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Group Members: 3rd Quarter A.

Y 2017 – 2018
Gatdula, Claude Jean R. Planning 3 AR176-AR2
Jariel, Schyler Heleinamae F.
Promoting Biodiversity in World’s
Biodiversified Cities Cities
1. UK Biodiversity Action Plan
What is Biodiversity?  The UK was the first country to
BIO = LIFE produce a national biodiversity action
DIVERSITY = VARIETY plan, and the UK BAP described the
 Variety of life in our natural biological resources of the UK and
environment – from the smallest micro- provided detailed plans for
organism to the largest mammals, conservation of these resources.
including the ecosystems where they
live – forests and mountains, rivers and
City of London Local Plan
Developments should promote biodiversity by
 Variety within and between species
• green roofs and walls, soft landscaping
Levels of Biodiversity and trees;
 Genetic diversity – the genes are • features for wildlife, such as nesting
responsible for the uniqueness of every boxes and beehives;
living organism • Sustainable drainage systems
 Species diversity – usually measured in • planting which will be resilient to a
terms of the total number of species range of climate conditions;
found in particular area • maintenance of habitats within Sites of
 Ecosystem diversity – self sustaining Importance for Nature Conservation.
collection of organisms and habitat
Access to nature and green space in the City:
Benefits of Biodiversity
 Provides air and water
 Provides materials for clothing and
 Biodiversity heals
 Brings income to millions

Problem: Loss of Biodiversity

 Invasive ‘alien’ species
 Pollution
 Over-exploitation of living resources
 Climate change
Biodiversity Action Plan
 A biodiversity action plan (BAP) is an
internationally recognized program
addressing threatened species and
habitats and is designed to protect and Reference: City of London Biodiversity Action
restore biological systems. Plan 2016 – 2020
2. Barcelona’s “Plan Verde 2020”
 envisions a “blooming mosaic of plants
and leaf cover” with plans for five new 4. Singapore
parks that will connect with other  Home to over 2,000 plant species, 65
green spaces mammal species, and 109 reptile
 Barcelona Green Infrastructure and species
Biodiversity Plan is a strategic  Bodiversity and greenery have positive
instrument setting out the impact on health and the ability to
commitment of local government in mitigate local climate change impacts.
preserving green infrastructure and  Reduce urban heat island effect, air
biodiversity pollution and storm water runoff and
provide shade and cool ambience
 Mangroves along coastlines buffer a
city’s coast against the increased
runoffs from intense storms due to
climate change.
 Enhancing urban greenery also makes
economic sense.

Fig. 2. Types of spaces that make up the city’s

green network
Green Infrastructure
 Green infrastructure is the term used to
describe the network of natural and
designed vegetation elements within
Fig. 3 Brishan Park
our cities and towns, in both public and
private domains.

3. Vancouver
 Stands to learn a great deal through
biological introspection
 Their target is to increase the amount
of natural areas, including forests and
wetlands, by 25 hectares in 2020
 Vancouver Convention Centre
Completed in 2009, the now-iconic
multi-pitched ‘living roofs’ of the West
Building were envisioned as a native
meadow that would provide food and
habitat for birds and insects alike.
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