexual exploration, with no distractions or restraints.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
Juniper Berry

Combine 4 drops of Cedarwood, 3 drops of Sandalwood, 3 drops of White Fir, and 1 drop of
Lavender to create your own Lovers Support Diffuser Blend. This combination allows one to feel
supported, comforted, and grounded throughout profound intimate explorations.

Detoxifying – Cleansing – Freedom

Cilantro essential oil delivers a refreshing uplifting aroma that enhances sexual desire. It stimulates
sexual appetite and gets the juices flowing offering energy and excitement. Cilantro essential oil creates
a refreshing, and energising sexual atmosphere.
Emotional cleansing and natural detoxifying occurs from the use of Cilantro essential oil. It supports in
cleansing controlling sexual issues that are not in alignment with true sexual authenticity. It addresses
re-occurring stubborn tendencies that may have stemmed from previous experiences. Cilantro helps to
eliminate control patterns that may have intensified over time. Release of such characteristics evoke a
sense of satisfaction and pride. Cilantro essential oil supports the detox of emotional debris so that one
can experience more comfort and ease within.
The cleansing and detoxifying effects from Cilantro essential oil liberate trapped toxic aspects of
sexuality. It creates easy flowing sexual interactions that benefit both the individual and their lover.
Cilantro essential oil lightens the load creating more freedom in sexual being.
Combines well with:

Black Pepper
Cinnamon Bark
Clary Sage
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Harmoniser – Balance – Acceptance

Cinnamon Bark essential oil is a sexual harmoniser. It promotes balance within sexual being and brings
harmony to sexual relationships. Its sweet, spicy, warming aroma, turns up the heat and adds hot spice
to sex life.
The warming properties of Cinnamon Bark essential oil boosts circulation. The healthier circulation
throughout the body, the better blood flow sustains. This enables the reproductive system to flow in
natural harmony. Increased blood flow stimulates sexual desire and appetite. Cinnamon Bark essential
oil is an ancient spice that has been used for many years to support impotence concerns for women and
The spicy stimulating effects from Cinnamon Bark essential oil promote regularity for women’s
menstrual cycles. It encourages the cycles to balance and harmonise naturally. Cinnamon Bark essential
oil helps to relieves menstrual discomfort and cramping bringing balance and harmony. Cinnamon
Bark essential oil helps one connect with the beautiful ebb and flow of sexual energies that arise
throughout various stages of the menstrual cycle.
Cinnamon Bark essential oil brings sexual harmony to the individual as it encourages acceptance of
sexual physicality and appearances. Cinnamon Bark essential oil brings acceptance and honour for the
innate beauty in a lover’s naked body. It is a warm, loving, sexually spicy essential oil.
Combines well with:

Wild Orange

Sensual – Self Love – Nourish

Clary Sage essential oil evokes the beauty of feminine qualities. The sweet floral aroma speaks to the
softer sensual feminine aspects of sexuality. Clary sage essential oil comforts and nurtures, it cradles one
to a place of safety where they can explore their sensual feminine self, tenderly and lovingly. The sweet
blessing of Clary Sage essential oil evokes connection with inner sensual feminine flow.
Self-love and kindness is inspired by the sweetness of Clary Sage essential oil. The nurturing, soul
evoking qualities of Clary Sage, inspire tenderly expression of sensuality. Clary Sage essential oil
comforts sexuality which promotes an opening and releasing of unnecessary darkness or heaviness. It
clears negative stagnant emotional blockages of sexual sadness.
It is known for its natural estrogen stimulating effects that benefit the reproductive system. Clary Sage
essential oil nourishes a woman’s ovaries in need of love and affection and is known to aid balance
hormone levels. Clary Sage essential oil offers support prior and during menstrual cycles alleviating
menstrual tension both emotionally and physically. Its sweet warm comforting qualities offer energetic
protection and nourishment.
Clary Sage essential oil promotes the uterus to contract and pulse therefore its sweet, gentle softening
can often crescendo to deep intense sensual love sessions. Induced sensuality from Clary Sage allows
one to fill up and abundantly over flow with love.
Combines well with:

Roman Chamomile
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Dilute 3 drops of Clary Sage, 2 drops of Geranium, 2 drops of Roman Chamomile and 1 drop of
Jasmine with a carrier oil, to create your own Womb Nurture Massage Blend. Massage over the lower
abdomen consciously with love.

Strength – Boundaries – Integrity

Clove essential oil delivers strength and promotes healthy sexual boundaries. It encourages one to stand
strong in individual sexual integrity and to clearly communicate sexual boundaries. It assists in
honouring one’s boundaries on time and with clarity. Clove essential oil encourages the ability and
strength to say ‘no’ and to consciously communicate within lover relationships. Healthy
communication leads to stronger and longer lasting connections.
Clove essential oil strengthens the heart and assures individuals that their feelings are valid and that they
deserve to be honoured and respected. It encourages one to acknowledge sexual responses and to clearly
communicate if boundaries have been crossed or dis-respected in any way. Clove essential oil clears
negativity from past issues around sexual boundaries and clears the system so it can create new healthy
sexual boundaries that align with one’s sexual integrity.
Clove essential oil nourishes the physical body so it can effectively operate at its full sexual ability. The
richness in minerals from Clove supports immune function allowing the body to feel more energised
and stimulated, ready for sex. This increases stamina and overall sexual performance. The warming,
tingly, analgesic sensations from Clove essential oil has been used in history in sexual balms to help
prolong the male orgasm. Clove offers aphrodisiac qualities and enhances one’s overall sexual
Combines well with:

Wild Orange

Combine 1 drop of Clove, 1 drop of Cinnamon, 1 drop of Sandalwood and 2 drops of Wild Orange
to create your own Sexual Desire Diffuser Blend. This aroma creates the atmosphere for a spicy,
abundant night full of love.

Euphoric – Unique - Honour

Coriander essential oil is derived from the seed of the cilantro plant offering a warm, nutty, spicy
aroma. It has been embraced as an aphrodisiac since ancient times and records show that its medicinal
and aphrodisiac qualities have been used for thousands of years. It is included in many ancient love
potions all around the world.
The euphoric effects of Coriander essential oil allow for the sexual imagination to endeavour on its own
unique journey. This creates a sense of mystery and increases creativity and excitement in sexual
expressions and connections. Sexual creativity opens the opportunity for new interesting mystical love
journeys that awaken and excite one’s unique and sacred sexual being.
The sedative effects of Coriander essential oil offers relief to women who suffer from heavy menstrual
flow or intense hormonal mood swings. It eases physical and emotional tension associated with
menstrual cycles and evokes peace and acceptance with one’s unique flow and emotional expression.
Coriander essential oil fosters uniqueness in sexuality. It encourages truth in individual sexual self-
expression and supports one to express with integrity. It allows one to explore their own sexual journey
and honour individual sexual uniqueness. If focuses on acknowledging and honouring by putting
individual self needs and interests, first and foremost.
Combines well with:

Black Pepper
Wild Orange

Dilute 1 drop of Coriander, 2 drops of Frankincense, 2 drops of Patchouli, 1 drop of Lavender and 1
drop of Ylang Ylang with a carrier oil to create your own Euphoric Massage Blend. Slowly massage over
the chest as you breathe in deeply. Explore the mysteries of love.

Courage – Transition – Masculine

Cypress essential oil delivers a slightly spicy, energising, masculine aroma. Sexually it connects one with
inner masculine qualities and inspires courage and wholeness. It helps ground into masculine aspects of
sexuality, and is a supportive plant remedy in times of transitions.
Sexual transitions occur throughout different stages of life through the ageing process and as one grows
and evolves spiritually. Cypress essential oil helps to ease resistance and tension associated with the
transitions and times of growth. It promotes a sense of grounding through the often uncomfortable
and challenging processes.
Cypress essential oil is supportive during puberty, menarche, and menopause. It helps balance
hormones and reduce emotional turmoil through these integral times of sexual transitioning. Cypress
essential oil gifts the courage to evolve sexually by embracing inner masculine strength. Cypress
essential oil opens the respiratory system allowing release of emotionally repressed feelings around
sexuality. It eases grief from relationship break ups and offers courage to work through and process
issues from a grounded perspective. It gives the courage to move on and to walk forward.
Cypress essential oil increases sexual desire and intensifies orgasmic experiences. It brings masculine
strength and courage to orgasms bringing deeper pleasure and sexual satisfaction.
Combines well with:

Douglas Fir
Juniper Berry
White Fir
Ylang Ylang

Combine 2 drops of Cypress, 2 drops of Ginger, 2 drops of Lime, and 2 drops of Frankincense to
create your own Sexual Excitement Diffuser Blend. This combination is great for evoking masculine
energies and for igniting inner sexual strength.

Purifying – Bonds – Potential

Douglas Fir essential oil reveals similar benefits to White Fir essential oil as both are species derived
from the conifer tree. Douglas Fir essential oil delivers a clean, airy aroma, that is refreshing and
purifying. It aids in the release of unhealthy sexual habits and fosters positive beliefs around sexuality.
Douglas Fir essential oil promotes strong healthy relationships and sexual bonds.
Douglas Fir essential oil purifies negative thoughts and feelings around not feeling sexually supported
and held. It breaks down destructive patterns that consistently block opportunities of opening and
evolving sexually. It creates a sense of support and community so one can feel safe to release destructive
patterns. Douglas fir essential oil encourages new refreshing healthy sexual qualities and ideas that evoke
greater sexual fulfilment and healthier more profound love connections.
Douglas Fir essential oil resonates feelings of being sturdy and strong in individual sexuality. It creates
sexual confidence and reminds one of their extraordinary sexual potential and innate sexual wisdom.
Douglas Fir purifies self-judgement issues and encourages connection to greater sexual wisdom and
knowing. Douglas Firs gifts an understanding and connection to one’s true sexual being.
Combines well with:

White Fir
Wild Orange

Combine 5-10 drops of Douglas Fir, 5-10 drops of Eucalyptus, 5-10 drops of Lemon and 5-10 drops
of Wild Orange into a glass mist spray bottle with water (plus a little bit of vodka) to create your own
Purifying Mist Spray. Mist around the bedroom before and after love making to refresh and purify the

Freedom – Wisdom – Abundance

Australian native Eucalyptus essential oil offers a refreshing, airy aroma. It brings about an ‘air’ of
freedom and liberty to sexual expression. It expels emotional heaviness and opens the path to new
explorations. It is known to enhance sexual abundance and is supportive in treating sexually related
health concerns.
Eucalyptus essential oil helps release heavy infectious feelings. It shifts stagnant, trapped sexual
sensations that feel limiting, uncomfortable or heavy. The powerful liberating, opening effects of
Eucalyptus essential oil elevates heaviness thus evoking liberation. It releases sexual burdens so one can
explore sexuality in unlimiting ways. Sexual exploration becomes a freeing and liberating experience
with the support of Eucalyptus essential oil. The native indigenous plant remedy supports one along
their individual ritualistic ‘walk about’ sex journey so depth and understanding of sexual wisdom can
arise. Eucalyptus is a teacher in how to truly claim the depths and wisdom of sexuality.
Eucalyptus essential oil, which comes from the Gum Tree, is often referred to as a money tree or cash
bush. It has been known to effectively assist with genital infections and concerns. In nature, the Gum
Tree is known to dry up damp wetland areas. It acts in a similar way for our human bodies as it dries up
dampness and liberates one from deep rooted infectious energetic mucus.
It is known to manifest abundance in all aspects of life, including sexually as well. Eucalyptus essential
oil is supportive in guiding open relationships and fosters polyamorous love connections. Its liberating
qualities support an open perspective to all sexual opportunities. Eucalyptus essential oil empowers one
to expand sexual boundaries and to take liberating risks within sexual exploration.
Combines well with:

Douglas Fir
Juniper Berry

Accountability – Maturity – Courage

Fennel essential oil offers a sweet, liquorice, honey aroma that derives from the crushed seeds of the
plant. Fennel essential oil is considered one of the most ancient medicinal remedies. It denotes sexual
maturity and responsibility and supports women’s sexual health.
Fennel essential oil evokes accountability for sexual actions. It inspires maturity in sexual decisions and
encourages healthy wise decisions. It reminds one to be responsible for their own actions and urges
courage and strength in making sexual decisions that feel aligned with self-integrity.
Fennel essential oil offers protection from unwelcoming sexual seduction and unsettling negative sexual
projection. It ignites the warrior within to remain courageous and strong. It gives perseverance to
remain solid in decisions and delivers a strong stance in a mature, responsible yet firm manner.
Fennel essential oil supports women’s health and increases sexual desire. It consists of estrogen like
substances that enhance sex drive and promote healthy hormonal balance. Fennel essential oil eases
menstrual tension, supports menopausal symptoms and is known to increase the flow of breast milk.
Experience longer lasting, more satisfying sex with Fennel essential oil.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
White Fir
Wild Orange

Masculine - Enlightenment – Spiritual

Frankincense essential oil offers a warm, woody aroma that is powerful and effective in spiritually
supporting sexuality. It is known as ‘the King of Oils’ encouraging sexual strength, courage and
enlightenment. It ignites inner masculine sexual energies and evokes power. Frankincense essential oil
accentuates handsome masculine sexual energies for men and women.
Frankincense essential oil has been used in rituals and ceremonies since ancient Egyptian times.
Embrace Frankincense to create a sacred space for intimate love connections. It expands consciousness
and awareness offering deeper meditative states in sex. The grounding qualities of Frankincense
essential oil support a safe explorative space allowing consciousness to open to profound sexual realms.
It enables sexual explorations to reach higher spiritual realms making sex a spiritual practise rather than
just a physical act. It encourages spiritual growth through sexual ritualistic practise.
Frankincense essential oil enlightens the sexual soul and delivers profound loving experiences that
enrich one’s overall being. The power of Frankincense essential oil offers a journey to new sexual
heights and experiences of profound love.
Combines well with:
All essential oils! especially

White Fir
Ylang Ylang

Combine 3 drops of Frankincense, 2 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Ylang Ylang in half a cup of
milk to create your own Love Potion Milk Bath. Mix all together, then immerse into the bath. Light
some candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Embrace the ritualistic experience.

Feminine – Goddess – Beauty

Geranium essential oil offers a sweet floral aroma that evokes inner feminine energies that are sexually
alluring. Geranium essential oil nourishes the heart and is especially supportive for women’s health and
connection to sexual expression.
Geranium essential oil dates back to the ancient Egyptian era where it was used to enhance beauty and
amplify sexuality. The Egyptian Goddesses used Geranium to promote vibrant shiny alluring hair and
healthy glowing skin. The Goddesses were well aware of the sexual health benefits that Geranium
offered. This nurturing sweet aroma encourages connection to the inner Goddess of love and beauty. It
enhances sexual qualities and accentuates innate powerful feminine energies.
The gentle supportive nature of Geranium essential oil softens the heart to sweetly open. It releases
issues around trust and clears energetic heaviness that congest heart space. Geranium frees the heart
from past emotional burdens so it can open and flow again with love and sweet satisfaction. Geranium
essential oil nourishes the heart so it can regain peace and balance. It promotes unconditional love.
The balancing effects of Geranium essential oil assist regulate hormones during puberty, menstrual
periods, and menopause. The regulating effects increase positive mood and energise sexual drive.
Geranium essential oil nurtures women and helps connect women to the beauty within their sexuality.
Geranium essential oil increases fertility as it invigorates the womb. It awakens innate sexual womb
energies and comforts one’s soul to open to the profound, beautiful gift of conception.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang

Empower – Masculine – Heat

Ginger essential oil offers a hot, spicy earthy aroma that is extracted from the root of the Ginger plant.
It empowers masculine strength in sexuality and has previously been used by many different cultures
for its aphrodisiac qualities. It is particularly supportive for men’s sexual health.
The empowering qualities of Ginger essential oil encourage one to stand strong in sexuality and to take
control of issues around sex and relationships. It offers the chance to digest the truth and the reality of
issues and to ‘man up’ to the truth of unhealthy roles and relationships. Ginger essential oil addresses
negative patterns of thinking. It confronts those who are quick to blame others for their inadequacies in
sex and allows for self-reflection upon personal roles and sexual responsibilities. It encourages one to
look at the root of their problem.
Since ancient times Ginger essential oil has been used for medicinal and aphrodisiac purposes. Its
noting appears in ancient writings and scriptures. The Kama Sutra mentions Ginger as, ‘one of the best
to bring success in love through the use of aphrodisiacs, herbs, and spells.’ Ayurvedic writings credit
Ginger as a universal great medicine and traditional Chinese medicine states that ginger restores
devastated yang. The most daring writing from and old Chinese proverb states, ‘Man without Ginger
loses his strength and his woman.’
The natural chemical Gingerol found in Ginger essential oil generates heat in the body which excites
sexual arousal. It is stimulating for men and women, however, Ginger essential oil specifically supports
men’s sexual health. The circulatory effects of Ginger essential oil stimulate flow to the penis enforcing
harder, stronger erections. Ginger essential oil increases testosterone levels enhancing sex drive, sperm
production, and fertility.
Combines well with:


Physicality – Penis – Vagina

Grapefruit essential oil offers a citrusy aroma that is cold compressed from the rind of the Grapefruit. It
encourages a healthy relationship with one’s own physicality and supports honour and acceptance of the
appearance of one’s sex organs: the penis and vagina. It teaches love and appreciation to an individual’s
unique genitalia.
Shame around sexual physicality can affect sex dramatically and hinder open sexual sharing. These
often deep-seeded issues evolve from society conditioning around sexuality. The issues derive from
childhood experiences where one may have been punished for sexual exploration or for freely parading
their naked body. Such punishment and teachings create feelings of sexual shame and embarrassment
that cause major sexual insecurities in later years. Often peculiar names for the penis and vagina are
taught to young children causing confusion, wonder or even fear around such natural body parts.
Grapefruit essential oil emotionally supports the healing process of one’s relationship with their genitals.
We often hear the saying, ‘bodies come in all shapes and sizes’ and this includes penises and vaginas.
They can appear as small or big, thin or thick, hairy or bald, wide or narrow, long or short, plump or
lean, sleek or wild and the list goes on. Grapefruit essential oil supports connection to genitals and
supports issues around accepting one’s own unique physicality. Grapefruit essential oil evokes love and
honour to the genitals and encourages confidence in appearance.
Combines well with:

Ylang Ylang

Combine 5-10 drops of Grapefruit, 5-10 drops of Tangerine, and 5-10 drops of Peppermint into a
glass mist spray bottle with water (plus a little bit of vodka) to create your own Love and Appreciation
Mist Spray. Spritz all around your body to remind yourself of your unique physical beauty.

Transformation – Healing – Light

Helichrysum essential oil encourages beautiful transformation and evolution through sexual
connections and practises. It celebrates the uniting of twin flames and shines light and profound love
over spiritually connected lovers. It gifts soul connected lovers with spiritual revelations, insights, and
profound kundalini awakenings.
Helichrysum essential oil sends one into a trance like sexually state where they express sexuality from a
sacred safe space. It is in this sacred sexual space that one awakens to the power and potential of sexual
energetic vibration. Heightened sexual vibrations have the power to attract profound gifts in life. These
gifts come in the form of revelations, enlightenment and connections.
Helichrysum essential oil can help heal a deeply wounded sexual soul that is burdened by the past, that
feels prisoned by emotional pain from sexual abuse. Helichrysum essential oil works with heavy
emotional pain linked to traumatic sex experiences and supports sexual healing journeys. It acts as a
support guide through raw, uncomfortable, sickening emotions and offers light and hope through the
daunting process.
Intuition becomes accessed with Helichrysum essential oil which evokes profound healing
transformation. Helichrysum essential oil reminds one that emotional pain from sexual abuse can offer
opportunities of enormous transformation and growth. Helichrysum can help to open new spiritual
realms and understanding offering healing light and hope. With the support of Helichrysum essential
oil, the dilapidated sexual soul has the opportunity to receive new perspectives and understanding for
sexually linked emotional pain.
Combines well with:

Roman Chamomile
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Soul Love – Beauty – Orgasmic

Jasmine essential oil offers a rich sweet exotic aroma evoking deep soul love. It arouses feelings of being
home and connects the depth of beauty within love. It reminds one that sharing deep soul love and
letting someone love you may in fact be the freedom one desires. Jasmine softens a strong willed
stubborn individual who is convinced that their own self love is enough in life. It reveals the beauty in
opening the gateway to welcoming and accepting deep soul love from another. For those who have
accomplished great success individually in life, Jasmine essential oil reminds you your heart will bring
the greatest success and happiness.
Jasmine essential oil reveals long awaiting love gifts, and encourages the cherishing of such gifts rather
than constantly trying to look for something bigger and better. Jasmine calms frenetic heart energy
around finding the perfect love. It encourages present awareness in the journey and in the organic
unfolding process. Jasmine essential oil reminds one that deep soul love sharing is a constant evolving
magnificent journey.
If sexual interest has dissipated and sexual hunger appears dormant, be assured that Jasmine essential oil
has the potential to awaken the sexual soul. One sniff potentially can provoke instant arousal and
stimulate the sex juices.
Jasmine essential oil is known in India as the ‘Queen of the night’ or ‘moonlight of the grove’ and has
been used for centuries by Hindu women for aphrodisiac benefits. It is the sacred flower of the Hindu
love God, Kama. Jasmine essential oil invokes orgasmic pleasure and ignites profound toe curling, deep
valley types of orgasms. Oh my Goddess! It takes you on a journey through sexual euphoric states and
brings great orgasmic delights.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage

Release – Purification – Exploration

Juniper Berry essential oil offers a balsamic, spicy aroma derived from the berries of the tree, that
amazingly take up to three years to mature. It has been used since ancient times and was the symbol for
the Goddess Ashera, the fertility Goddess of the Canaanites.
Juniper Berry essential oil is purifying and cleansing to the sexual spirit. It clears away fears around
unknown aspects of sexual self and heightens spiritual connection. It frees burdens of fear and instils a
knowing in that those dark or unfamiliar aspects of sexuality, when explored may in fact bring great
sexual joy and revelations. Juniper Berry supports facing of fears and unknown aspects of self. Such
inner investigation and sexual exploration reveal lighter and more liberated versions of one’s profound
sexual being. The purification effects of Juniper Berry allow for greater sexual awareness and
Juniper Berry is a great reminder that ‘only in the darkness can you see the stars’. It supports
journeying through new sexual endeavours that may be initially fearful. It lightens heavy burdens so
one can move forward in sexual evolution and growth. Sexuality is an ever-evolving journey that offers
gifts of learnings and insight. Don’t allow the fear to hinder blossoming, instead embrace the fear and
love it, as it is in that moment that light shines even brighter. It is impossible to understand and fully
appreciate the light without having known the dark. Such wisdom of both the light and dark aspects of
sexuality are important to honour. The great teachings of Juniper Berry essential oil encourage
acceptance to one’s whole sexual being.
Combines well with:

Black Pepper
Wild Orange

Love – Communication - Honesty

Lavender essential oil delivers a floral, light aroma and is historically known as ‘the herb of love’. It
promotes feelings of peace and nurtures loving connections to true sexual being. It encourages healthy,
honest, sexual expression and truthful communication in love.
Lavender essential oil brings peace and tranquillity to the heart. It allows deep connection to heart
energy and reveals that an open heart is the ultimate path to love. When one connects and shares from
loving heart space, love flows freely and openly. The heart speaks honestly and reveals profound
beautiful truth.
The calming effects of Lavender essential oil invite relaxation to sexual being. Lavender reduces
exhausting frenetic mind chatter that is often ridiculously unnecessary. Lavender encourages
connection to heart truth. The essence of such heart connection allows expression of love to flow
abundantly and freely without expectation.
Lavender essential oil encourages a sense of peace that enables one to express sexuality openly and
honestly. Healthy communication in love deepens connections and supports longevity in relationships.
It is important to be able to communicate sexual issues or concerns with lovers on time and not months
or even years down the track. Without healthy communication, relationships are deprived of the
opportunity to blossom. Love is simple and Lavender essential oil is a beautiful reminder of this.
Combines well with:

Roman Chamomile
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Combine 1 drop of Lavender, 1 drop Geranium, and 1 drop of Rose into the palm of your hands to
create your own Love Blend Hand Diffuser. Rub your hands together, close your eyes and take three
deep breaths. Recite the mantra ‘I AM LOVE’ in your head or out loud multiple times. As you say the
mantra, feel love emanate through every cell of your body and sweetly smile.

Brightens – Sexual Spirit – Positivity

Lemon essential oil delivers a citrusy aroma that is derived from the rind of the Lemon. It brings focus
and clarity into sexual awareness and clears away sexual sluggishness and stagnant energies in
relationships. Lemon brightens sexuality and energises sexual stagnancies or dull action periods of
intimacy. It clears away ineffective negative perspectives of sexual self and refreshes sexual thoughts that
in turn manifest exciting new sexual opportunities. The sexual appetite is energised with the support of
Lemon essential oil. It excites one’s sexual spirit!
The uplifting and refreshing qualities of Lemon essential oil support positive shifts in stagnant
relationships. Lemon essential oil detoxifies ineffective relationship patterns rather creating positive
relationship mind set. Its powerful detoxifying effects break away relationship inertia and help prevent
life long relationship mediocrity that inevitably end up in separation.
Lemon essential oil cleanses negative perspectives of sexuality that create confusion, uncertainty and
heaviness. It detoxifies the mind and creates awareness and focus on positively moving forward. Lemon
essential oil restores sexual confidence and enthusiasm. It purifies confusion and uncertainty and
delivers clarity and sexual awareness. Lemon essential oil brightens one’s sex life.
Combines well with:

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Energetic Shifter – Clarity – Reality

The pungent, citrusy aroma of Lemongrass essential oil delivers clarity to delusional thoughts of love
thinking and awakens intuition so one can truthfully see the reality in love and lover connections.
Lemongrass is a powerful energetic shifter that stirs up the energetic dirt deep from within. It brings to
surface sexual frustrations and deep seeded anger that has been repressed from past sexual experiences.
The energetic cleansing helps to clear negative memories that hinder growth and that could be
detrimental to relationships. The cleansing effects of Lemongrass allow one to feel revitalised and
refreshed. This in turn enhances attractiveness and desirability. It encourages positive actions steps that
enhance sexuality welcoming new prosperous sexual opportunities.
The cold hard truth is revealed with Lemongrass essential oil. If a relationship is of no benefit to you,
yet you have succumbed to deluded perspectives and love ideas, Lemongrass assists finding mental
clarity. It clears a lustful foggy brain and reveals the truth and reality. Although uncomfortable and
confrontational, one will be grateful down the track that Lemongrass essential oil assisted in clearing
misconceived ideas.
Lemongrass essential oil supports finding clarity in sexuality. It cleanses sexual confusion and
encourages clear thinking and perspectives. Intuition becomes activated, heightening spiritual awareness
and understanding. Lemongrass essential oil promotes positive realistic outlooks that opens the
doorway to new sexual opportunities. Lemongrass essential oil offers the clarity to positively grow
relationships and expand individual sexual awareness.
Combines well with:

Black Pepper
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
Wild Orange
Ylang Ylang

Invigorates – Tantalising – Zest

Lime Essential Oil offers a citrusy, sweet aroma that uplifts energy and promotes joy. It energises
sexuality and evokes creativity in sexual explorations.
Lime Essential Oil excites the senses, invigorating sexual energy. It awakens sexual mojo encouraging
pleasurable fun in foreplay. The tantalising effects of Lime Essential Oil evoke flirtation and joy. It
reveals fun by slowly seducing your lover or allowing your lover to seduce you.
Lime Essential Oil encourages connection to inner exotic God or Goddess energies. It ignites an
internal flame allowing one to confidently express sensual seductive qualities. It comforts one in
knowing that sexuality is a natural, organic expression of human nature. The human body is designed
to enjoy and celebrate sex, a gift that brings great delight.
Lime Essential Oil brings back the zest to sex life adding flavoursome fun and experiences. For those
who have become a little boring or unadventurous, the zesty Lime Essential Oil rejuvenates sexual
creativity. Lime Essential Oil uplifts, refreshes, and rejuvenates. It assists to transform dull, sluggish sex
into fresh, exciting, exotic love dances.
Combines well with:

Black Pepper
Clary Sage
Wild Orange
Ylang Ylang

Comfort – Trust – Love

The warm, woody aroma from Marjoram essential oil is known for fostering trust in love and sexuality.
To the ancient Greeks and Romans, Marjoram symbolised happiness and was embraced in matrimonial
ceremonies. The plant was sacred to Shiva and Vishnu in India and to Osiris in Egypt. It has been
known for Monks to use Marjoram to curb sexual urges from a lustful nature, rather centring them
back to the sacred nature of love.
Marjoram essential oil softens the heart fostering peace in trusting others. When expressing true
sexuality, a sharing of raw unique qualities occurs. This can often be a fearful experience to reveal such
personal depths, hence natural, human defensive mechanisms respond by shielding the heart from
possible rejection. On the contrary, when revelation of such depths occurs, one opens their heart to
experiences of wondrous love.
Marjoram essential oil removes the protective shield from heart space, welcoming open expression. It
encourages subtle sensitive sexual expressions that are just as attractive and desirable. It is okay to be
sensitive, to feel, to express, to cry and to reveal. Beauty lies in all our expressions and Marjoram
supports such revelations.
To love and trust again brings great happiness, joy, and peace to the heart. To open sexually, to trust
your lover in holding sexual sacred space also brings great feelings of happiness, joy and peace. Trust
ignites sexuality, so it can sparkle bright and comfort the sexual soul.
Trust yourself, trust your lover, trust in the universe, so you can feel love, be love and share love whole
heartedly. Embrace Marjoram essential oil to encourage authentic sexual expression and comfort in
Combines well with:

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
Ylang Ylang
Wild Orange

Angelic – Divinity – Vibrational Love

Melissa essential oil delivers a delicate, lemony aroma derived from the leaves and blossomed flowers of
the lemon balm plant.
The divine powers of Melissa essential oil shine bright light that elevate new heights to sexual
experiences. Melissa opens to angelic realms where meetings with the ultimate Goddess arises. It
encourages connection, admiration and honour to the inner amazing sexual Goddess. Melissa essential
oil assists with this comprehension of divine spiritual greatness. It supports the sexual soul in knowing
how to express innate sexual Goddess energy and how to utilise the energy through spiritual
Spiritual enlightenment through sexual practise is evoked with Melissa essential oil. Lower energetic
vibrations dissipate as stronger, more evolved connections with higher vibrational states resonate.
Higher vibrational states enable the experience of love to manifest on a whole new level. Loving energy
travels through each and every cell of the body, connecting vibrational love that it resonates within all
living creatures. Higher vibrations remind one of their divine life purpose.
Melissa essential celebrates divine sexual ecstasy and freedom in sexual expression. It reveals sexual
insecurities, inviting one to surrender to glorious orgasmic states of enlightenment. Celebrate spiritual
enlightenment and re unite with sexual divinity through the loving guidance of Melissa essential oil.
Combines well with:

Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang

Combine 2-3 drops each of Melissa, Myrrh, Geranium, Rose, Jasmine and Roman Chamomile with a
carrier oil to create the most amazing Divine Goddess Massage Blend. Connect with your divine inner
Goddess energies as you lovingly massage your whole body.

Self Love – Earth – Light

Myrrh essential oil offers a warm, earthy aroma that is extracted from the tear drop shaped resin, bled
from the tree. Myrrh has been used since ancient civilisations in ritualistic ceremonies for healing
purposes. It is sacred to beautiful mother archetype Goddess figures.
Myrrh comforts inner feminine energies encouraging connection to Mother Earth. The comforting
peaceful qualities of Myrrh essential oil invite nurture and love to all aspects of self, including sexuality.
Myrrh guides one through the mysteries of sexual exploration and self love in a nurturing capacity so
one never feels alone. Myrrh emphasises the importance of self love. It is only when you truly love
yourself that you are then able to love another.
To be able to grow spiritually, to evolve sexually, to rise to higher vibrations, and experience greater
love, spiritual death must occur. Stagnant lower vibrations release to create space for birthing
opportunities, new awareness, and deeper loving connections to self.
To those yearning to meet true love, Myrrh assures you that the universe has heard, that the answers to
your prayers will come. Create a peaceful heart space and allow shining light to brighten darkness. Let it
be, listen to the words of wisdom and open to beautiful re birthing love opportunities in life.
Combines well with:

White Fir

Combine 5-10 drops each of Myrrh, Geranium and Lemon into a glass mist spray bottle with water
(plus a little bit of vodka) to create your own Heart Opening Mist Spray. Feel as though Great Mumma
is hugging and holding you in your beauty.

Strength – Reality – Honour

The potent, herbal aroma of Oregano essential oil delivers powerful effects encouraging strength to
regain individual self love. The Greek meaning of the word oregano is ‘delight of the mountains’ and it
has been used since ancient civilisations in love potions. An old wives’ tale says, ‘if you anoint yourself
with Oregano essential oil before sleeping, you will dream of your future spouse.’
Oregano’s ruthless clearing effects help in releasing what no longer serves positively in life. It dispels
stagnant sexual energy and cleanses past issues around sexuality allowing the reality and power in
individual sexual strength to be expressed. Oregano breaks away attachments from past pain, to enable
one to regain strength and sexual power. It cuts through feelings of self-pity and clears the path to
embrace powerful sexual being.
Oregano encourages connection to the reality of love. It strips back ego based opinions revealing the
raw beauty of loving connections. Realisation occurs in knowing that the beauty one see’s in their lover
is a direct reflection of self. Love can only magnify in relationships when it is embraced within the
individual. Oregano reveals higher perspectives so true love can be experienced, without attachment or
When love stands evidently in front of someone, yet they may be fearful or have doubts, Oregano
essential oil removes the blocks to enable them to honour their heart’s desires. It offers them strength to
stand strong and accept what they deserve.
Combines well with:

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
White Fir

Combine 1 drop of Oregano, 1 drop of Tea Tree and 1 drop Lemongrass with a carrier oil to create
your own Release and Let Go Blend. Apply to the bottom of your feet and be open to releasing what
no longer serves you.

Peace – Love – Joy

The rich, earthy aroma of Patchouli essential oil is commonly known for its natural aphrodisiac
qualities. The euphoric sexual opening sensations that Patchouli offers welcomes deeper sexual
explorations and greater orgasmic pleasure. Patchouli essential oil brings peace, love, and joy to
Patchouli’s sedative euphoric effects promote peace of mind. This helps release nervous worrisome
thoughts and encourages grounded connections to sexual physicality and sexual bodily expressions.
Patchouli encourages one to breathe deeply and to consciously connect to breath. This conscious
practise can reduce pre-sex anxiety and assist with balancing orgasmic excitement.
Embrace abundant loving by using Patchouli essential oil. Patchouli evokes innocent, playful, joy that
opens the heart with a sense of freedom and peace. Such childlike joy can often become dormant,
however, Patchouli excites these qualities. Sexual sharing is a gift that brings great joy and good times.
Patchouli essential oil is a great reminder not to take life too seriously and to ‘enjoy the ride’!
Patchouli essential oil evokes sexual magnetic attraction. This is not an attraction based on a person’s
looks or personality, rather it is a sexual energetic attraction. If one’s sexual soul desires a particular
sexual energy, it attracts a lover who encompasses an energy which is beneficial and fulfilling. Patchouli
essential oil encourages fun loving, joyful sexual explorations.
Combines well with:

Roman Chamomile
White Fir

Invigorating – Appetite – Energising

Peppermint essential oil offers a refreshing, minty aroma, invigorating the heart and awakening sexual
desire. It energises a dilapidated sexual spirit infusing excitement and activating sexual appetite.
Peppermint livens the senses, invigorating the sexual spirit. It brings new life to sex encouraging
exciting new sexual opportunities. It ‘perks you up’ emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually
whilst promoting sexual confidence. Peppermint assists by increasing sexual stamina and endurance
assuring lengthy, exciting sexual explorations.
Sometimes people use lethargy as an excuse not to have sex or to connect intimately with their lover.
Often this is a false lethargy that one creates mentally. Sadly, this becomes a familiar destructive pattern
that can cause great distress and dissatisfaction. One mentally creates lethargy episodes to bypass self-
fears, insecurities or needed communication. Peppermint essential oil assists relieve these self-sabotaging
thought patterns and helps rise above destructive mental behaviours. By releasing such destruction, one
has the ability to express themselves sexually and enjoy intimacy.
Peppermint allows deep heart breath, creating more space for love. It encourages a buoyant happy heart
enabling one to rise above heaviness. Sexual sensations become heightened and more pleasurable as
energies elevate. Peppermint essential oil cools a heated relationship disagreement and assists digesting
relationship issues or concerns. It helps ‘clear the air’ and ‘get things off your chest’ that may be
Allow the tingling sensations of Peppermint essential oil to energise love and to shine light upon love.
Combines well with:

Juniper Berry
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
White Fir

Combine 5-10 drops each of Peppermint, Lemon, and Wild Orange into a glass mist spray bottle with
water (plus a little bit of vodka) to create your own Energizing Mist Spray. Spritz around the room to
awaking and enliven the senses.

Harmony – Balance – Joy

Petitgrain essential oil bestows sexual harmony and promotes balance. It supports one to find balance
in their own sexuality, and to connect with the ebb and flow of sexual energy. Just as nature constantly
changes and evolves with the elements and seasons, so do humans. There are times when sexual energy
is wild and intense and other times when sexual energy is intimate, soft, and gently. Petitgrain essential
oil encourages mindfulness with sexuality and honouring in sexual energy for what it is in the moment.
All aspects of sexuality are beautiful and deliver unique sexual qualities. Petitgrain essential oil
encourages harmony between sexuality and spirituality. It welcomes an understanding of the
importance of embracing sexuality for spiritual growth.
In relationships, Petitgrain essential oil brings harmony and understanding to challenging
disagreements. It supports healthy communication so lovers can clearly communicate feelings and be
heard in conversational sharing. Good communication can deter a disagreement from exploding into
unnecessary turmoil. Petitgrain encourages one to remain grounded in communication, to share from
the heart, and to express emotions and concerns without projection or blame. It brings peace and
Emotionally, Petitgrain can be very supportive, especially for women. It brings harmony to hormonal
challenges throughout the menstrual cycle. It eases tension and calms emotional struggle or sadness. It
encourages women to self-nurture and to be kind to themselves. The uplifting benefits of Petitgrain
essential oil brighten emotional darkness and allow flow.
Petitgrain essential oil encourages lovers to recognise and appreciate the small things that count. A
simple gesture, a personalised gift, a love letter, a love infused dinner can bring a big smile. To receive
such genuine loving gifts is beautifully heart-warming. There is great joy in giving and receiving small
precious gifts.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
Wild Orange
Ylang Ylang

Divine – Light – Womb

Roman Chamomile essential oil offers a sweet subtle floral aroma that comes from daisy like plants. It is
also named the ‘plants physician’ as it is known for healing suffering plants when it is positioned near
other ailing plants. Roman Chamomile essential oil guides spiritual sexual journeys connecting
individuals with ultimate angelic presence and divine grace.
Roman Chamomile essential oil rekindles subtle, softening sexual tendencies. Inner calming, peaceful
tendencies activate insight into the meaning of true love. Roman Chamomile revives inner light
evoking self-confidence in intimate love connections. It encourages trust and love in sexual
experiences, and acknowledges divine grace and blessings that are part of the experience. Such
connection with divinity guides and comforts one through the journey of divine, heartfelt love.
Roman Chamomile essential oil is a great reminder of inner sweet beauty. Find sweetness in inner
sexuality and allow sexual divinity to shine through like the light of an angel. So sweet, so peaceful, so
beautiful, so divine! These lovely qualities lie within all beings.
Roman Chamomile supports women to connect with divine womb energy. Within divine womb
energy lies profound insight into secret women’s mysteries. It is a sacred energy that holds much power.
Evoke, connect, and explore women’s mysteries by embracing Roman Chamomile essential oil. Such
empowering explorations assist with healing the conscious collective of women all around the world.
Combines well with:

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
Ylang Ylang

One Love – Vibration – Co Creation

Rose essential oil is the oil of ‘one love’. It is the ultimate, most powerfully divine essential oil of all. Its
sweetness is a gift, a true divine blessing. It evokes the epitome of love. Rose essential oil connects all
types of love in the world. In ancient permaculture, plants were positioned in specific places to support
and interact with one another. Roses however, were placed throughout the whole garden as they bestow
intuitive plant communication.
Rose essential oil offers divine human connection and interaction promoting sacred soul love. It
encourages humans to connect, to communicate, and to experience greater relationships with each
other and with the universe. Rose essential oil symbolises unfolding, growth, and wisdom. It allows
sexuality to radiate, to vibrate, and to heal the world.
Rose essential oil raises vibrational states, encouraging spiritual growth through loving connections.
Love at high vibrational states becomes amazingly healing. It can induce deep, open heart felt love that
can be meditative, trance like, ecstatic, and profound. Rose essential oil encourages one to gently open
and unfold divine sexuality, just as a rose sweetly unfolds its petals to reveal its depth of beauty.
Combined love amplifies, radiates, and shines bright through the ethers of the universe. Love heals past
pain and offers blessings. Be not afraid to love again, to open the heart. Connect with Rose essential oil
as a reminder of divine inner love, to feel part of the greater universal loving connection. Unite in love,
together as one, shine bright, and cherish glorious universal love that is available always. Divine love is
the greatest most powerful resource in the world. Call upon love, accept love, allow it to be the blessing
in life.
Rose essential oil celebrates co creation that results from divine love. The most glorious, profound
magical gift on earth is co creation and as we know … it’s co creation that makes the world go ‘round.
Combines well with:


Protection – Insight – Knowledge

Rosemary essential oil offers spiritual protection and insight through sexuality. It comforts one to feel
protected, to open energetically in lover relationships, and to explore greater spiritual realms through
sexuality. It holds energetic space so one can feel safe to journey into unknown explorations with
lovers. Rosemary essential oil acts as a protection filter. It attracts connections that empower and evolve
sexual growth, that challenge yet don’t feel overwhelming or suffocating.
Rosemary essential oil cleanses energetic heaviness that may be withholding one from growing and
surrendering to the healing that is available through loving sexual connections. It is a powerful
energetic shifter that can be very supportive during times of transitions and personal growth. Rosemary
essential oil shifts past negative energy that may have been suppressed in one’s energetic sphere or in the
physical body.
When releasing heaviness, one can often experience intense emotional feelings or physical pain. It is
important during this time to acknowledge, allow it be what it is and to not attach to the process. All
emotional expressions are welcomed even though they can sometimes be uncomfortable and
challenging. Rosemary supports one to own their expressions and to not project onto lovers. It allows
one to emotional purge with responsibility and maturity.
Sexual connections can trigger deep seeded issues that may have never been dealt with. Rosemary
essential oil offers protection and spiritual comfort so one can clear away sexually repressed issues.
Rosemary clears past negative energy and fosters spiritual insight, and guidance. Rosemary essential oil
inspires one to harness spiritual growth, insight and knowledge that can be accessed through divine
sexual connection.
Combines well with:

Black Pepper

Base – Exploration – Honour

Never underestimate the power of Sandalwood essential oil. A little goes a long way and it opens the
path to deep explorative sexual journeys. The powerful healing effects of Sandalwood essential oil allow
one to explore in-depth aspects of self. It energetically holds space for one to open, reveal, feel, and
explore. Such profound intimate explorations bring great gifts and honour to the sexual soul.
Like the trunk of the tree, your core becomes strong, confident, and assured. One feels confident to be
courageous, to be vulnerable, to surrender to unknown sexual explorations. Sandalwood helps one
ground in sex, connect with the rooted base, and activate inner sexual energies. Sandalwood awakens
the perineum area, igniting deep tingling sensations that allow the body to explore raw, intimate aspects
of sexuality.
Sandalwood is a powerful aphrodisiac, especially for men. The pungent, semen like smell enhances the
males natural scent creating intrinsic arousal. Sandalwood encourages male energy to arise not only
from the penis, butt from deeper down in the testicles and anus. Sandalwood essential oil arouses
profound masculine energy that is pure, real, innocent, and loving. It encourages the male to
encompass all aspects of their sexual being and to feel liberated in sexual exploration and expression.
Incorporate Sandalwood essential oil into ritualistic sexual connections to experience deeper, spiritual
sexual healing. It elevates sexual awareness offering healing, nurturing and compassion. Sandalwood
brings divinity to the sexual soul and encourages the sexual soul to feel honour and pride in its true
essence of sexual being.
Combines well with:

Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang

Combine 3 drops of Sandalwood and 3 drops of Frankincense to create your own Exploration Diffuser
Blend. Allow this blend to evoke new intimate explorations.

Communication – Confidence – Desire

Spearmint essential oil encourages honest communication within sexual relationships. It allows one to
speak the truth about what they desire in a relationship. Verbal communication about values,
intentions, and expectations create clarity and mutual understanding that is essential for relationship
success. Spearmint essential oil gives the confidence required to discuss and communicate clearly.
Sexual dreams, desires, and fantasies can sadly remain unfulfilled unless clearly communicated and
discussed. Dormant sexual desires can often lead to resentment and sexual frustration further into long
term relationships. Spearmint essential oil promotes confidence by encouraging one to talk about
sexual yearnings and to honestly communicate what they want in sex. Be clear, be honest and share all
the intimate details of sexual dreams. This helps one’s lover to feel more confident in their sexual
offering and brings the individual further sexual satisfaction.
Spearmint essential oil supports individual confidence in sexuality. It encourages one to harness the
power of sexuality and to integrate sexuality into various life situations. Confidence in sexuality not
only leads to better sex and lover relationships, it adds glow to all aspects in life. Sexual confidence
attracts attention, it is appealing, charismatic and enchanting. Harness these attributes to attract divine
gifts and positive experiences in multiple areas of your life.
Combines well with:

Wild Orange

Purify – Commitment – Worship

The purifying effects of Spikenard essential oil cleanse negativity and darkness around sexuality.
Spikenard essential oil honours sacred sex acknowledging the link between spirituality and sexuality. It
releases burdens that hold one back from embracing higher realms. It lightens the spirit and evokes
divine spiritual connection through conscious sexual practise.
Spikenard essential oil encourages devotion and commitment in love. It teaches that through challenges
and struggles, greater light can be experienced. The sedative effects of Spikenard essential oil ease
challenging times calming tension and feelings of turmoil during stressful periods. Embrace Spikenard
essential oil in times of desperation or feeling out of control. The grounding effects allow one to feel at
ease, safe and more peaceful. Spikenard essential oil eases intense, stressful loads so one can remain
committed to working through struggle rather than feeling the need to shut down completely.
To worship through sacred sexual practise brings great healing and amplifies love. Spikenard essential
oil encourages sacred sexual worship that allows one to feel loved and adored. It promotes genuine
adoration through self love and for another.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage

Combine 2 drops of Spikenard, 2 drops of Lavender, and 1 drop of Vetiver with a carrier oil to create
your own Love and Devotion Massage Blend. Massage onto the body consciously with adoration and
sacred awareness.

Refreshing – Creativity – Spontaneity

The sweet, tangy, refreshing aroma of Tangerine essential oil ignites creativity. If you are one that
constantly plans ahead or focuses on the future, this oil can assist to become more aware and present in
the moment. Embracing creative flow within sexuality allows for one to remain light hearted, fresh,
and optimistic.
Life is a constant evolving journey. One can easily get caught up in the excitement of new relationships
and new love, however, too much excitement or concern for what possibilities could be in the future
can burden a connection, weigh it down or even block the beautiful organic unfolding process. New
love is divinely exhilarating! It awakens the soul and inner beauty. One feels again, shines again, glows
again. Embrace these qualities and enjoy new love gifts. Tangerine supports one to remain present in
such divine feelings and to cherish heart felt moments. It reminds one not to think too far ahead but to
enjoy the present moment and to be playful.
Tangerine reminds one not to become too serious about love, sex and relationships. Seriousness can
burden sexual connections and create dissatisfying habits and routines around sex. The uplifting effects
of Tangerine essential oil encourage new life, new creativity, and new healthy optimistic connection.
Tangerine essential oil promotes exciting spontaneity in sexual connections. It raises sexual vibrations
and welcomes experimentation and play. It rises above weathered sex lives and ignites sexual ecstasy and
Combines well with:

Clary Sage

Protection – Self Love – Cleansing

Tea Tree essential oil is a powerful energetic cleanser that has been passed down by the native
Bundjalung Aboriginal people of Australia. The tribal people would use the leaves in the cleansing
rituals and as part of healing remedies.
The power of Tea Tree essential oil eliminates spiritual darkness as it ruthlessly dispels energetic spiritual
invasions. It protects one’s energetic sphere with warrior like response. It acts as a spiritual body guard
and repels the sexual deviate.
Tea Tree essential oil supports sexual immunity, nourishing the sexual spirit to defend and ward off
unwanted, inauthentic sexual propositions. It strengthens the sexual spirit to clearly and confidently
reject and say ‘no’ to sly ill-intentioned sexual offers. Tea Tree essential oil creates a strong energetic
protection and supports you in conveying your sexual boundaries with clarity and strength.
Tea Tree essential oil cleanses the sexual spirit from past experiences or relationships helping release
unhealthy suffocating patterns of co-dependency. It is irresponsible and immature to depend on a lover
to satisfy individual sexuality and self love. To think one needs another in order to be complete or
happy is a clear indication of co-dependent tendencies. Tea Tree essential oil encourages one to find
their own strengths and to not rely or burden another with self-lack of sexual self-fulfilment.
The powerful immune boosting properties from Tea Tree essential oil has been known to support
genital health concerns including bacterial and fungal infections. Spiritually and physically, Tea Tree
essential oil supports healthy sexuality.
Combines well with:


Understanding – Release – Open Heart

The wisdom of Thyme essential oil bestows depth in understanding. The intrinsic clearing effects of
Thyme help to release feelings of anger and resentment. It encourages one to let go, to expel sickening
emotional burdens from the past. Underneath anger lies deep rooted sadness. Thyme essential oil
supports healing deep seeded sadness freeing the heart from its own imprisonment. It offers
understanding, allowing learning from past pain. Thyme reminds one to appreciate the lessons of
spiritual growth that evolve from painful experiences.
In relationships, Thyme essential oil encourages forgiveness. What’s said and done cannot be undone.
Forgiveness offers healing and creates opportunities to move forward and continue growing, so love
can be expressed and shared in healthy ways. Forgive oneself, forgive another and allow the heart to
open and share abundant love once again. Be brave, forgive, and feel the inner strength that comes
from such a courageous act.
Thyme expels poisonous jealousy from the body that can arise in love. It frees the heart from possessive
parasitic energies and opens the heart to experience greater profound love. A wise, open heart amplifies
love and attracts abundance in all aspects of life. The liberating feelings from an open heart attract
more love and deeper meaningful sexual connections. Thyme has been used in the past to energise the
reproductive system and stimulate sexual desire. Allow Thyme essential oil to open your heart and bring
deeper more meaningful sex into your life.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
White Fir

Rooted – Earth – Wild

The powerful grounding effects of Vetiver essential oil support masculine sexual energies to express
ultimate tribal sex God qualities. The rooted earthy Vetiver is an intense aphrodisiac that awakens tribal
archetypes within. They are strong, intense, and rather wild. The more earthed one feels, the safer they
feel to surrender to the extraordinary adventures of sexual chaos.
Vetiver prepares one sexually to be ready and hungry for more wild intimate sexual explorations. It
releases nervous tension fast and draws energy down to the sexual base. Self-confidence concerns are
quickly eliminated as raw, earthy, sexual energies begin to pulse and undulate throughout the body.
The sexual tension builds and pulses in delight whilst maintaining a grounded and earthed awareness.
This creates for a safe space to celebrate sex in its authentic, earthy glory. Vetiver allows one to feel wild
and free in sexual expression and supports wild sexual dances of celebration.
Vetiver essential oil empowers men especially to embrace raw animalistic qualities whilst remaining in
control. It gives men the strength and confidence to be able to sexually hold the space for their lover.
The strong warrior like characteristics of Vetiver allow men to be a strong grounded base in sexual
connections. Draw upon the deep rooted earthy support of Vetiver in times of wild sexual explorations.
Embrace Vetiver essential oil to feel more centred in one’s own sexual body. It draws individuals into
their body so they can convey what they want through expression and movement. When one feels
more comfortable in their own sexual body, they begin to harness their profound power within.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang

Combine 2 drops of Vetiver, 1 drop of Arborvitae, 1 drop of Jasmine and 2 drops of Ylang Ylang with
a carrier oil to create your own Earthy Glory Massage Blend. Massage this blend over the whole body
to awaken raw and wild qualities.

Protection – Nurture – Self Love

The nurturing qualities of White Fir essential oil support one to feel protected in expressing sexuality. It
can be challenging to open up, to express and reveal inner sexual beauty. White Fir energetically
supports journeys within opening sexually. The gentle qualities it evokes create feelings of ease and
comfort in sexual expression. It nurtures one through the revealing process so they can embrace the
beauty and sweetness of the experience.
White Fir essential oil supports adolescents as they approach sexual transformation. It softens the
experience offering gentle ease and flow. It nourishes the soul so one can feel safe and protected whilst
enduring physical bodily changes that occur during puberty. A confused frightened soul finds relief
when embracing the protective nurturing qualities of White Fir essential oil.
In times of emotional grief, one can often feel disconnected to their own sexuality. This affects self-
esteem, confidence, and trust in lover connections. Such darkness can be overwhelming and as a
protective, coping mechanism, one feels the need to completely shut down. White Fir comforts a
grieving soul and encourages self-nurturing and self-love without the need to completely disassociate. It
assures that it is okay to honestly express emotional grief and that with love and affection it is possible
to heal.
White Fir encourages self-love. It recharges a dilapidated sexual soul and fills it with loving light so it
can feel free and liberated to shine brightly. Sexuality and beauty often lie within subtle softer aspects of
one’s personality.
Combines well with:

Douglas Fir

Combine 2 drops of White Fir, 1 drop of Frankincense and 1 drop of Lavender in half a cup of milk
to create your own Loving Light Milk Bath. Mix all together, then immerse into the bath. Breathe in
deeply and remind yourself of how beautiful you are.

Fun – Joy – Abundance

The invigorating citrusy scent of Wild Orange essential oil brings joy and excitement to sex. Embrace
playfulness in love and have fun during sex! It’s that simple yet so often human minds over complicate
natural human instinctual urges. Sexual expression is a joyful gift and it is important to relish the
exciting times and rides that it offers. Wild Orange essential oil is a great reminder that one is never too
old to enjoy sexual excitement.
Wild Orange essential oil is known to foster abundance. If one is experiencing a sexual draught or
simply desires more sex, then embrace Wild Orange to manifest sexual abundance. Immerse oneself
amongst the energising aroma and open to the gifts and sexual plenty that it offers. The joy of sex
allows one to glow, to be happy, to radiate bliss through their being. Post sex qualities are truly divine
in their beauty. Regular sex keeps a spirit young, youthful and most importantly makes people happy.
The more the merrier!
Abundant sex welcomes the heart to open and to love freely. Don’t be afraid to generously offer love
and to share abundant love with others. Love is a contagious blessing, a healing light that amplifies the
beauty of this world. Shine bright in abundant love as this example gives permission for others to share
in the same way.
Wild Orange essential oil supports one in knowing that they are truly worthy of accepting great love,
great sex, and great joy in life. The more one creates moments of love, the more abundance they
receive in life.
Combines well with:


Combine 3 drops of Wild Orange, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang and 2 drops of Geranium to create your
own Romance Diffuser Blend. This aroma creates the atmosphere for romance, love and affection.
Allow the scent to evoke your inner sensuality.

Clarity – Clearing – Re frame

Wintergreen essential oil assists to release rigid, arrogant mindsets around sexuality. Shallow views or
cynical perspectives around sexuality create unrest and tension. Arrogant, narrow minded views begin
to release with the support of Wintergreen essential oil. Wintergreen teaches one that negative
projections are a direct reflection of how one truly feels about themselves and their own sexuality.
Clarity of mind becomes more prominent with the support of Wintergreen essential oil. So often one
can attach to thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives that in doing so create their own reality. If one
continuously experiences negative relationships it is often because they are continually creating the
same experiences. When the same disastrous relationship issues continue to arise with various partners,
it is necessary to confront individual thought patterns and mind set. It is integral to reframe negative
thought patterns so the same negative relationship dramas don’t play out time and time again.
Wintergreen essential oil supports in clearing the mind and creating new healthy beneficial thoughts
that lead to more fruitful, satisfying relationships.
It is easy to get carried away in love without consideration. Wintergreen essential oil encourages clear
common sense thinking in lover connections, clearing foggy love brains. It invites one to connect
deeper into inner knowing and wisdom of what feels authentically right. It supports one to embrace
inner strengths and divine light in times when they may feel susceptible to giving in to others. The
strength ignited from Wintergreen essential oil can support one to remain solid in their sexual truth.
Combines well with:


Sensuality – Liberation – Romance

The exotic, sensual Ylang Ylang essential oil is the most commonly appreciated aphrodisiac essential oil
today. Ylang Ylang essential oil supports the organic journey of embracing confidence in sensuality.
Freedom from nervous tension allows the body to relax, unwind and to evoke inner sensuality. Ylang
Ylang embraces inner sensuality as it seduces the soul bringing comfort and connection. Sensuality is a
beautiful expression of pure sexual beauty. It is unforced yet its effects are profoundly powerful. Only
one who is comfortable and honestly confident in their sexuality can beautifully expresses divine
The opening effects of Ylang Ylang essential oil seduces the sexual soul encouraging liberation and
dance in sexual freedom. Experience the organic play in love, allow it to encapsulate one’s being and
explore exotic sexual realms of organic bliss. Feel free to open to love, explore love as it ignites your
inner sexual being. Experience exotic sensual connections as a greater opening occurs.
Ylang Ylang effectively stimulates erotic tendencies. It intensifies romantic love connections that
strengthen intimate bonds. It is a perfect oil to enhance existing relationships or to attract new luscious
love into your life. The esoteric effects of Ylang Ylang essential oil creates excitement. Through sexual
exploration and connection, divine healing happens. Allow the heart to sing, feel free, and enjoy
orgasmic bliss. Embrace Ylang Ylang and notice divine gifts will begin to manifest in life.
Combines well with:

Clary Sage
Wild Orange

I hope you have enjoyed reading Sexuality and Essential Oils. I’d like you to know that the more you
use essential oils, the more you implement them into your life, experiment with them, the more you
will learn and appreciate them. It is through the experience of using the oils that you get those exciting
‘Ah ha’! moments. Essential oils are natural support remedies that can be extremely beneficial in
helping one to achieve enhanced wellness in a non invasive manner.
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May you take from this book the insights you need and may you enjoy witnessing your growth as you
harness the power and beauty in sexuality and essential oils. If you need support in getting started with
your own personal essential oils starter kits, be sure to watch the free online training videos to guide
you through the process.
Blessings to each of you on your journey.
Caitlin xx

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