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My notes for the following book.

I put this summary together to save me having to read the whole thing everytime i need a refresh, i plan to
incorporate roughly this diet/idea's into my thread about 'retaining physique and fitness' found here:

Here goes:


Strict dieting, specific nutrition, supplement and training protocols.

Not always eating low calories, 3 days will be maintenance level calories.
To get lean, need calorie deficit.
Eating under maintenance calorie levels, your body uses body fat for fuel.
This is how it makes up caloric deficit.

Eating often (even small meals) is counterproductive to getting lean.

Three meals per day = success

Intermittent Fasting helps tremendously in achieving very low body fat levels.
Giving your body extended breaks from food, you become a fat burning machine. Insulin is low, growth
hormone is high, free fatty acids released into bloodstream, burned for fuel.

Skipping morning breakfast.

Pack your 3 meals into 7-8 hours of your day.
Only allow coffee and water during fasting hours (coffee acts as a hunger suppressant)
Occasionally fasting from after your dinner one day, until dinner the next day is extremely effective at dropping
fat fast.
Two of these 24 hour-fasts per week will significantly lower calorie intake, enough to drop a full pound of fat or
Sensible eating the other 5 days of the week, your body will become leaner than ever before.

3 days will be spend eating 'maintenance' calories. On these days, you do strength training in order to
maximize muscle and strength maintenance.

The other 2 days spent eating 3 meals with low calories, low carbs. This keeps fat loss momentum going,
allowing you to get lean quicker.
Strategic cardio is done on these days to exploit fat burning potential

The Weekly Program - 2 pounds of fat loss per week:

monday: strength workout A and Maintenance calories

Tuesday: Cardio and Low Calories

Wednesday: Strength workout B and maintenace calories

Thursday: Fast until dinner

Friday: Cardio and Low calories

Saturdays: Strength Workout C and Maintenance Calories

Sunday: Fast until dinner (measure weight, 2 pounds less is the goal)

24 hour fast DAYS:

- You fast until dinnertime. Dinner should consist of about 1/3 of maintenance calories.
This is very strong calorie deficient, should equate to about 1/2 pound of fat burned, or more.
- For maintenance calories, take your body weight, and multiply by 15 (this is accurate for a man who isnt
overweight, and exercises 1 hour per day)
- So on fasting days, only eat dinner of Body weight multiplied by 5


A Male 180 pounds;

Maintenance calories = 180 x 15 = 2700

Fast day = 180 x 5 = 900

(if you are overweight, recommended to use your 'goal bodyweight' as multiplying factor, rather than actual
body weight. This is because fat doesnt affect metabolic rate.)

What to Eat on 24 hour fast days?

- Meat and veggies are foundation. should leave few hundred calories to add whatever you like, as long as you
stay in calorie guidelines.

Exercise for 24 hour fast days?

-Fast days allow for maximum fat burning. Exploit these days by incorporating exercise.
-Recommended to walk for 3-5 miles just a few hours before finishing the fast and having dinner, this is when
HGH is at highest.
-When you go over 20 hours without eating, your body is a fat burning machine. -Growth hormones go up
almost 2000%, insulin stays low, and free fatty acids become released into bloodstream to be burned for fuel.

Walk the fat off:

Walking/running burn nearly same amount of calories on a per unit distance scale.
running 3 miles almost = walking three miles for caloric expenditure.

How many calories will walking burn?

- 1 calorie per kilogram of bodyweight per kilometer walked

(IE) your 80kg, you walk 5 kilometers, you burn 400 calories (80 x 5)
So if you walk 5 kilometers, twice per day, thats nearly 1/4 pound of fat burned just from walking.

Supplements used on 24 hour fast days:

- Epherdrine/caffeine (EC).
-This has incredibly potent appetite suppressing effect.
-Taking daily, body will desensitize to EC, so only take on fasting days, body will stay primed to it.
-Combination author recommends is 20-24mg ephedrine with 200mg caffeine 2x per day. (1st at wake up, next
4-6 hours later)
-For people new to supplement, start with 8-10mg ephedrine, 100mg caffeine 1-2x per day.

Low calorie days:

- Only eating 2/3 of your maintenance calories. A strong calorie deficit, combined with cardio, should allow 1/3
pound of fat burned.
- Calculation is your weight (in pounds) x 10. Again, if overweight, use your goal weight for calculation.

What to EAT on low calorie days;

-High protein, moderate fat and low carbs.
-Specifically; 1gram protein per pound of bodyweight, 100-120g of carbs. Make up rest of calories with fat.
-Beef and eggs great protein source, as well as veggies and 3-4 servings fruit.
Basic guideline of 3 daily meals is;

1st) 1-2pm,
2nd) 5-6pm
3rd) 9pm

- fast for first part of day, or if you really love breakfast, move 1 of your meals to earlier. But NO extra meal, NO
snacking in between.

Exercise recommendations on Low Calorie Days;

-Increase fat burning effects by adding 45min cardio. For max fat bruning, perform 15 minutes of intervals wtih
1:2 work rest ratio. Intervals increase HGH levels, trigger release of stored fat cells into your bloodstream.

Intervals on cardio machine: 1minute hard / 2minute easy x5
Walking on treadmill: 30minutes at 4mph and 2.0 incline

Maintenance Calorie days:

What to eat:

-High carbs, moderate protein and low to moderate fat.

-Specifically, 1 gram protein per pound of bodyweight. 50-70g of fat. Rest of calories come from carbs, these
will replenish glycogen levels, putting you back into an anabolic stae, and boost lepum levels.
-Lean protein sources (chicken breast, egg whites, flank steak) are best, and plenty of starches (potatoes, sweet
potatoes, pasta, rice)
-Some fruit, veggies.

Exercise routine on Maintenance Calorie Days;

-This is strength training days. Keep volume low, lift heavy and hard only 3 times per week.
-Ensures maximum strength and muscle maintenance.
-Due to your strict low cal diet, your recovery capabilities are reduced. Therefore excess volume will break your
body down, kill your strength. Imperitive to avoid temptation to do any extra strength training while on this
(Check book pages 16-18 for exact recommended sets/reps of routines and notes on these exercises) << i'm
not interested in weight training, so am not including in these notes.

How Much Fat can i expect to lose?

-Following this program properly, 2 pounds pure fat per week.

-This is good balance, going faster will sacrifice strength and cause muscle loss, and prove difficult to maintain
leanness after ending diet.
-Best accuracy: weight youself 2x per week on fasting days.
weigh youself nude in morning after pissing, for consistency. Both these fasting days should be after a
maintenance calorie day, so will ensure that weight loss represents pure fat, not water loss.
-Should aim for 1 pound lighter for every fast day. therefore 2 pounds per week.

Want to SLOW down rate of weightloss?

- Only do one 24 hour fast per week. exchange for 1 low calorie day.
- So instead of 2 fasts, 2 low calories, have 1 fast, 3 low calories days.
- This should slow rate of fat loss from 2 pounds per week to 1.5 pounds per week.

Bonus: staying lean once you get there:

-Once at desired leanness, worst thing to do is go back to original eating habits.
-Key is to eat the same way you did to get lean, but you have much more leeway.

The Weekly Maintenance Program;

-Strength workout A and Above maintenance calories.

-cardio and low calories

Wednesday: Strength workout B and Above maintenance calories.

-cardio and low calories

-Strength Workout C and Above maintenance calories

-rest and maintenance calories

-20 to 24 hour fast.

-In maintenance program, you have 3 higher calorie days, 2 lower calorie days, 1 maintenance calorie day, 1
fasting day.
-Each high calorie day offset by lower calorie day.
-In addition, placing higher calorie days on strength training days promotes more muscle growth while staying

KINOBODY rules for 6 pack Abs;

1) Eat 3 meals per day, no snacking

-Cut out all snacking, whilst watching tv, because of stress, etc.
-Eat only when hungry, recommended first meal 1-2pm, second meal 5-6pm last meal around 9pm
-Getting used to just 3 meals with no snacking, you will get and stay lean with ease.

2) Eat only until satisfied:

-To get lean with ease, stop eating the moment you feel satisfied.

3) Eat healthy 80-90% of time

- 80-90% of calories should come from healthy foods, meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts, greek yoghurt.
- last 10-20% can come from junk: cookies, icecream, alcohol etc. thought only try to indulge a few times per

Concluding Thoughts:
-No doubting and self sabotaging, sticking to this will allow you to reach your goals.
-Its about correct mindset and enjoying the process, which will come with routine.

final quote:

"Dont sacrifice what you really want with what you want right now"

For fitness tips: