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1) Find the coefficient of q in -5p2q.
2) Find the like terms from the following: -3a2b,2ab2; 5x2yz, -3x2yz ;
3) Find the product of : 5x and 0
4) Divide:-39p2by 13p
5) Subtract: 12x2y-4x2y
6) Add: 35xyz +12xyz
7) Find the Area of rectangle whose length =46x , and breadth =10y
8) Multiply:2a2x3a3
9) Area of rectangle 12x2y2whose Length=3xy ,Find the breadth of the
rectangular Box.
Find the No. of terms of 4x2yz, -2xy3
10) GROUP –B (2 marks each)
11) Simplify the expression: 3x (4x-5) +3
12) Multiply: (5x-8y) (9x+4y)
13) using the identities, evaluate the following: 9862-142
14) Divide:1+y3by 1+y
15) Using suitable identities, find the product: (4x+11y) (4x-11y)
16) Using the identities, evaluate the following: 8.2x8.7
17) . Simplify: (x+3)(x-3) (x+4)(x-4)
18) Subtract: 6x(x-y+z)- 3y(x+y-z) from 2z(-x+y+z)
19) Add the following 4p (2-p2) and 8p3-3
20) Find the volume of the rectangular boxes with the following length,
breadth, and height respectively: 2pq, 4p2, 8p
20) GROUP-C (3marks each)
21) Simplify and evaluate the expression:
22) X2(3-2x +x2) for x=1; x= -1

1 1
23) If x- =3, find the value of x2 +
𝑥 x2
24) Show that: (4x+7y) 2- (4x-7y) 2=112xy
25) Using the identity a2-b2=(a+b)(a- b), find 532-472
26) Divide:6x2+13x +5 by 2x+1
27) Find the value using identity: 97x 105.
28) Add the flowing by column method: 5x-6y +3z, x+23y+z, 5y +56,
29) If a+b=7 and ab=10, find the value of a2+b2.
30) Find the value of (x+3)(x+5) Using the identity.
31) Subtract: 6x(x-y+z) +(x+y-z) from (-x+y+5z)
32) GROUP –D (4 marks each)
33) Simplify and evaluate: 5xy(3x+4y-7) for x=1, y= -1
34) Simplify: (2x+5)2 –(2x-5)2
35) Show that (a-b) (a+b) + (b-c) (b+c) +(c-a) (c +a) = 0
36) Simplify 3x(4x-5)+3and find the values for(i) x=3,(ii) x=0.5
37) Using identities evaluate 9982
38) Divide -30-8x+8x2 by (2x+3)

. Add the flowing by column method: 5x-6y +3z, x+23y+z, 5y +56,

28. If a+b=7 and ab=10, find the value of a2+b2.
29. Find the value of (x+3)(x+5) Using the identity.
30 .Subtract: 6x(x-y+z) +(x+y-z) from (-x+y+5z)
GROUP –D (4 marks each)
31. Simplify and evaluate: 5xy(3x+4y-7) for x=1, y= -1
32. Simplify: (2x+5)2 –(2x-5)2
33. Show that (a-b) (a+b) + (b-c) (b+c) +(c-a) (c +a) = 0
34. Simplify 3x(4x-5)+3and find the values for(i) x=3,(ii) x=0.5
35. Using identities evaluate 9982
36. Divide -30-8x+8x2 by (2x+3)
1. If the edge of a cube is 1 cm then ,find its volume.

Ans: 1cm3

2.Find the area of rhombus whose diagonals are 8 cm and 6 cm.


3. If the parallel sides of a parallelogram are 2 cm apart and their sum is 10 cm then, find its area .

Ans: 10 cm2

4. Compare the area and perimeter numerically of a square of side 1 cm .

Ans: equal.

5. If the edge of a cube is 1 cm then ,what is its total surface area?

Ans:6 cm2

6. Find the volume of cylinder whose radius of the base is 7 cm and height is 10 cm.

Ans:1540 cm3

7. If the dimensions of a room are I, b and h, (∴. l → length, l → breadth and h → height) then write
the area of its four walls.

Ans:2 h(l + b)

8. If the dimensions of a room are 2 m, 3 and 4 m then, write the number of cubes of size 1cm which
can be placed in the room .

Ans:24000000 boxes

9. If base area of a room 12 m2 and height is 3 m ,then find its volume .

Ans: 36 m3

10.One side of rhombus is 6.5 cm and altitude is 4 cm. Find the area of rhombus.



1. Three identical cubes each of side 8 cm are joined end to end. Find the total surface area of the
cuboid so formed.
Ans:896 cm2

2.Area of a trapezium is 234 cm2 .The length of its parallel sides are 20 cm and 32 cm. Find its


3. Area of the base of a cuboid is 90 cm2. Its height is 6 cm. Find the volume .


4.Find the volume of cylinder where the area of its base is 45 cm2 and height is 9 cm.


5.A cuboidal tin open at the top has dimension 20cmX16cmX14cm. What is the total area of a

sheet of metal required to make 10 such tins.


6.A closed circular cylinder has diameter 10 cm and height 16 cm. Find the total surface area of
cylinder .

7.It is required to make from sheet a closed cylindrical tank whose height is 1 m and radius of
whose base is 70 cm. How many square meter metal sheet is required ?
8.A room is 6.5m long ,4 m wide and 4.5 m high. Find the area of four walls of this room.
Ans:94.5 m2
9. If the rainfall on a certain day was 5cm, how many liters of water fell on 1 hectare field on
that day?
Ans: 500000 liters
10.Find the area of a parallelogram whose base is 14 cm and height is 16.5 cm


1.The area of a square field is 24200 sq m. How long will a lady take to cross the field diagonally at the
rate of 6.6 km/hr?

Ans:2 minutes
2. A square sheet of paper is converted into a cylinder by rolling it along its length. What is the ratio of
the base radius to the side of the square?


3.The area of a trapezium is 360 m2 and the distance between two parallel sides is 20m and one of
the parallel side is 25 m. Find the other parallel side .


4.Find the area of a rhombus whose side is 6.5 cm and whose altitude is 5 cm. If one of its diagonals is
13cm long, find the length of the other diagonal.
Ans-32.5 cm2 ,5cm

5..An aquarium is in the form of a cuboid whose external measures are 70 cm × 28cm × 35 cm. The
base, side faces and back face are to be covered with a colored paper. Find the area of the paper

6.The area of a square is 42.25m2 . Find the side of this square if the tiles measuring 13cmX13cm
are paved on the square area ,find how many tiles are required for paving it ?

Ans: 6.5 m ,2500 tiles

7.The length and breadth of a rectangular field is in the ratio is 4:3.If the area is 3072m2,find
the cost of fencing it at the rate of Rs 4 per m .


8. How many wooden cubical blocks of side 25cm can be cut from a log of wood of size 3m
75cm by 50cm, assuming that there is no wastage?
[Ans: 72]
9.The total surface area of a cylinder is 6512 cm2 and the circumference of its base is 88cm .Find
the volume of the cylinder.

Ans:36960 cm3

10. The diameter of a road roller is 80 cm and its length is 126 cm .It takes 750 complete
revolutions moving once over to level a playground .Find the area of the playground.



1.A cylindrical container is to be made of tin sheet.The height of the container is 1m and its
diameter is 70cm. If the container is open at the top and tin sheet costs rs 300 per m 2 ,find
the cost of tin sheet for making the container.

Ans:Rs 775.50

2. The length ,breadth and height of a cuboid are in the ratio 7:6 :5.If the surface
area of the cuboid is 1936 cm 2 ,find volume of cuboid.

Ans:5670 cm 3

2 1
3. A solid cylinder has total surface area of 462 cm . Its curved surface area is rd o f total

surface area. Find the volume of the cylinder?

Ans: 539 cm 3

4. A room is 7m long and 5m broad. It has one door measuring 2m by 1.5m and 2 windows
each measuring 1.5m by 1m. The cost of painting the walls at Rs. 12.50 per square
meter is Rs. 825. Find the height of the room.
Ans: 3m

5. A godown is in the form of a cuboid of measures 60m × 40m × 30m. How many cuboidal
boxes can be stored in it if the volume of one box is 0.8m 3?
6. A well with 10m inside diameter is dug 14m deep. Earth taken out of it is spread all around
to a width of 5m to form an embankment. Find the height of embankment?

Ans: 4.66 m

7 . The radius of 2 right circular cylinder are in the ratio 2 : 3 and their heights are in the ratio
5 : 4. Calculate the ratio of their curved surface areas and also the ratio of their volumes.

8. Find the number of coins, 1.5cm in diameter and 0.2cm thick, to be melted to form a right
circular cylinder of height 10cm and diameter 4.5cm.

[Ans: 450]

9. In a building there are 36 cylindrical pillars. The radius of each pillar is 21 cm and height is
4m .Find the cost of painting the curved surface area of all the pillars at the rate of Rs 12 per
m2 .

Ans: Rs 2280.96
10. A suitcase with measures 80cm X48cm X24 cm is to be covered with a tarpaulin cloth. How
many meters of tarpaulin of width96 cm is required to cover 100 such suitcases?



Chapter-12 Exponents and Powers

Section-A ( 1 marks)

1.Find the multiplicative inverse of 9-1.

2.Evaluate: (3/2)-2.

3. write in exponential form. (–2) –3× (–2)– 4.

4. Express 4– 3 as a power with the base 2.

5.Write the in standard form 0.000000564

6. Express in usual form. 3.52 × 105

7. (-1)51= ?

8. If 3m÷3-3=35. Find the value of m.

9. (2-1+3-1)0= ?

10.2x2x2x2x2x2x2= ?

Section-B (2 marks)

1. In a stack there are 5 books each of thickness 25mm and 5 paper sheets each of thickness 0.018
mm. What is the total thickness of the stack.
2. Express the following numbers in standard form. (i) 0.0000378 (ii) 405076
3. Find the value of (4)-4.
4. Find the value of (1/3+3/4-5/6)0.
5. Expand the following numbers using exponents. (i) 175.68 (ii) 156.28
6. Simplify and write in exponential form. (i) (–2)–4 × (–2)– 5 (ii) t3 × p–10.
7. Find m so that (–5)m + 1 × (–5)3 = (–5)6.
8. Evaluate: {(1/4)-2-(1/3)-1}
9. By what number should -8/25 be divided to get -5/2 ?
10. Express 125-4 as a power with base 5.

Section-C (3marks)
1. Find the multiplicative inverse of the following. (i) 4– 4 (ii) 11– 5 (iii) 5– 2
2. Simplify (i) (– 5)5 × (–3)–10 (ii) 36 ÷ 2– 6
3. Simplify and write the answer in the exponential form. (i) (25 ÷ 5)5 × 2– 5 (ii) (– 6)– 3 × (5)– 3 × (–4)– 3
4. If (12/13)4x(13/12)-8 =(12/13)2t, then find the value of t.
5. Find the value of (729/4096)-1/3.
6. If 24x43 =4t, find the value of t.
7. Find the multiplicative inverse of (125/27)-2/3.
8. Simplify (0.00000625)-3/4.
9. Express the following numbers using exponents: (i) 1025.63 (ii) 1256.249


Q.1 3 knives cost Rs 63. What will 17 knives cost?
Q.2 8g of sandal wood cost Rs 40. What will 10 g cost?
Q.3 A boy runs 1 km in 10 minutes. How long will it take to run 600m ?
Q.4 If 20 cows eat as much as 15 oxen, how many cows will eat at much as 36 oxen?
Q.5 10 metres of cloth cost Rs 1000. What will 4 metres cost?
Q.6 Cost of the notebooks is Rs 90 per dozen than the cost of 18 notebooks is
Q.7 A car travels 45 km in 3 litres petrol. How far will it travel in 10 litres of petrol?
Q.8 Weight of 5 books is 7.5kg. Find the weight of 3 books.
Q.9 36 men can complete a piece of work in 20 days. In how many days will the work be
done , if the number of men is reduced to 12.
Q.10 If a person complete a piece of work in 10 days then the work done by him in 1 day is……
Q.11 If 30 m of clothcan be bought for Rs 810 , how many meters of cloth can be bought for
Rs 1215?
Q.12 A car travels 2295 km in 90litres petrol. How far will it travel in 20 litres of petrol?
Q.13 If 55 men can do a piece of work in 32 days, how many men will do it in 11 days?
Q.14 A car can reach a certain place in 12 hours at the speed of 60km/h by how much should
the speed be increased so that it complete the journey in 10 hours.
Q.15 40 persons take 30 days to complete a work, how long will it take to complete the work,
if 20 more persons joins them?
Q.16 A fort has enough food for 800 soldiers for 25 days, if a reinforcement of 200 soldiers
joins them now. How long will the food last?
Q.17 If 13 meters of a uniform rod weights 162.5kg . What will be the weight of 7 meter of
same rod?
Q.18 A worker is paid Rs 680 on working 8 days . If his total wages during the month are Rs
1530, for how many days did he work?
Q.19 18 horses consume a certain quantity of corn in 30 days. In how many days will the
same quantity be consume by 30 horses?
Q.20 Reading 25 pages of a book everyday, a girl can finished the book in 21 days. How many
days will she take to finish it, if she reads 15 pages everyday ?
Q.21 In a library, 126 copies of a certain require a shelf length of 3.78m. How many copies of
the same book would occupy shelf length of 4.8m ?
Q.22 Nandita covers a distance of 150m in 120 steps.What distance will she cover in 320
Q.23 Asha can type a given assignment in 45 min at a speed of 50 words per minute. Her
friend Sneh can type a same assignment in half and hour. What would be sneh’s typing speed?
Q.24 Karan cycles at a speed of 40 km/hr and reaches school in 12 min.How long will kunal
take to reach school if he cycles at 30 km/hr.
Q.25 18 man can reap a field in 31 days . For reaping the same field in 15 days how many me
are required?
Q.26 A car is travelling at a average speed of 55km/hr. How much distance would it cover in
12 mins?
Q.27 A bus charges Rs.250 as fair for a journey of 180 km. How much can one travel for
Rs.230.40 ?
Q.28 Rashmi has road map with a scale of 1cm representing 18km. She drives on a road for
20km. What would be her distance covered in map?
Q.29 A machine in a soft drink factory fills 840 bottles in 6hrs. How many bottles will be filled
in 5hrs?
Q.30 Suppose 2kg sugar contains 9x106 crystals .How many sugar crystals are there in 5kg of
Q.31 A loaded truck travels 14 km in 25min .If the speed remains the same .How far can it
travel in 5hrs?
Q.32 If the weight of the 12 sheets of thick paper is 40g. How many sheets of the same paper
would weigh 2.5kg ?
Q.33 6 pipes are required to fill a tank in 1 hr 20 min . How long will it take if only 5 pipes of
the same type are used?
Q.34 There are 100 students in a hostel. Food provision for them is for 20 days . How long will
these provisions last if 25 more student join the group ?
Q.35 If 15 worker can built a wall in 48 hrs . How many workers will be required to do the
same work in 30 hrs?
Q.36 Cost of 12 books each containing 250 pages is Rs 180. Find the cost of 20 books if each
contains 200 pages.
Q.37 If 16 women can weave 10 carpets in 20 days, how many carpets will 8 women make in
40 days?
Q.38 A car is travelling at an average speed of 55km/h. How much distance would it cover in
12 minutes?
Q.39 A bus charges Rs 250 as fare for a journey of 180km. How much can one travel for Rs
Q.40 If Rs 5000 are required to maintain a family of 4 persons for 24 days, how long will Rs
6250 maintain a family of 6 persons?