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Jordan Lawrence

Social Theory

Peer Review

In response to Lacey Janofsky’s Funding Cuts for the Arts Paper

This was so well written. It is comprehensive, organized, to the point, informational and

analytical. You effectively use the concepts of the two traditions to back up this issue. You were

able to apply the specific examples from the readings to fit so perfectly with your argument. I

particularly loved your claim that because doctors have more generalizable capital, they are held

higher up in society and paid more. A couple of technical things that I noticed and can honestly

be wrong about is while your example about the art teacher’s Facebook post is extremely

relevant, I am not sure first person should be used in a sociological analytical paper like this, but

I could be wrong. Additionally, it is important to introduce a quote instead of just putting it there

as its own sentence. I don’t think the first paragraph on page 4 was completely necessary. While

it explains the Marxist principles in great detail, it gives information that is important but not

needed. I think you could have presented the principles within the context of your topic,

intertwining the Marxist concepts with the current arts cuts issue. Overall great paper!