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Technical Field

This invention relates to machinery used for picking, collecting and transferring products from

the tree to the secondary transportation for delivery, for example picking, collecting and

5 transferring palm fruits using this invention in single process directly to secondary


Background Art

10 In agriculture industry, productivity is the main factor to achieve optimum profit. This can be

done by affecting the productivity cost and time consumed for the production.

In previous harvesting process, it was done by picking, collecting and transferring the product

from the tree to the secondary transportation by multiple types of machineries. Although it was

15 better than the manual process, but yet it still lacking. By using multiple machinery to harvest,

this process can still be costly, time consuming and require numbers of workers to operate the



Disclosure of Invention

The present invention aims to improvise and combine all the processes of harvesting, from tree

to secondary transportation, into one single process.

The known process of harvesting palm fruits from palm tree to secondary transportation can be

classified into several procedures. Harvesting started where the workers need to cut the fruit

bunch from the palm tree and allowing it to fall to the ground by gravity. The fruits may be

damaged in this process as the heavy bunch fell to the ground. During this process, the impact on

10 the bunch can bruise the fruits and some parts of the bunch was scattered to the ground. The

fruits were left under the palm tree for collection process.

In the next process, the workers need to collect all the palm fruits under the palm tree and load

into the container. This was also including the scattered pieces of palm fruits, which was

15 manually picked. It was time consuming and some of the scattered fruits will be ignored and


For the third process, the fruits will then moved from the collection points to the secondary

transportation to be transport to the factory. In each of the processes, numbers of the workers

20 needed were increased thus the cost were also in parallel.

However, use of the present invention is able to combine all this process into single process. This

can be done by simplifying the three processes required to be done in harvesting process. This

invention can be brought during the cutting process. The machine is very portable and able to

access various terrains, example soft grounds and slopes where no lorry or wheelbarrow can

easily access. It can be control precisely by the operator by using speed and gear control installed

on the handle of the machine. The wheels differential mechanism doesn’t require corner gear

5 because it has slotted hole. During the cutting process, the fruit bunch will fall directly into

receiver ramp. This action will reduce the impact onto the fruit bunch. In addition, the scattered

fruits also ended up in the container thus it can be saved and useable.

Processing time can be reduced by directly loading the fruits to the secondary transportation. In

10 other words the operator of the machine can simultaneously cut and load the fruits into the

moving container by combining cutting and collecting process at the same time. The capacity of

the container is also increased and it does not require much strength to operate the machine. It

can occupy in about 500 kilograms of product at one time. The fruits will then be finally transfer

and load into secondary transportation. The dumping action, where the container can be lifted

15 make the fruits are easily transfer to the secondary transport.

This single process will decrease the time and reduce the number of workers required in overall

process of harvesting. Only one operator is needed per machine to conduct the invention for the

entire process of harvesting.


This invention not only can be use for collecting fruits, it can also be used for other various

loading works. It also does not require high skilled worker and strength to operate the machine. It

also needs very low maintenance, lightweight and very effective.


Brief Description of Drawings

In order that the invention may be more readily understood, a preferred example of the invention

will now be described with reference to the accompany drawings, in which ;

5 FIG.1 show the overall look of the machine.

FIG. 2 illustrate how the machine in its normal operating.

FIG. 4 illustrate how the machine in its unloading process.

FIG. 6 illustrate how the machine look when its is moving.

FIG.8 shows the look from under the machine.

10 FIG 12 illustrate the differential mechanism.

Best Mode for Carrying Out the Invention

Referring to the FIG. 2 it can be seen that the machine can hold the load in its container 15.

Dump pivot 4 and dump pin 8 enable the container to till further dumping its load as shown in

FIG 4. The flexible ram 7 can be fit according to the tree structure and contour to enable it to

15 catch the falling fruit and deliver it automatically to the ram. The ram 16 deliver the fruit from

flexible ram to the container. Ram pivot 5 and pivot pin 6 enable the ram to move or rotate to

make the flexible ram closer and fit to the tree and close it when the machine is moving or

dumping the load. The throttle handle 18 allow the operator to control or steer the machine, also

to control the power or the speed of the engine. The clutch handle 19 allow the operator to steer

20 the machine and control the clutch. The wheel 14 use to transmit the power from the drive shaft

to the ground to move the machine and it is also have a low ground pressure that enable the

machine go to the soft and loose ground without getting stuck, it also have a slotted hole where

the pin is inserted.


FIG. 4 shows the machine in unloading process. It also reveals the machine drive. It can be seen

the container 15 can be till to unload. The power unit 20 that give the power to the machine. The

transmission 21 use to deliver the power from power unit to the drive shaft and also functional to

convert the direction, speed and torque to make sure the machine have an optimum ability.

FIG. 12 shows the machine drive unit and its differential mechanism that enable the machine to

turn and have maximum maneuverability. The differential mechanism consist of several part that

is related to each other. The drive shaft 17 will receive power from transmission and deliver it to

the wheel bush 12. The drive shaft 17 will be going inside the wheel bush 12 and connected by

10 the pin 1 in the slotted hole 10 that enable the bush to have a limited rotation that is needed while

turning and maneuvering the machine. The wheel bush 12 will go inside the wheel and

connected by pin 1 at slotted hole as the wheel bush 12 and drive shaft 17 connected and


15 Similar assembly and feature go to the other side of the differential mechanism.

By using the feature stated above, the machine will have optimum power to move, optimum state

to picking, collecting and transferring the product can be achieve. The differential mechanism

allow the machine to have more maneuverability and its limited differential allow the tire to

20 move even though one of the tire is suspended or have no friction.



1. A collecting device for the palm oil fruit loader machine include a major parts that is the

power unit (20), the transmission (21), differential mechanism, the container (15) and its rams.

5 2. The collecting and storing ability is achieve by the flexible ram (7) that is connected to

the ram (16) then connected to the ram pivot (5) that is connected by pivot pin (6) that is then

connected to the container (15). Unloading ability of the machine came by its container (15) that

is connected to chassis (2) by dump pivot (4) and dump pin (8). The moving ability is enable by

its power unit (20) that is directly connect to the transmission (21) then to the differential

10 mechanism.

3. The maneuverability of the machine is enable by the differential mechanism that receive

power from transmission (21) that is directly connected to the drive shaft (17) that transmit the

power to the wheel bush (12) of both side by the slotted hole (10) and pin (1), then the power

from the wheel bush (12) transmit by slotted hole (10) and pin (1) to the wheel (14).



Title : Palm Oil Fruit Loader Machine

A palm oil fruit loader machine include several mechanism that allow it to do the task efficiently.

It has a picking and collecting mechanism that include rams and pivots that allow it to catch the

5 fruits. A holding places that include container (15) that can hold it securely and can be till to

unload thanks to its pivot. An efficient drive system that will give it an maximum ability and

maneuverability to go where others can’t that include power drive that have power unit (20) and

transmission (21) and limited differential mechanism to have optimum maneuverability.