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Course Listing
If there is a letter following the course number, it indicates the university where the course was taken.
B = Black Hills State University, D = Dakota State University, M = SD School of Mines & Technology,
N = Northern State University, S = South Dakota State University, U = the University of South Dakota.
Name Anderson, Kristin K.
Address 25411 Meadow View Cir
Crooks, SD 57020-5821

Course/Section and Title Grade Credits Repeat Term

ECE-473 S01 Orientation: K-3 Student Teach 2018SP
ECE-488 S03 Student Teaching-Birth to 8 2018SP
ECE-475 S01 Pedagogy/Guidance ECE:Prim Gr A 2.00 2017FA
ECE-478 S01 Integrated Curriculum: Birth-8 A 4.00 2017FA
ECE-478L S01 Int Curriculum Birth-8 Ed Lab LR 0.00 2017FA
ECE-495 S03 Practicum: K-3 A 2.00 2017FA
EDFN-466 S01 Literacy in Primary Grades A 3.00 2017FA
EDFN-466L S01 Literacy Primary Grades Lab LR 0.00 2017FA
MATH-345 S01 Math for Primary Grades II A 3.00 2017FA
MUS-351 S01 Elementary School Music Method B 2.00 2017SU
PE-360 S02 K-8 Physical Education Methods A 2.00 2017SU
PE-360L S02 K-8 Physical Ed Methods Lab LR 0.00 2017SU
ECE-220 S01D Early Child Health/Safety/Nutr A 2.00 2017SP
ECE-465 S01 Doc/Inq/Research: Young Child A 2.00 2017SP
ECE-470 S01D Early Child Inclusion Strategy A 3.00 2017SP
ECE-488 S02 Student Teaching A 6.00 2017SP
EHS-309 S04 Interdisciplin Group Processes A 2.00 2017SP
ECE-328 S01 Guidance with Young Children A 1.00 2016FA
ECE-328L S04 Guidance With Young Children A 1.00 2016FA
ECE-361 S01 Meth/Matrl Early Child Educ B 2.00 2016FA
ECE-361L S01 Methods Laboratory B 1.00 2016FA
ECE-362 S01 Early Child Curriculum/Assess A 2.00 2016FA
ECE-362L S01 Early Child Curric/Assess Lab A 1.00 2016FA
ECE-363 S01 Emergent Literacy and Numeracy A 3.00 2016FA
ECE-363L S01 Emergent Literacy/Numeracy Lab LR 0.00 2016FA
ECE-364 S01D Parent/Child Rel Prof Context A 3.00 2016FA
MATH-342 D30 Math Concepts for Teachers II A 3.00 2016FA
CA-111 S01D Individual Financial Managemnt S 1.00 2016SP
ANTH-421 S01 Indians of North America B 3.00 2016SP
CA-110 S01D Individual Financial Literacy S 1.00 2016SP
ECE-371 S02 Infant/Toddler Dev Appr Pract A 3.00 2016SP
ECE-371L S02 Infnt & Toddlr:Dev App Prac LR 0.00 2016SP
ECE-372 S01 Preschool to Middle Child Dev A 2.00 2016SP
HDFS-241 S01 Family Relations A 3.00 2016SP
HLTH-250 S02 Pre-Prof First Aid & CPR A 2.00 2016SP
HLTH-250L S02 Pre-Prof First Aid & CPR Lab LR 0.00 2016SP
ENGL-201 S26D Composition II A 3.00 2015FA
BIOL-101 S01 Biology Survey I B 3.00 2015FA
BIOL-101L S06 Biology Survey I Lab LR 0.00 2015FA
ECE-150 S01 Early Experience A 2.00 2015FA
ECE-150L S01 Early Experience Lab LR 0.00 2015FA
EDFN-365 S01 Computer-Based Tech & Learning A 2.00 2015FA
EDFN-475 S01 Human Relations A 3.00 2015FA
ENGL-240 S03D Juvenile Literature C 3.00 2015FA
GEOG-131 S03 Phys Geography Weather/Climate B 4.00 2015SP
GEOG-131L S03 Phys Geog Weather/Climate Lab LR 0.00 2015SP
HDFS-210 S01 Lifespan Development A 3.00 2015SP
MUS-100 N800T Music Appreciation A 3.00 2015SP
SOC-100 S01 Introduction to Sociology A 3.00 2015SP
SPCM-101 S57D Fundamentals of Speech A 3.00 2015SP
CHEM-106 S01 Chemistry Survey C 3.00 2014FA
CHEM-106L S03 Chemistry Survey Lab B 1.00 2014FA
ENGL-101 S14 Composition I C 3.00 2014FA
MATH-102 S16 College Algebra C 3.00 2014FA
NURS-109 S04B First Year Seminar B 2.00 2014FA
PSYC-101 S05B General Psychology A 3.00 2014FA

Total Earned Credits 112.00

Total Grade Points 398.00
Cumulative GPA 3.618