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Souxin appliances group(H K) Limited

Guangzhou Souxin Appliances CO., LTD

Contact: Larrisa Email: Tel: 86-020-61205828 Mob:+86 15011907976
Address: Jinwen Industrial Building, Yagang of Shijing Town, Baiyun Dist, Guangzhou City, China.

horsepower(P) 1 1.5 2 3

ton 0.8 1 1.5 2

Refrigerant R410a/R22 R410a/R22 R410a/R22 R410a/R22

Capacity (BTU) 9000 12000 18000 24000

Air Flow Volume(m3/h) 450 500 800 1000
Cooling 820W 1150W 1660W 2340W
Power consumption
Heating 850W 1180W 1700W 2360W
Cooling 3.9A 5.4A 7.7A 10.8A
Operation Current
Heating 4.1A 5.7A 7.9A 11.0A
2500W 3500W 5000W 7000W
9000BTU 12000BTU 18000BTU 24000BTU
2600W 3600W 5100W 7100W
9500BTU 13000BTU 19000BTU 25000BTU

European Energy Class Cooling/Heating A A A A

High(h/m/l) 39dB(A) 42dB(A) 45dB(A) 48dB(A)

Mid(h/m/l) 37dB(A) 40dB(A) 43dB(A) 45dB(A)
Noise Level (Indoor)
Low(h/m/l) 33dB(A) 36dB(A) 39dB(A) 42dB(A)
Outdoor 50dB(A) 52dB(A) 54dB(A) 59dB(A)
compressor Hitachi/Toshiba Hitachi/Toshiba Hitachi/Toshiba Hitachi/Toshiba

cooling only price R22 164USD 186USD 233USD 305USD

cooling and heating price R22 174USD 195USD 243USD 319USD

One meter copper pipe 4USD 4USD 7USD 8USD

Three meter copper pipe 12USD 12USD 21USD 24USD

FOB of china Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou

1. Brand: OEM Brand or KRG.
2. Payment terms: 30% deposit , and the 70% balance before shipping.
3. Lead time: About 15-30 working days after receipt of deposit.
4. Packing: Standard export carton box packaging suitable for container shipment.
5. Warranty: 2 years for the whole units , 5 years for compressors .
6. Quality: Check one by one before shipping.
7. 1% free parts available
8. No limited technical support.