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Global leadership is both the price America pays and the benefit Americans derive from our
wealth, our size and our strength. Worldwide hunger and poverty, the spread of nuclear weapons
and the proliferation of violent conflicts harm us all. Economic development, better education,
better control of arms, cooperation among nations and the peaceful resolution of conflicts help
Americans enjoy greater prosperity and peace. Positive and active engagement in world affairs is
the smart as well as the right thing for the United State to do. Yet among developed nations,
America has become the least generous provider of either development aid or troops for
peacemaking. Our virtue is fading.

A few of the early patriots might have expressed isolationist views, but many of them were
vigorous internationalists. Benjamin Franklin said, "Our cause is the cause of all mankind."
Thomas Paine, the fervently religious man who gave us the name United States of America, said,
"My country is the world." Today that spirit is not just noble; it is imperative.


1. Are the following sentences T(RUE) or F(ALSE)? Write the evidence from the text. No marks
are given for only TRUE or FALSE. (Puntuación máxima: 2 puntos)

a) The origin of the name United States of America is unknown.

b) Benjamin Franklin was against the idea of American participation in other countries’ affairs.

2. In your own words and based on the ideas from the text, answer the following
questions. (Puntuación máxima: 2 puntos)

a) What clues are there in the text that allow you to know the writer’s nationality?

b) Why does the write think that America should feel responsible for other countries?

3. Find the words or phrases in the text that mean. (Puntuación máxima: 1 punto)

a) cause damage to (paragraph 1)

b) the opposite of "selfish" (paragraph 1)

c) decreasing in strength (paragraph 1)

d) human species (paragraph 2)

4. Complete the following sentences. Use the appropriate form of the word(s) in brackets when
given. (Puntuación máxima: 2 puntos)

a) America is the ......... powerful country ......... the world.

b) Thomas Paine, ......... lived in the 18th century, said that this country ......... (be) the world.
c) In the past, America ......... to be more generous in ......... (give) help to other countries.

d) Isolationist views .........(hold) by very few of the early politicians. Most of them felt a great
interest ........ the world’s politics.

5. Write about 80 to 100 words on one of the following topics. (Puntuación máxima: 3 puntos)

a) What advantages can the United States get from being a leading country in the world?

b) Why is English an important language in today’s world?