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Ashley Small

Hanover PA 17331 * 717-965-7225 *

Carroll Community College Westminster, MD
Major: Nursing Graduating May 2018
Certificate Program: LPN 2017, License #LP53494

Clinical sites include: Carroll Hospital, Frederick Hospital, and Northwest Hospital
Under supervision of RN:
 Insertion, perineal care, and removal of Foley Catheter
 Wound care including: Aseptic technique, debridement, assessing, cleaning, and redressing
 Therapeutic communication used with patients and family members to develop a trusting rapport
 Obtain, assess, and document vital signs to relate it to plan of care
 Insertion and maintenance of nasogastric tube including tube placement, gastric contents, and
connection to suction

Franklin Square Rosedale, MD
Telemetry Unit
 Monitored cardiac strips to assess for changes in heart rhythms
 Help staff perform cardioversion and external pacing on hemodynamically impaired patients
 Provide education to patients with new onset cardiac disorders such as atrial fibrillation
 Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting lab values and other pertinent data
 Advocating for patients to achieve the best possible outcome

Mountain Manor Treatment Center Emmittsburg, MD
LPN October 2017-Present
 Educate addiction rehab patients about medications and sobriety during discharge
 Administration of medications including detox medications and evaluation of treatment
 Writing detailed nursing notes in paper and electronic charts using Medstar
 Collaborating with provider by accurately take verbal orders and transcribing properly
 Assessing patients using CIWA-AR, CIWA-B, and COWS assessments to properly medicate

 Vision screening for woman’s fair in Maryland
 Presented fire safety information at Health Fair for elementary school students; required adaptive
communication to cognitive level of student
 Volunteered for emergency training at Carroll Hospital
 Peer mentor during Fall 2017

 Naloxone Administration
 CPR - Basic Life Support (BLS) certified by American Heart Association
 Health Stream certified 2018

 President and Vice President of the National Student Nurse Association
 Secretary of Alpha Delta Nu – Alpha Alpha chapter

Chili’s of Hanover, 8 years Hanover, PA