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Providing medical attention to someone needing so especially in critical condition has never

been less than demanding. Each second passing is a game of life saving or losing. Ambulance plays a
significant role in delivering medical services to where it is needed. Before, municipal ambulances were
only meant to take patient for treatment after a long and tedious process of reserving one. Fuel cost is
also shouldered by the relatives of the patient adding more burden to them if not totally discouraging
them to access on this service.
The Local Government Unit of Rizal, Nueva Ecija has been serious to change the name of the
game. These haunting stigmata about our ambulances and the service it provides could have been more
painful than what the patients are ailing about. So, the Sundo at Hatid Program was launched.
Now with ample number of ambulances ready to serve the Rizalenos, process of reservation has
been a lot easier and your ambulance is just one text away.
Now, the autonomy of the ambulance services is no longer taking the patient for treatment.
With all the upgrades available in each unit, providing more sophisticated paramedics is possible and
treatment is taken to right where it is needed.
Its service has also been extended from dropping patients to hospitals to fetching patients from
hospitals thus the name sundo at hatid.
More importantly, all these services are for free.