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Evaluation Sheet for the Micro project

Academic Year: 2017-18 Name of Faculty: Lect. A.R. Jadhav

Course: ASM (applied Science) Course Code: 22202 Semester: 2nd

Title of Project: Sterilization of Water by using bleaching powder

COs Addressed by the Micro Project:

A. Use Relevant water treatment process to solve industrial problems.
B. Use Relevant water in relevant applications.
Major Learning Outcomes achieved by Students by doing the project:
a) Practical Outcomes:
i) Determine Total hardness, temporary hardness and permant hardness of water
sample by EDTA Method.
ii) To remove Impurity in the form of dissolved, suspended, colloidal, impurities present
in Water
b) Unit outcomes in cognitive domain:
i) Describe given technologies related to hard water.
ii) Describe the given process for softening of the given water sample.
iii) Describe the given type of waste water treatment.
c) Outcomes in affective domain:
i) Follow Safety measures practices.
ii) Demonstrate as a leader or team member.
iii) Maintain tools and equipment.
iv) Practice good housekeeping.
Comments/Suggestions about Team work/Leadership/interpersonal communication (If any)
In order to successfully meet the needs of a project, it is important to have a high-
performing project team made up of individuals who are both technically skilled and
motivated to contribute to the project’s outcome.
Marks out of
Marks out of
2 for
3 for
Sr. performance Total
Student Name& Enrolment No. performance in
No. in oral / Out of 5
group Activity
(D5 Col. 8)
(D5 Col. 9)
1 Chavan Prajwal Vijay (1707770304)
2 Thorat Suresh Devidas (1707770305)
3 Battise Pavankumar Prakash(1707770306)
4 Pawar Kaveri Sheshnath (1707770223)
5 Shejwal Anil Dinkar(1707770303)

(Name & Signature of Faculty)