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CONTRACT FOR EMPLOYMENT. OF DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT. ‘THIS AGREEMENT ie made and entered into this_1L__day of “Sls, 2016, by and between the Stelton-Highspie School Distt (hereinafter refered to asthe “Distt” with administative offices located at 250 Reynders Avenve, Steton Peonsyvania 1713 and Travis, Wats anid corey ing QI cine tere s5°Me War” Siete ycoletvel te Pe) ‘WHEREAS, th Baar of choo Deco ofthis aa Spec meting uly and ropaty called on te 14h day of lly, 2016 apoined Me. War to be ace of Supetntenden of Sel fr he Dist in orc wit the proves of eos 81, 107, 07 and 171 et 4 fh Pesan Pal School Cae 18 and ‘WHEREAS, te pre have sped po ean nd oon of employment tnd dai reed tems condos vei 'AND, THEREFORE, the Pus, neni tbe Tealy bowed hey, ad in condo of mtal coven conie! rl ae a flows: tL Tamm The Dla, In comin of the ries Re xine, ht ee ee eee Seto of Dis fr atom of des) yar connencing oa Jal 142016 an ening no Ime than uly 14,208. On a before Fer, 209, he Dla ayes w exc an eptin ocx the Soetoro an tn ee (3) fre (er 2. Minimum Work Days, The Superintendent shall work atleast two hundred and sinty (260) days annually forthe Distt under his Agreement 3. Authority of Board of School Directors for the Distrit and District ‘Superintendent, The Board of School Directors, on ts ov behalf and on behalf ofthe electors ‘of the District, and the Superintendent hereby retain and reserve all power, rights, authority, utes and responsbilites conferred upon and invested in it and inhi respectively by the laws and the Constitution of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania save for any power or eights limited by the express terms ofthis Agreement. 4. Professlonal_Certifiestion, As x condition precedent to this contact, ‘Superintendent shall secure and continue at all imes during the Term hereof to hold valid superintendent's cetifeste isved by the Department of Education, Commonwealth of Peasylvania, 5. Dies and Full-Time Emplovment. t 'A. The Superintendent shal be charged with the ad Airetion of the Disuet's governing body. The Superintendent shall be the Chief Executive Ofticer ofthe District, and as such, shall be responsible for performing all duties incident othe office of the District Superintendent asst fot in the Public School Code and oter such duties as my be legally prescribed by the Distit’s goveming body. The Superintendents dates shal Include recommending to the Disrit's governing body the selection, employment, assignment, transfer, and suspension ofall professional and nonprofessional petonnel. In addition tothe responsibilies set forth herein, Superintendent shall be responsible for the job duties and performance responsibilities se forth in the job description forthe postion of Superintendent of Schools. (Jab Desription atached hereto as Exhibit"). To the extent tat this agreement and Job deserition cont, the tems of this apresment shall contol. Finally, the Superintendent shall assign duties and supervise all employees, and recommend promotion, salary change, emotion and discharge of any employee wh fils to perform satisfactorily. rtion of he schools under the 'B, The Superintendent shall havea seat on the Distet’s governing body andthe right to peak on ll iasues before the Distts goveming body but shall not have the right 0 vote, The Superintendent or his designees) shal have the ight to attend all regular and special meetings of the District's governing body and all committee meetings threo, excepting thos relating to his ‘own employment, and shall serve at advisor to the Distet’s governing body and its committees inall matere affecting the Dstiet. The Distict’s governing body and its members, individually, shall promptly refer al erie, complains and suggestions called to isther station tthe ‘Superintendent for study, disposition or recommendation asi appropriate. CC. The Superintendent shal be responsible for the total day-o-dey administration ofthe Distct subject to officially edopted policies of the Diswit's governing body. All official contacts between the Distrit’s governing body members and the staff of the District shall be 2 through the Superintendent exclusively. The Superintendent shall be sesponsible for communicating the Discs governing Body's dieses to employees and for communicating ‘on behalf of emsployecs to the Distrit's governing body. Nothing in this section shall preclude the right of the District's governing body's members to exersie thoi responsiilies as Individuals in the ateas of monitoring Distet operations, conducting oversight activities, or Visiting sthools asset frth in District goveming body policy ot directed by the Distet’s govern body. . ‘The Superintendent shall be responsible for overseeing the timely review of all curoula areas required by law and 9 make recommendations othe District's governing body for the improvement of cuticulum. EE, The Superintendent agres to devote her ll4imeatetion, energies, sills, nd labor to her employment as Distt Superintendent during the term of this Agreement provided however, that he upon express writen authoriation from the Discs governing body, Me. Waters may undertake consultative work, speaking engagements, publication, lecturing, adjunct teaching or other professional services on het own personal time provided the Distie’s eavering body ie infnemed and doesnot diet her to discontinue such activites. When any of | the foregoing activites could have a negative impact on the Steton-Highspre School District, ‘Ms. Waters shall immediately notify the Disriet's governing body and shall obtain the District governing body's prior uriten approval of any presentation materials, articles, or written opinions of the Superintendent prioe 1 their publication. Such approval shall not be vuveasonably withheld. Superintendent shall not commence such activities until he second year ofthis Agseement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Disit’s governing body retains the right to revoke any approval granted under this provision at any point for any reason it deems approprinte, F, The dies of the Superintendent may requite his patcipetion in professional ssocitions and presence st numerous meetings, conventions and conferences in order to roaintsin awareness of current issues programs and information. The Supeintndent's attendance at seminars, workshops, inservice programs, school stvites and graduate education programs ie necessary to mainiain the knowledge an skills required of he position. The District, considers the expenses involved in suc activities, incloding dues in professional be directly related to the Superintendent's duties and eligible for reimbursement. Expense reimbursement for such setiitis shall be provided in accordance with District policy and procedure and ae subjet to prio approval by the Board of Schoo Diretors 6 Salary, The Distiet agrees to compensate the Superintendent a an annul salary ‘of One Hundred end Eighteen Thourand Dollars ($114,00.00) commencing July 1,2016, Salary will be prorated the fist year of the const based upon Superintendent's star date, The Superintendent’ salary wil remain constant though each ofthe three (3) years ofthis Agreement nd but is ligibe to receive upto 250% annual increase over the base sary ofthe preceding school year based on the completion of the goals and extia Incorporated ito paragraph 10, ‘low; provided, however, thatthe Superintendent has received a satisfactory or greater rating of| ‘petformanee in the preceding school year a determined by the Disret's governing body. Said performance rating vil be performed bythe Distit’s governing Body and wil be based upon the criteria incorporated into in paragraph 10 snd denied within the performance evaluation tol tached hereto a¢ Exhibit "BY. Unless renewed in accordance with Pensyl greement shall erminate immediately upon it expiration. ia law, thi 7. Health and Other Benefits, The Disc shall provide heh and other benefits to the Superintendent during the course ofthis Agreement consistent with the health and other benefits offered to other administrative employees in accordance with the current 2011-2014 Act93 ‘Agreement ("Act 93 Agreement). The District reserves the right to revise or moy the Act 93 ‘Agreement fom time to time. In the event tha the Dist no longer covers the deductible oss sociated with health benefits, or changes hath benef plans, the District hereby agrees to cover the dedvetbe costs ofthe Supeinendent and her family for any heath benefits plan offered trough any subsequent Act 93 Agreement 8. Vacation, Sik and Personal Leave, Vaction, sick and personal leave shall be cared and accrued according othe guideline established inthe Act 93 Agreement. Vacation daye taken by the Superintendent shall not unduly interfere with Superintendent's duties end responsibilities, and Superintendent stall make suitable arangements to reasonably ensure the ‘administrative management of the Distict during the Supesitenden’s absence. The ‘Superintendent hall lo natty the President ofthe Discs governing Body or, in the President's absence, the Vice-President ofthe Disvet’s governing body, of Superintendent's intention to take ‘vacation days. Superintendent may transfer no. more than thiry (30) days of sick leave sccurulated from prio employment within another school disuet. Compenstion for unused sick leave is limited tothe maximum compensation for unused sick leave under the school Disit’s ‘sministrtor compensation plan provided pursuant to section 11-1164 ofthe Pennsylvania Schoo! Code, 9. Disability, Should the Supeintendent become unable to perform her duties boxause of inbility (which term shall be defined to mean an inability to perform the duties of ‘Superintendent by ceason of physial or mental dssbility fora continuous period of no Tes than tree (3) months during the term ofthis contract, the Distt shal A. Hive in effect a short-term and longterm iability insurance policy for ‘Superintendent which shall prove a monthly Benefit. The District shal pay to Superintendent he Aiferene (fay) between the then annual salary of Superintendent and the monetary payments received by Superintendent from the disability poiey for & peiod of two @2) years oe wat the termination of this Agreement, whichever occurs fist. In the event that the Superintendent's sick leave shouldbe exhausted prior to any disability insurance benefits becoming effective, the Disrit shall continue to pay the Superintendents salary and fringe benefis less any worker compensation (ff any) until such tine at the disability insurance takes effect provided said payments by the District shall be paid to the Superintendent ony if he is deemed disabled and etigible fr benefits in accordance with the terms of he disability insurance policy 1B. However, ifthe Distt doesnot secure a dssbiliy insurance poliey then the District shall contin, in free, the Superintendent's salary and fringe benefits less workers) compensation (if any) fora petiod of one (I) year or unt the termination of this Agreement, whichever coca first 10, Assessment of Performance, ‘A. The Distic’s governing body shall evaluat, in writing, the performance ofthe Superintendent atleast once a year during the term ofthis contract using # mutually agreed ypon rcthod asthe basis for said evaluation and pursuant fo the policies and procedures opted bythe District's governing body. The performance evaluation is attached hereto as Exhibit “B™. Inthe event the Distie’s goveming body, by consensus, determines tht the performance of the Superintendent ie unstisitory in any respect, the Dist’ governing body shall deseibe in ‘writing, in resonable detail, de specific instances of unsatisfactory peformance. A copy of the written evaluation shall be delivered to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall have the right to make a writen response tothe evaluation, The Distt’ governing body's evaution and Superintendents response(s) shal be tally private and inno manner become public knowledge or conversation unless required by law. B. The evaluation procedure will include, but not be limited to, determining whether the Superintendent has made measurable progress towards achieving the gosls end objectives set {arth within the weten evaluation tool attached hesto as Exhibit “B” and which is expessly incorporated herein. The goals wil be set annually by way ofthe flowing proces. Prior tothe ‘Superintendent's annul evaluation, the Superintendent will provide the Governing Body with four (4 proposed goals. The Governing Body will review the proposed goals and advise wheter each proposed gol is aeveptable. If he Governing Body deems that one or more proposed gl is aaccepabl, the partes wil ollaborate in the eestion of the annul goss 11, Investigation by the District's Governing Body, In the event the District's governing body requires an investigation ofthe Superintendent's conductor peformance, where appropriate the Superintendent shall be notified of the occurence and purpose of such Investigation and granted the opportunity to respond, verbally or in writing, to any documents, findings or conclusions derived ffom such an investigtion prior to the investigation being ‘concluded. Nothing heen shall obligate the Disre’s governing body to share atorney-cient _rvilege or work produc information with the Superintendent following the completion of any investigation of his conduet or performance. The District reserves the right to suspend the ‘Superintendent with oF without pay for allegations involving serious misconduct during the pendency of an investigation. Inthe event thst the investigation doesnot result ina finding of serious miscondve, the Superintendent shall receiv that may have been withheld snd be otherwise made whole pursuant to applicable aw. salary, benefits and other compensation 12, Discharge or Termination, Discharge or termination of employment contact shall be done in accordance with applicable sections ofthe school code. To the extent thatthe it seks to terminate the Superintendent fam employment or terminate this Agreement, the District may, in its sole discretion, agree to enter into termination buyout or certsn severance provisions, However, the termination buyout and severance provisions may go upto but shall not exceed the payment authorized by ection 10-1073 ofthe Public School Code 13, Profesional Liability. The District's governing body agres that it will defend, hold armless and indemnify Superintendent from any and all demands, claims, suits, ections and legal proceedings brought against Superintendent in his individual capacity or in his official capacity as agent and employee ofthe Discs governing body, provided the incident rose while Superintendent was acting within the scope of his employment and as suc, ibility coverage i within the authority ofthe Dist’ govering body to provided understate law. 14, Reappointment, The Distrits goveening body shall provide the Superintendent ‘with periodic opportunities to dseusssuperitendentDistrit's govening body relationships and stall infonn him at least annually of any inadequaces perceived by the Diste’s governing body. Ifthe Superintendent meets o excedsthe goals incorporated above in paragraph 10 the Distct's governing body shall have the option, but shall not be require, 1 renew this or a ‘nila agreement for aterm not exceeding five (5) years. 415, Tuition Reimbursement. ‘Superintendent shall be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement in accordance withthe ‘ution reimbursement benefits and repayment obligations se oth within the Act 93 Agreement. 16, Dues and Fees for Professional Organization. ‘The Superintendent shall be eligible to receive up {0 $1,000.00 for dues and fees thin professional organizations. Payment associated with dvs or sociated with membership fees for membership within professional organizations is subject to prior approval by the Distit’s Governing Body. 17, Travel and Fees for Seminars and Workshops. ‘The Superintendent shall be eligible to receive upto $8,000.00 throughout the term of this Agreement for travel and fes associated with atendance a seminars and Workshops. 18, Mileage Reimbursement. “The Superintendent shall receive mileage reimbursement athe Federal Rate and submit mileage reimbursement puruant % Distt policy. Superintendent shall not reecive reimbursement for travel witha the geographic boundaries ofthe District or for travel to attend lable and appropriate, Superintendent will use one student extrcuriular etvites. When ‘School Distt vans. 19, Life Insurance, “The District shall pay the ene cast of ie insurance policy for Superintendent. The ‘mount ofthe life insurance poliy shal be $200,000.00 20, Portable Communication Technology. ‘Superintendent shall be provided wih technological suppoct and equipment so that he ‘can work remotely 21, Post Retirement Henefits Post retirement benefits shall nt be provided under tis contract 22, Modifications. Notwithstanding any term or provision herein or elsewhere, or cor in writing this Agreement shall not be modified except in s writing signed by the ‘Superintendent and approved of by the Distriet’s governing body and executed by an authorized fier ofthe sald Distit’s goveening bod. 23. Savings, during the term ofthis Agreement itis found that a specific clause of ‘he Agreement i legal in Federal or State lw, the remainder of the Agreement not affected by such ruling shall remain in force. This Agreement consis the ene agreement between the pasts. 24, Obligations, This Agreement shall be binding upon snd sll nue to the benefit ofthe partis, thir uocessrs or assigns. 25, Statutory References, All references othe Public School Code contained herein shall ls refer to and incorporate any amendment or rcodifiation of such Code. 26, Eafe Asroement This Agreement is the entice agreement between the ‘Superintendent and the District and supersedes all pior or contemporaneous negotiations, comespondence, understandings and agreements between Supeitendent andthe Dist, regarding the subject mate ofthis Agreement. 27. Waiver of Agreement. No fire by eler party to exercise any power or ght granted under this Agreement, ot insist upon strict compliance by the oer party with the tems hereof, and no custom ot patie ofthe Pats at veriance with the tems hereof, shall onsite a waver of a paty’s tight to demand fll and exact compliance by the other party with the toms eto 27, Applisble Law, This Agreoment shall be construed in accordance with the laws ofthe Commonwealth of Pennayvani IN WITNESS WHEREOF and intending to be legally bound hereby, the parties have caused this Agreement to be duly executed the day and yer first above writen arresr: STEELTON-HIGHSPIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT reFo By May Caren Seeeary Mary Cala, President WITNEss: ra | esas EXHIBIT A STEELTON-HIGHSPIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT ‘POSITION DESCRIPTION POSITION TITLE: Superintendent of Schools (QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Aciministrative Certificate (PA Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility); doctorate preferred ‘Knowledge of organizational development and proven administrative leadership skills . Knowledge of educational theory and practice Effective oral and written communications Expectations: 1. Must be able to facilitate the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community. (Vision of Learning) 2. Must be able to atvocate, nurture, and sustain a schoo! culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth. (Promoting Sacoeos of All Studente) 3. Must be able to ensure management of the organization, operations, and resources for sae, efficient and eilecive learning environment. (Bffective Management of the Organization) 4, Must be able to collaborate with families and community ‘members, responding to diverse community interests, ‘and needs and mobilizing community resources. (Collaboration with Families and Communities) '5. Must be able to act with integrity, fairness, and in an ‘ethical manner. (Acting with Integrity, Fairness, and Ethics) REPORTS TO: Board of Schoo! Directors PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Communicates clearly, concisely, and effectively, both orally and in writing, with the Board, the administrative sta, professional, and support staff, students, parents, and the community. (Vision of Learning) JOB DESCRIPTION Page 2 SUPERINTENDENT 2, Completes administrative assignments as recommended by the Board. (Bflective ‘Management of the Organization) 3, Initiates and participates in activities designed to further the completion of approved district/building/ personal goals and objectives. (Effective Management of the Organization) 4, Administers as chief school executive, the development and maintenance of an ‘academically focused educational program to meet the needs of the community ‘and to carry out the policies and directives of the board. (Promoting Success of All Students} 5, Attends and participates in all regular and special meetings of the Board, except ‘when own employment or salary is under consideration, and makes recommendations of any nature affecting schools. (Bective Management of the Organization) 6. Supervises, either directly or through delegation, all activities of the school system according to the policies of the Board. (Bifective Management of the Organization) 7. Advises the Board on the need for new or revised policies and sees that all, policies of the Board are implemented. (Eifective Management of the Organization) 8, Conducts a continuous evaluation of the progress and needs of district programs, service, personnel, and facilities. (Effective Management ofthe Organization) 9, Prepares and submits to the Board recommendations relative to all matters requiring Board action, placing before the Board such necessary and helpful facts, information, and reports as are needed to engure the enactment of informed decisions. (Bflective Management of the Organization) 10, Represents the Board before the public and maintains, through cooperative leadership, both internally and externally, such a program of public relations as, may keep the public informed as to the activities, needs, and successes ofthe schools. (Collaboration with Families and Communities} 11, Assumes responsibility for the overall financial planning ofthe district and for the preparation of the annual budget, and submits the budget to the Board for review and approval. (Bflective Management of the Organization) 12, Assumes final responsibility forthe formulation and maintenance of efficient procedures and elfective controls forall expenditures of school funds in Accordance with the adopted budget, subject to the direction and approval of the ‘Board. (Bifective Management of the Organization) 13, Recommends for appointment or employment all employees of the Board, and assigns, transfers, and recommends for dismissal any and all employees of the Board except professional officers of the Board. (Elective Management of the Organization) 14, Formulates school objectives, policies, plans and program; prepares and presents facts and explanations necessary to assist the Board in its duty of legislation for the district. (Vision of Learning) ‘een ghee een! Dire eam gpriny es JOB DESCRIPTION Page 3 ‘SUPERINTENDENT 15, Ensures the maintenance of personnel records, pupil accounting records, business records, and any other records which are required by law and/or Board policy. (Effective Management of the Organization) 16, Recommends to the Board for its adoption all courses of study, curriculum ides, and textbooks. (Promoting Success of All Students) 17. Updates educational knowledge base through attendance at workshops, conferences, visitations, etc., and keeps the Board informed af trends in ‘education, (Vision of Learning) 18, Assists administrators in defining professional growth activities; plans and executes an annal administrative eummer academy forall administrative staf. (Promoting Success of All Students) 19. Acta with own discretion, as necessary, in any matter not covered by Board policy and reporta such action to the Hoard in a timely manner, (Acting with Integrity, Faimess, and Ethics) 20. Assumes responsibilty for the successful completion of all articles contained in. the contract negotiated between the Board and the Superintendent. (Acting with Integrity, Fairness, and Ethics) ‘21, Represents the district in its dealings with other school systems, institutions, ‘agencies, and community organizations. (Collaboration with Family and Community) 22, Establishes and maintains a program of public relations to keep staff, students, ‘and the public well-informed of the activities and needs ofthe district; effecting a wholesome and cooperatively working relationship between the schools and the ‘commiinity. (Collaboration with Families and Communities) 28, Conducte performance reviews ofall district administrators (Bective ‘Management of the Organization) ‘Stet. igh See ie anya pray eben erent JOB DESCRIPTION SUPERINTENDENT POSITION SPECIFICATIONS: Pages “Terme of Employment [30 daye——— Werk Day “Tari inis Monday — Fay] ob Cassilieation Act 93 Aareement Physical Domands ‘Oceasonal iting up 1 25 pound Waliap and down steps, andl ata desk for extended peviods ortme Fine motor sis required for use of computer Some bending, stoopine,renching, turning sting, and wating ‘Sensory API “Vinsal acuy tea vapors, covreopondence, saiocal ‘tory acuity to etectvely use telephone and listen to “Temporament ‘choc ating: Bet within and outed the Bulaing ‘intin conftentalty as required by state and federal regulations [ii to work efectvly with many types of individuals ‘lity to wor aa member oa tar ‘ity to be patient, diplomatic frm, and direct, ‘Abii to maintain composure in stress stution Topnitive Asity ‘ust possess average fo excelent cognitive abilities ‘Must poetese ability to reed Isten. comprehend, and write ‘bly to manage toe ‘Abit to work independenly and in trge and small groups ‘nowiedge of echoo curriculum, managing classroom ‘Dodge, regulations and standards for regular an special ‘cation, snd behavior management alld Drver License or ay to commute to Vanous locations. ‘iaetpoesene caren, vald RHO, Act ST, and FBT Federal ‘tearance ingergrint check) ‘pan re, all employees must obtain a carioate oT medical ‘amination, ae wel pen tuberelosa a required under hapter 1a of the Puble School Code, 28 78. § 815-1416, 14-1418; 22 Pa Code 49.12 ) regarding edueation); and 26 Pa Code $23.48 regarding health and sae) Sean ighpe Seal Dire EXHIBIT B ‘aon Pt pie 71 7963600 ‘Steelton-Highspire School District 2 ‘tin: Board of School Districts Re: Superintendent Gonls 2016-2017 1. Terese revenue to the ditt by way of grant writing in an effort support ‘edocational programs and increasing stafT oa level that better support the ‘edueational and social challenges of Steeton-Highspze students. 2, Improve and increase community and parents invalvemeat by improving ‘communication between school and earamunity and by engaging parents with ‘planned events held within the community as well sin the schools. The pupose of ‘his goa isto increase community and paensliolvereat at soca and educational functions to better support the ecademic and socal emotional development of Stelton-Highspie students, 53. Improv the public pereopion ofthe schoo distict a itrelatesto establishing effective processes and protocol, communication, postive publicity, aesthetics, and ‘he dstrct website as frst inteduction fo our district, 4, Restructure the administrative tam by lining job descriptions and flow car to ‘improve efficiency, flow of comminicatio, Timi ability, nd improve the overall functioning of the School dst, ‘Tisealstiontoo ues th below acrsnent measure 3 bs forint yourimpreson the ‘spertendent’pevormance nthe area of Student Growth an Acie: Orgnnatons! eater istrict Operations and Fhandl ManagerentCornmnetn an onary elton Hanan Resource Magenta Pesos, ‘ironman Gay oustanding 1 Pedoomance s super, fremeedng epee + eon real ones eto abe "+ Peo isto mest pecan sancted th sine ‘us, nated gol, er professor eampetercles ‘Tho spenitendent i eahited on each fs Objective Perfrmanc tnd, Obit ‘Performance Standerd sol be naan the superintendent scone etn basis for the ‘val peromence rating rsd lal tothe pul at the completion o the peremance ee. {Beow ach Obethe Performance Sonar ae several cartomiabe ey Performance nets tht ay ep bond members the Board toasas oer perfxmance neh Standard. Boars we neaureged a the beginning ofthe elton eto aes ech Obie efmance Standard to etme and whe hanes hol be ade tothe Ke PeyormanceIndeators tha thy rena representative ofthe calectve expectation ofthe ost. Superateateat’s Name Bralntrs Name PSBA Superintendent Performance Evaluation Form eth ecb bos bean ate gree ota esate peronmactn ich wen eciaatemmaaa Student Growth and Achievement Supettenden ves mule dat sources cute tr est fend oroutha apron, ecto aed within he ditt nd ot ‘etermind analy carton ith the boar of sche! ttrectrs. Anal o oter ds pefrmanc bec ere ‘lates onder oceves unde te deco of the superintendent reve tPA, PLAKS, ee eter aly dtd caine repr eds det oth sd caret ‘eons unuarargon! pops wet partes ete {sesh ders eur pila ts “opel wor tga scion on Paar snr ac ‘tidaped sce seatepe or Ipowoortincedng etn soma ‘lion ov ad curs POISE ROT Sth aang cara sing ne rege pe seaan wnt tet Ts essa peorara ps a on eRe DSTA {ert morturert ctstonpad| ow woud you cs th speeder ararmnce the oe Set Gent ond eleanor? 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