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Example 3 Chapter-8

Temperature Profile in a Water Injection Well

Look at this temperature profile recorded in a water injection well.

1) Explain why the ‘assumed geothermal gradient’ has been traced in the position
and with the slope shown on the log?

2) Explain the shape of the temperature log, recorded with the injection ‘on’.

3) Explain the change of 30°F in wellbore temperature displayed at the bottom of the
log. Where is the water being injected?

4) The casing perforations are marked around 7930 – 7960. Is this consistent with
the injection depth? Derive a probable pattern of water flow into the injection

1) Below the injection interval the sump is at geothermal temperature, which

gives one point on the gradient. The slope was calculated from the value of
surface geothermal temperature.

2) The temperature log is almost a straight line joining the surface temperature
with the bottomhole wellbore temperature. At the bottom of the hole the
wellbore temperature is lower than geothermal because the fast flowing water
cannot pick-up heat at the same pace as the geothermal temperature
increases. At the bottom of the well, the difference amounts to 30°F.

3) The water is injected at the depth at which there is a swing of 30°, where the
temperature returns to geothermal. This deoth is indicated on the log at 8050-

4) The casing perforations do not coincide with the injection depth. If the
eprforations are in the right place, this means that the water channels behind
the casing down to the injection depth. To make sure of the casing water exit
point, a flowmeter should be run.