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Very Early Lyric by Music by CAROL HALL BILL EVANS Medium Jazz Waltz (A) en? Bo El Mai? wn) «ay vr sy er ow love came quick sy vel oly i same rin ning Dba? ave Maj? Bes} Dati? Bux? You were all Love was ali When 1 Like an ca ger ow er wat =o, Ser how ear = 1 eer asked for ive came Won draws and wos Dhvai? the ear y rain beats on my win - dow, Busi? ave Mai? alte 7609) Sweet the sound rain can_muke, Nie we fie here, Cai? Area, Da? Em? F®Q7/h F eM 5) Sot = oy sigh ete, you and There, Wait + ing for the Fai” Em? Dm? Maj? Byiaj? ver yo early san to wake, —________ Rocorded by Janice Borla / Lunar Ovtave DMP CD-3004: Mark Murphy & Nine / Very Early West & East Music CD 220 022-2 ‘TRO © 1962 (renewed), 1985 {renewed} and 1987 FOLKWAYS MUSIC PUBLISHERS, INC., Now York, NY