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Past Simple Exercises

I. Put the verbs between the brackets to Past Tense Simple

1) You__________ (arrive) in England last week.

2) My mum__________ (study) Russian at university.
3) I__________(phone) you yesterday, but you weren't at home.
4) Last night, Marga and Alice__________ (plan) their holiday.
5) Tom__________ (invite) us to his birthday party.
6) The children__________ (carry) the books to the classroom.
7) We__________ (finish) the exam at half past three.
8) I __________(chat) to Jane about films and fashion.
9) Jane_________ (to watch) a film.
10) They__________ (to help) their father.
11) I __________ (to talk) to Andrew.
12) Susan __________ (to dance) with Peter.
13) The boys _________ (to try) basketball.
14) We _________ (to plan) a trip.
15) She __________ (to wash) her hair.
16) The car __________ (to stop) at the traffic lights.
17) They __________ (to order) something to drink.
18) He __________ (to count) to 10.
19) The secretary_________ (to delete) the file yesterday.
20) The people_______ something to each other. (to whisper)
21) The cat _______________ (escape) from the garden.
22) They _______________ (agree) with me about the album.
23) He _______________ (try) to start the car.
24) We _______________ (enjoy) the funfair a lot.
25) Tell me, what _______________ (happen)?
26) She _______________ (stop) at a zebra crossing.
27) I _______________ (carry on) working until late.
28) Alfie _______________ (fail) his driving test again.
II.Transform the verbs from Present Simple to Past Tense Simple

1. we visit →__________ 6. he stops →

2. you change → __________ 7.they like →
3. we enjoy → __________ 8.she dances →
4. she uses →_________ 9.they like →
5. you try → __________ 10.I play →
Infinitive Past simple Past participle Infinitive Past simple Past
make made made
be was/were been mean meant meant
become became become meet met met
begin began begun pay paid paid
bite bit bitten put put put
blow blew blown read read read
break broke broken ride rodé ridden
bring brought brought ring rang rung
build built built rise rose risen
buy bought bought run ran run
catch caught caught say said said
choose chose chosen saw seen
come carne come sell sold sold
cost cost cost send sent sent
cut cut cut set set set
do did done shake shook shaken
draw drew drawn shine shone shone
drink drank drunk shoot shot shot
drive drove driven show showed shown
eat ate caten shut shut shut
fall fell fallen sing sang sung
feed fed fed sink sank sunk
feel felt felt sit sat sat
fight fought fought sleep slept slept
find found found speak spoke spoken
fly fle flown spe sp sp
forg w forgot nd ent ent
et for ten stan sto sto
got d od od
freeze froze frozen steal stole stolen
get got got stick stuck stuck
give gave given swim swam swum
go went gone take took taken
grow grew grown teach taught taught
hang hung hung tear tore torn
have had had tell told told
hear heard heard think thought thought
hide hid hidden throw threw thrown
hit hit hit understand understood understood
hold held held wake woke woken
hurt hurt hurt wear wore worn
keep kept kept win won won
know knew known write wrote written
lead led led
leave left left
lend lent lent
let let let
light lit lit
lose lost lost