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just the facts.

With knowledge, care and communication,

the odds of passing herpes can be
lessened to a large degree.


• Herpes male to non-
99% of the time, oral cold
herpes female = 10%
sores are caused by HSV-1
• Herpes female to non-
(oral HSV-2 is very, very rare)
herpes male = 4%
50% of new genital herpes
Assumes the following:
cases are HSV-1 from oral sex.
• No sex during active outbreaks,
• No daily antiviral medication WHAT IS VIRAL SHEDDING?
• No regular use of condoms.
Herpes can be transmitted
3 extra layers of protection: with no visible symptoms.
1. Daily suppressive therapy of
Here are the %s of the time herpes
antiviral medication reduces
silently sheds the virus based on
transmission rates by 48%.
the HSV type and location (not to be
transmitting to female (%/yr.) 2. Condoms reduce transmission
confused with transmission rates).
10% (NO protection) rates by another 30-50%.
3. Awareness of prodrome HSV-2 genital 15-30%
5% (condoms OR meds) helps to protect that much HSV-1 genital 3-5%
2.5% (condoms AND meds) more so sex can be avoided
HSV-1 oral 9-18%
during such sensations.
HSV-2 oral 1%
Shedding occurs more frequently
• Over 25 million Americans during the first 6-12 months
14-49 years old (16.2%) of having herpes than it does
have genital herpes. subsequently due to building
• 776,000 new herpes cases up antibodies. Asymptomatic
annually (2,000/day). genital HSV-2 infections shed
• 80% have oral HSV-1 virus about 1/2 as frequently
transmitting to male (%/yr.)
80% of the 16.2% with genital as symptomatic infections.
4% (NO protection)
herpes don’t know they have it.
2% (condoms OR meds) DISCLOSURE E-BOOK
Herpes is transmitted via skin-
1% (condoms AND meds) to-skin contact in a warm/moist • Download the free e-book to
environment (mostly genitals/ shift your whole perspective on
mouth). Herpes is transmitted herpes:
For comparison’s sake ... There’s a 2-15%* chance
of unintended pregnancy with condoms and a 1.81%** only when the contagious
chance of dying in a car accident over your lifetime. area of the skin contacts the
(just search for these terms in Google)
*NBC News “Condom Use 101” Feb. 26, 2012 mucous membrane or a crack • Planned Parenthood’s herpes page
**2012 US Census “Death Rates by Selected Causes”
Note: Source of all data on this page comes in the surface of the skin. • ASHA Herpes Resource Center
from the research pages to the lower right.
Daily suppressive antiviral • WebMD herpes page
“It’s really important for • CDC: Genital Herpes Fact Sheet
medication can reduce shedding by
• NYT Health Guide: Genital Herpes
people to understand how 50-90% and reduce the frequency
• Westover Heights Herpes Handbook
common herpes is, and how of outbreaks by up to 80%. •
little problem it causes ...” article.aspx?articleid=896698
— Dr. Anna Kaminski (PP)

Spread knowledge and facts. Live fully. Love fully. Begin now.

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