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Unit Study Calendar

CE3811 – Geotechnical Engineering II

Year 3 and Semester 1: 05th Feb – 18th May, 2018

Date Laboratory or Remarks

Week Lecture Tutorial Assessment Due
Introduction to
Stress analysis in
5th Feb to 9th shear failure in soil;
1 a material
Feb. Components of
shear strength.
Drained and
undrained behavior; Laboratory 1 oral
Stress analysis in Laboratory 1:
12th Feb. to Direct shear test; test will be
2 a material Direct Shear
16th Feb. Tri-axial test; conducted at the
domain Test
Mohr–Coulomb end of the
failure criterion. laboratory session

Mohr Circles; Stress

Shear strength
paths; Skempton’s Assignment 1:
3 19th Feb. to parameters from
pore water pressure Shear Strength
23rd Feb. direct shear test

Laboratory 1 report
Shear behavior of
Laboratory 2:
different soils; Shear strength Assignment 1:
26th Feb. to Unconsolidated Laboratory 2 oral
4 Unconfined parameters from Due
02nd March Undrained Tri- test will be
compression test; Tri-axial test March 2,2018
axial Test conducted at the
Vane shear test
end of the
laboratory session
Introduction to
compression of
5th March to soils; Load
09th March distribution in soil Shear strength of
under foundations; soils
Estimation of
Laboratory 2 report
12th March to Effect of Laboratory 3:
Consolidation of
16th March foundation Vane Shear Assignment 2: Laboratory 3 oral
6 soils; Oedometer
loading on soil Test Consolidation test will be
at depth conducted at the
end of the
Terzaghi’s one-
Estimation of Assignment 2:
19th March to theory; Void ratio
7 immediate Due
23rd March vs log (stress)
settlements March 22,2018
graphs; Various
parameters for
compression of soils
26th March to
8 30th March Study Leave Mid semester Exam

Laboratory 3 report
Oedometer Test submission.
2nd April to 6th Estimation of readings; Laboratory 4:
9 April consolidation Parameters for Consolidation Laboratory 4 oral
settlements compression of Test test will be
soils conducted at the
end of the
Introduction to
9th April-12th bearing capacity; Estimation of
April Shallow consolidation Assignment 3:
(13th Friday foundations; Modes settlements Settlements
holiday) of failure; Basis of under foundation
design of footings
16th April –
11 20th April New Year Leave

Design of footings;
23rd April – Bearing capacity Assignment 3: Laboratory 4 report
Factor of Safety;
12 27th April for Shallow Due submission.
Bearing capacity
foundations April 26,2018
equations and factors

Eccentrically loaded
30th April-4th footings; SPT test to Design of Assignment 4:
13 May estimate bearing footings Footing Design

Design of an Assignment 4:
eccentrically loaded Due
7th May- 11th footings. May 10,2018
14 Flow-nets
Introduction to Assignment 5:
flow-nets Flow nets
Assignment 5:
14th May- 18th Flow-nets for Due
15 Flow-nets
May ground water flow May 17,2018