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ACI Dealing Certificate Preparation Course


Mr Jean-Pierre DOUMONT

 Activities : Up to 2002, as Director of Carl Kliem S.A., a

European financial services and brokerage provider, Mr
Doumont has shared accountability for the development,
education and management of the Firm and its individual
sectors. Also working from the Belgian Branch, he was tasked
with a broad scope of the business activities, including the
development and administration of the policy, expansion strategies, and methods
for enhanced technological infrastructure, constantly working to upgrade current
systems and applications to remain abreast of the latest advancements affecting
the global financial services industry. Mr Doumont, who has been providing his
ingenuity and professional expertise to Carl Kliem S.A. for more than two
decades, is currently working in freelance consulting, in particular for the ATTF
Luxembourg and manages a Consulting and Investment company. He also
participates at development projects of a Consultancy Company “Consultis S.A”
Luxembourg as Associated Partner.
 Career Steps : Doumart Consulting S.A. Luxembourg : Managing Director,
Official Senior Expert (present). 2002 Carl Kliem S.A. : Administrator-Director
(1999), Director (1995), Deputy-Director (1991), Professor Economic Sciences at
the “Institut St-Joseph Châtelet” (1981)
 Education : Master in Economic Sciences FNDP Namur and UCL LLN (1980)


Activities : Until 1996, Mr.Missenard worked as a trader for

two major banking institutions (BNPParibas and Barclays
capital market). His activities were oriented towards position
management, trading and arbitrage among derivatives
products. During this period, Mr.Missenard also developped
his own real-time arbitrage software application. Between
1996-2000, Mr.Missenard was the chairman of an Air-Conditioning and Heating
company in France. Since seizing the opportunity of selling the company,
Mr.Missenard has set up an investment holding in Luxembourg and and has also
been working as advising consultant for start-up businesses.
 Career steps : Serid Luxembourg : Director; ATTF Official Senior Expert
(present). Missenard-Quint Entreprise, chairman (1996-2000); Barclays capital
market, senior trader (1994-1996); BNP Paribas, trader (1991-1994)
 Education : Master in Market Finance (Paris Graduate school of business, ESCP,
1991); Master in Business Administration (University of Hartford, USA, major :
corporate finance, 1990); Bachelor in Company Management (Ecole Superieure
des Dirigeants d’Entreprise - Paris, major : accounting, 1989)


Country Activity From (month/year) To

Luxembourg ATTF (Summer School) Jul-03
Lithuania ATTF Sep-03
Romania ATTF Jan-04
Lithuania ATTF Feb-04
Vietnam ATTF Oct-04
Mongolia ATTF Nov-04
Egypt ATTF Feb-05
Macedonia ATTF Apr-05
Kazakhstan ATTF Dec-05
Romania ATTF Jan-06
Ukraine ATTF Feb-06
Croatia ATTF Apr-06
China ATTF Jun-06
Bosnia ATTF Sep-06
Romania ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Oct-06
Romania ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Nov-06
Serbia ATTF Dec-06
Bulgaria ATTF Feb-07
Romania ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate May-07
Romania ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Jun-07
China ATTF Sep-07
China, ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Nov-07
Croatia ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Mar-08
Macedonia ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Mar-08
Croatia ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Apr-08
Macedonia ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate Apr-08
Luxembourg ATTF / ACI Dealing Certificate May-08