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OV7725 VGA product brief

High Performance, All-digital VGA Camera Solution

available in
a lead-free The OV7725 CameraChip™ sensor is a high-performance The OV7725 provides full-frame, sub-sampled or
1/4 inch, single-chip VGA camera and image processor in windowed 8-bit/10-bit images in a wide range of formats,
a small footprint package. Operating at full functionality, controlled through the serial camera control bus (SCCB)
the OV7725 meets all PC multimedia and cameraphone interface. The OV7725 possesses all required camera
market requirements in terms of performance, quality processing functions including exposure control, gamma,
and reliability. The low-power OV7725 excels in low light white balance, color saturation, hue control and more.
conditions and can operate in a wide temperature range, These functions are also programmable through the SCCB
from -20ºC to +70ºC. interface.
The OV7725 incorporates a 640 x 480 image array, Find out more at
capable of operating at 60 frames per second in VGA
mode with complete user control over image quality,
formatting and output data transfer.
Applications OV7725
 camera phones

 toys

 digital still cameras

ordering information
 webcams
 OV07725-V28A
(color, lead-free, CSP2-28)

 OV07221-V28A
(b&w, lead-free, CSP2-28)

Product Features Product Specifications

 high sensitivity for low-light  image quality controls including  array size: 640 x 480  scan mode: progressive
operation color saturation, hue, gamma,
sharpness (edge enhancement), and  power supply  electronic exposure
 standard SCCB interface anti blooming analog: 3.0V to 3.6V up to 510:1 (for selected fps)
digital core: 1.8 VDC ± 10%
 output support for:  ISP includes noise reduction and I/O: 1.7V to 3.3V  sensitivity: 3800 mV/lux-sec
– raw RGB defect correction
– RGB (GRB 4:2:2, RGB565/555/444)  power requirements  max S/N ratio: 50 dB
 lens shading correction active: 120 mW (60 fps VGA, YUV)
– YCbCr (4:2:2) formats
standby: <20 μA  dynamic range: 60 dB
 saturation level auto adjust
 supports image sizes: VGA, QVGA, (UV adjust)
and any size scaling down from CIF  temperature range  pixel size: 6.0 μm x 6.0 μm
to 40x30  edge enhancement level auto adjust -20oC to +70oC
 fixed pattern noise:
 VarioPixel® method for sub sampling  noise suppression technology auto  output formats: < 0.03% of V PEAK-TO-PEAK
adjust 8-bit YUV/YCbCr 4:2:2, RGB565
 automatic image control functions 555/444, GRB 4:2:2, Raw RGB Data,  dark current: 40 mV/s
including:  frame synchronization capability 10-bit Raw RGB Data
– automatic exposure control (AEC)  image area:
 lens size: 1/4” 3984 μm x 2952 μm
– automatic gain control (AGC)
– automatic white balance (AWB)  lens chief ray angle: 25° non-linear  package dimensions:
– automatic band filter (ABF) – CSP2: 5345 μm x 5265 μm
– automatic black-level calibration  maximum image transfer rate: – COB: 5360 μm x 5260 μm
(ABLC) – 60 fps for VGA

Functional Block Diagram

column G
sense amp buffer buffer

analog R
row select

array B image video
DSP* scaler FIFO port D[9:0]

exposure/ test pattern

gain detect generator


video timing exposure/gain SCCB

clock generator control interface









note 1 DSP* (lens shading correction, de-noise, white/black pixel correction, auto white balance, etc.) 7725_PB_001

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