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DATE: March, 6th, 2018





COURSEBOOK: Fairyland 1B

UNIT: My Face

LESSON: My face – Revision

Time: 45 min

TYPE OF LESSON: reinforcement and assessment lesson

MATERIALS/RESOURCES: worksheets, guidebook, laptop, pencils, puppets;

COMPETENCES: 1.2, 1.3, 2.3, 2.4, 3.2,3.3, 4.2, 4.3.

AIMS: 1. To activate previously acquired vocabulary

2. To develop their communicative skills by sharing ideas on the topic

3. to make students feel more positive about using English in conversations;

Stages of Timing Interaction Competences Teacher does Students do Observations
Warm up 3 min T-Ss 3.3 The teacher sings Head, The students sing
shoulders, knees and toes Head, shoulders, knees
and This is the way I Wash and toes and This is the
your face way I Wash your face
songs and mimes the songs and mime the
actions while singing. actions while singing.

Lead in 5 min T- Ss 2.3 Teacher asks the students to Students play the game The remaining
Ss-T 2.4 make a circle and then they students receive a
play Touch your.... reward
Guided 10 min IW 1.2 Teacher provides the Students draw and Teacher allows
practice 1.3 students with worksheets colour what they hear students 2 minutes to
and asks them to draw get familiarized with
what they hear. the task
Then, she asks them the
colour the clown’s face!
Listen and number (ex 3, pg Students listen carefully
7) and solve the task.
Teacher tells the students
that they are going to listen
and number the characters
Teacher asks the students to
open their books on page 15
and solve the second Students match the
exercise images
Further 7 min 1.2 Teacher tells students they Students work in pairs
practice PW are going to work in pairs – to complete the task
Speaking – they have to describe their
Role – play desk mate
Consolidation 10 min GW 2.3 Teacher divides the class in Students cut and glue Teacher allows
/Reinforcement 3.3 groups of 5/6 students and the eyes, the nose, the students 2 minutes to
Make a project selects a leader for each mouth and the ear in get familiarized with
group. He/She asks them to order to create a project the task
make a project of a
character and name it.
Feedback and 8min T-Ss 3.3 Teacher invites each leader The group leaders The other students
Peer 4.2 of the groups to present the present their project . may come up with
Assessment 4.3 project. Students rank the observations,
Teacher asks students to presentations according questions and
assess the presentations and to their preferences . possible comments.
express their preferences.
Homework 2 min T-Ss 3.3 Teacher asks students to Then, teacher
draw a picture of congratulates
themselves. students and rewards