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Competency Name: IT IS_CNS_Data Network_Cisco

Broad Definition: The competency refers to the ability of an associate to provide Data Network management support functions in Cisco.
Criteria E0 E1 E2 E3 E4
I Criteria for defining
proficiency vis-à-vis
knowledge & skills

1.Precondition Should have atleast 1 year Should have atleast 2 years experience in IT Should have atleast 4 years Should have atleast 7 years
[ Expressed as a prerequisite experience in IT Infrastruture Infrastruture support experience in IT Infrastruture support experience in IT Infrastruture
- in terms of academic support support
qualification AND / OR
industry experience
(whichever is applicable) AND
/ ORKnowledge
relevant knowledge in Should have knowledge of the Should have knowledge of the Should have knowledge of Network Should have knowledge of Should have knowledge of
[Expressed as Area of
any other competency of the basic concepts of of the basic functions in Administration Networking administration Networking management
knowledge and not skill, Networking Networking - Datagram Encapsulation and Fragmentation - Asynchronous Transfer Mode - Simple Multicast Routing
includes knowledge of - Open Systems - Routing Information Protocol (RIP) (ATM) Protocol (SMRP)
process, methodologies, Interconnection (OSI) Seven - Protocols- - Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) - Fiber Distributed Data Interface - Directory-Enabled Networks
concepts and tools.] Layer Model ICMP,STP/RSTP/MSTP,VRR - Domain Name Service (DNS) (FDDI) (DEN)
- Transmission Control P,Etherchannel,PPP. - Circuit Switching and Packet Switching - Dual Homing - Web Cache
Protocol/Internet Protocol - Transmission Methods such - Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Source-Route Bridging Communication Protocol
(TCP/IP) concepts as Unicast, Multicast, and - Dial-on-Demand routing (DDR) - MultiProtocol Label Switching (WCCP)
- Routing protocols Broadcast - Virtual Private Network (VPN-IPSec & SSL) (MPLS) - Multiservice networking
- Network Architectures - LAN topologies such as Bus, - Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) - Voice over IP
(LAN,WAN, Internet,etc) Ring, Star, and Tree - Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing - Tag-Switching Architecture
- Networking components such - Quality of Service (QoS) Protocol (EIGRP). - Wireless Access
as Switch, Router, Bridge, - International Private Leased - Intermediate System-Intermediate Management
access point, etc Circuit (IPLC) System - IS-IS - Network Virtualization
- Internet Protocol version 6
(IPv6) .
Data Center Networking-
Unified Fabric(FCoE).
Security Products
Packet Analysis

TCS Confidential
3. Experience
[Expressed as duration in
months / years wrt exposure,
including breadth & the depth
of assignments; also beyond
project experience]

3.1 Type of project Should have 1 Year experience Should have atleast 1 year Should have atleast 2 years experience in Should have atleast 3 years Should have atleast 3 years
experience in IT Infrastruture Support experience in Network Network components (like Router,Switch etc) experience in Network systems experience in Network
[Includes 'type' in the form of activities like monitoring, e-mail Operations (NOC) which installation, configuration and troubleshooting management such as configuring Design, Implementation and
implementation, end-to-end release, password reset, etc.. involves Link monitoring and Multilink,Hot Standby Router Optimisation
project, support, roll outs, troubleshooting, coordination Protocol (HSRP)
upgrades, professional with International Service
services, consulting Provider (ISP) for link outages Should have experience working in
engagements AND / OR the at least 2 High Availablity(HA) or
Number of projects AND / OR Disaster Recovery (DR) solution
Time spent on the project ( for projects in Network systems
eg., 3 consulting projects of
3.2 Beyond6 months
projectduration ; Should have conducted at least 2 E0 and E1 Should have provided at least 4 Should have conducted 3
1 roll out project
development of at least 18
experience level training sessions for Network Operations RFP/solutions to different customers knowledge sharing sessions
[Includes support in Network Management on the best practices of
[1) Solutioning of proposals Enterprise Network
2) Reviews done Management
3) No. of contributions made Should have reviewed at least 4
to trainings/training material] assets in Knowmax on Network
System Management

TCS Confidential
4. Asset Creation
[Expressed as any reusable
and deployable assets
created in the knowledge
management system of the

4.1 Process frameworks Should have proposed Should have designed and
defined Service/Process improvements in at implemented minimum 2
[Articulated as the process least 1 existing delivery process in service/process improvement
improvement designed OR a Network administration in Network system
new process framework management
4.2 Tool creation Should have created/
[Expressed as a system or recommended/improved at
function tool designed OR least 1 automation
created towards improving script/productivity
business delivery / learning] improvement tool for Network

4.3 Reusable & deployable Should have created and uploaded at least 2 Should have created and uploaded 3 Should have created and
assets created operational procedure documents in Knowmax reusable assets in Knowmax uploaded atleast 4 reusable
[Expressed as reusable and regarding Network Operations support regarding Network administration assets in Knowmax on best
deployable assets created practices in Network System
(like those in Mighty & security, capacity planning,
Knowmax] Performance tuning in
Enterprise Network

No. of training material Should have created at least 2 E1 level training Should have created at least 3 E2 Should have created atleast
created materials in Network Monitoring and Operations level training materials for various two E3 Level training
[Expressed as the number of support support functions in Network materials in Network Design
relevant training material administration and Troubleshooting
created towards development
of a particular body of
knowledge or skill]

TCS Confidential
5. Industry contribution
[Expressed as the
contributions made to the
industry. This criteria
Should be measured by
mechanisms for eg: TCS

5.1 Recognized by Peers Should have received Should have received appreciations through TCS Should have received appreciations Should have been
[Expressed as the appreciations through TCS Gems from Peers / PL / PM / GL / Customer for through TCS Gems from Peers / PL / recognized through TCS
recognition given by the Gems from Peers / PL / PM / outstanding performance in the project. PM / GL / Customer for outstanding Gems for innovations in
peer community and Should GL / Customer for outstanding performance in the project. Network Management
be measured by appropriate performance in the project. domain, process and
mechanism such as TCS methodologies
Recognized by a Parent
[Expressed as the contribution
Invited as Speakers
[Expressed by
as arecognition
and recognized
from an externalparent body]it
body when
extends an invitation to the
speaker to address a
recognized forum]

TCS Confidential
II Assessment / Evaluation
Methodology vis-à-vis
Proficiency Level

1. Certification Network Essentials- TCP/IP - IP Addressing and Routing - Introduction to Building Scalable Cisco IPv6 - ID: 80284_ENG-53086253 CCIE Routing & Switching
[Expressed as achievement of OSI - ID: 125071_ENG-- Internetworks- ID: 69597_ENG--1562748569 AND Certification
external programs - certifying 31843_ENG--1294047697 1248320585 AND IS-IS Protocol Configuration in Cisco OR
a part of the proficiency level, AND AND Introduction to MPLS-ID: 80476_ENG- Networks - ID: 00133650 CCIE Service Provider
Achievement of internal ICND2 1.0: Routing Operating and Configuring 269330459 AND Certification
programs - internal trainings Fundamentals, Subnettin, and Cisco IOS Routers - ID: AND Managing IP Traffic on Cisco OR
attended] VLSMs - 00229757 125488_ENG--1861979757 Optimizing Routing Update Operation in a Cisco Networks - ID: 124877_ENG- CCIE Service Provider
Path1 AND AND Network - ID: 69601_ENG--2035204894 1692315258 Operations Certification
Switching fundamentals- Interconnecting Catalyst AND AND Cisco BSCI 3.0: Implementing OR
125069_ENG--1741183926 Switches in Cisco Networks - QoS Pre-classify, QPPB, and LAN-based IPv6 - ID: 00151399 CCIE Wireless Certification
AND ID: 38698_ENG-2074624325 Classification and Marking - ID: 00133847 Working with IPv6 and Network OR
ZC11271-BB-E0 AND AND Address Translation -ID: Cisco Certified Internetwork
AND Routing and Switching Using QoS in Wide Area Networks - ID: 119790_ENG-354388446 Expert (CCIE) Security
ZC11186-BB-E0 ZC11271-BB-E1 00133519 AND Configuring and Implementing Certification
AND AND AND BGP in Cisco Networks - ID:
ZC11312-BB-E0 ZC11186-BB-E1 Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting - Introduction 69600_ENG-1801895886
AND AND - ID: 40504_ENG--108517555 AND Cisco ISCW 1.0: IOS Firewalls
ZC11237-BB-E0 ZC11312-BB-E1 AND EIGRP Configuration in Cisco Networks - and IOS IPS- ID :00151535
AND ID: 69599_ENG-761134788 AND Cisco DESIGN 2.0: IP Address
ZC11237-BB-E1 AND Cisco ISCW 1.0: IPSec VPN Configuration and Routing Protocol Design - ID ID:
- ID: 00063204 00197661
AND Addressing problems at the Physical and AND Cisco Routing Protocol Design
Data Link Layers - ID: 00010599 Considerations - ID :108678_ENG--
AND Introduction to Classification and Marking - 1766547229
ID: 00133839 AND Extracting New Customer
AND Requirements for Designing Cisco
ZC11271-BB-E2 AND Networks - ID: 68411_ENG-
ZC11186-BB-E2 AND 2095657988
ZC11312-BB-E2 AND

TCS Confidential
Path2 c-Develop CCNA Certification - c-Develop CCNA Certification Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
WBT (ID:00076171) - WBT (ID:00076171) Certification [Exam 350-001: CCIE Routing and
OR OR Switching Written V4.0 :00003420
Cisco Certified Network Cisco Certified Network OR
Associate (CCNA) - Prep - Associate (CCNA) Certification Cisco Certified Network Professional
Course ID 00012840 (CCNP) Certification
Cisco Certified Network Professional

(CCNP) Wireless Certification ]


[CCSP Cisco Certified Security

Professional(CCSP) Certification
Cisco Certified Design Professional

(CCDP) Certification ]

Path3 Cisco Certified Network Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) -

Associate (CCNA) Certification prep ID -00012862
Cisco Certified Network Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
Associate (CCNA) - Prep Certification
-Offering ID 00012840

2. Evaluation Test Should have completed the Should have completed the Should have completed the following Should have completed the following Should have completed the
[Expressed as the following following Self assessment Self assessment following
assessment mechanism Self assessment and Self assessment Learning object and Learning object and Self assessment
used to assess the Learning object. Learning object and Supervisor assessment. Supervisor/Manager assessment Learning object and
individual for having and SME Supervisor/Manager
achieved the said assessment & SME
proficiency level. (for assessment.
eg.,Type of tests for each
proficiency Should be
defined-like for E0 level it
can be only self
assessment, for E1 it can
be panel review etc)]

TCS Confidential
Version History

Project Details:
Unit: Network COE
Parent Project:: IT IS
Project Owner/GL: Siva Sen ( 154667)

Amendment History:
Version Defined By - Role & Group Approved By - Role & Group Facilitated By Date Remarks

SJ Singh - 260245, R Vaitheeswaran - 5487 T. Anandi (118042), Aug-11 New Competency Released
1.0 Network COE Learning Executive, with LO tagged to E0, E1, E2
Corporate L&D , E3 and E4

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