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Flipped classroom B2+ Unit

Present and past habits 2 Complete the sentences from the video
  Part 1: Video preparation
1 They fundraising for charities.
2 They’ll of their way to help you.
3 He was me what to do.
4 Fraternities be literary societies.
5 They meet to talk about
books and writers.

3 Write N next to the sentences in 2 that express

neutral habits and A for annoying habits.
1 Do you remember the listening from page 12 of
your Student’s Book? Answer the questions.
4 Circle the correct alternative to complete the rules
1 Tick (✓) the reasons why undergraduate students in (a–e). Then match them with sentences (1–5) from 2.
the US join fraternities and sororities.
a We use present simple/would + adverb of
a make friends for life frequency to talk about present habits.
b find part-time jobs while they are studying b We use past simple/used to to talk about past
c get professional counselling habits. We don’t use it for single events in
d feel part of a community the past.
e make professional contacts c We use used to/would to talk about past
2 Write three things that fraternities and sororities habits but not states.
organise. d We use present or past continuous + adverb of
frequency to talk about habits/states.
3 Why don’t students tell the authorities when their e We also use will/would to talk about
fraternity challenge is dangerous? Circle a or b. present habits.
a It’s against university policy.
  Part 3: Grammar practice
b They are sworn to secrecy.
4 What do the students think of fraternities and 1 Circle the correct alternative.
sororities? Tick (✓) the correct answer. 1 Sally used to/would be very bossy. She would always
a They are a good thing. tell/was always telling her younger brother what to do.
b They are a bad thing. 2 In August, we ’d/’ll usually go to the beach and meet
friends. What do you usually do?
2 Match the words (1–4) with their synonyms (a–d). 3 Tom is so annoying. He’s always making/making
stupid jokes.
1 commitment a promise
4 We ’d visit/visited my grandmother every other
2 initiation b embarrass
Sunday and spend the afternoon with her.
3 humiliate c ceremony to start something new
5 I would/used to hate this film.
4 pledge d obligation
2 Complete the second sentence so that it means
  Part 2: Video comprehension
the same as the first, using the instructions in
Watch the video as many times as necessary and do brackets.
the exercises.
1 My little brother used to wake me up at 3 am and it
1 Answer the questions.
was very annoying.
1 Tick (✓) the activities that are mentioned in the My little brother me up at 3 am when
he was a child. (three words)
a raise money for charity
b organise sports competitions 2 You always see Jackie taking her dog for a walk early
c go to meetings in the morning.
2 What does the presenter (Dave) say when he is You Jackie taking her dog for a walk
annoyed with a student who arrives late to class? early in the morning. (two words)
3 This building was a library. Now it’s a restaurant.
3 What is a mortarboard? When did Dave need one? This building a library. Now it’s a
Did he like it?
restaurant. (three words)
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