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Lesson plan

Teaching Practicum Coordinator: Madalina Belcin

Mentor Teacher: Luiza Popescu........................................

Model Classroom Teacher: Carmen Florescu.........................................

Student Teacher:
Boboc Maria-Victoria
Lesson Plan

Date: 15.11.2017
School: “Constantin Bratescu” Pedagogical Highschool
Grade: preparatory B
Number of pupils: 32
Lesson time: 50 minutes
Unit: Toys
Lesson title: Toys
Type of lesson: concept learning
Main Skills:
- Responding to simple requests/ instructions given in a slow pace;
- Decoding short, simple messages about their familiar environment;
1. To pronounce the words related to toys and colours correctly.
2. To count numbers from 1 to 10.
3. To match colours with toys, as requested.
• Organisation: pair work, individual work, class work
• Methods: explanation, conversation, demonstration, practice, observation, sticks game, mime
• Materials: school objects, colorful templates, images, worksheets, sticks, teddy bear song, stickers
- Heath, Jennifer, (2006), Look, Listen & Say, Activity book, London: High Holborn House

Nr. Stages of the Time Lesson Teacher Activity Children Activity Strategies
Crt. lesson Objectives Organisation Methods Materials
1 I make sure that Children listen to me and
Introduction 1' everything is ready for make sure they are ready class work observation
none the lesson.(check their for the lesson to begin
notebooks, chairs etc.)

Children listen carefully to

the questions and answer
I begin with: „How are accordingly if they can.
you?What day is it A: happy, good, sad etc.
2 Warm-up 2' none today?What's the Wednesday class work conversation
weather like today?” It is sunny, cloudy, windy,
cold etc.

Tapping 5' none I ask the pupils what Children answer to my

background have they learned questions. school
knowledge previously. A: rubber, pencil, objects
3 Then I show them pencilcase, ruler, pen
some school objects class work conversation colorful
and some colorful red, yellow, blue, green templates
templates and I ask and orange
them to pronounce the
words related to them.
Skillfully 1' none I tell the children about The pupils get acquainted explanation
4 introducing today's activities and with the toys. (teddy bear, class work conversation
the new topic explain them what they robot, ball, car, dolly) practice
and directing have to do.
learning „Today, we are going
Stating the to practice words
objectives related to toys”.At the
end of the lesson, you
will pronounce, ask
and answer correctly
with words about toys,
colours and numbers.”
I show them images The children listen
with toys, then I will carefully, then repeat the
O1 tell them how to words.
pronounce each word.

I tell the children that

we are going to play a The first pupil will mime a
funny game. I explain toy and the other one will Pair work the mime game
the rules: a pair of two try to guess it.
pupils will go in front
5 Development 23' of the class. One of
them will mime a toy
using sounds and
gestures, and the other
pupil will try to guess
the toy.
The children listen
I share the worksheets carefully to my advice Individual explanation worksheets
O2 (Annex1,2) to the while solving the tasks. work
children and I explain
them what they have to

I tell the children we

are going to play an
interesting game, then I The pupils listen to the
explain the rules: I will explanation, then answer
raise the sticks ( Annex to the task. class work the sticks game Sticks
3) one by one, then I A: blue robot, orange car
will ask the pupils to etc.
tell the name and
colour of the toys.
6 Reinforcement 15' O3
I share the pupils one
last worksheet( Annex
4) and I explain them The children listen worksheet
what they have to do. carefully to my advice Individual explanation
In order to make them while solving the tasks. work teddy bear
feel more familiar with song
the subject, I will play
the teddy bear song
while they are solving
the tasks.
I tell the children how The pupils listen to our
7 Feedback 3' well they behaved. I observations class work explanation Rewards
give them some conversation (stickers)