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Academic Progress Report: FBCS Course

Course In-Charge (Lab & Theory): Ashab Mirza, PI/CC IIEE

Week # Progress
29th, 30th, 30th July
Introduction to FBCS, Systems &Signals, Control, Input-Output Signals & Models, Open &
1 Closed loop systems, SISO & MIMO Systems, Controller & Plant, Manipulated Input,
Classical Control Theory
Lab # 1: To Study & Revise Terms and Basic Definitions of Feedback Control System.
3rd , 5th & 6th August
Mathematical Model of Translational Mechanical System
Mathematical Model of Rotational Mechanical System,
2 Problem # 2.7 to 2.12
Quiz # 1: Mathematical Model of Mechanical System
Lab # 2: To Study General Feedback Control Specifications
10th, 12th & 13th August
Mathematical Model of Thermal System, Problems # 2.42, 2.43
3 Model of Fluid (Hydraulic) System,
Model of Fluid (Pneumatic) System, Problems # 2.44 – 2.47
Lab # 3: To Study Effects of Feedback Gains on Controlled Output.
17th, 19th& 20th August
Mathematical Models of AC/DC Motors, Problems # 3.47 – 3.50
System Representation by; Block-diagram and Mathematical Model
Quiz # 2: System Representation, Problem 3.49
Lab # 4: To study mathematical model of a Dc-Motor (Field & Armature Controlled) by
Assignment#1 All topics and problems taught in first four weeks.

24th, 26th & 27th August

Transfer Function, State Space Equations; Comparison
Control System; Need, Specifications, and Type.
Transient Response Specifications; %OS, tr, tp, &ts
Problem #: 5.24-5.27, 5.34-5.35, 5.40-5.42, 6.11 – 6.13, 6.24 – 6.27,
Lab # 5: To simulate & study of proportional feedback control of dc-motor based system.

31st August , 2nd & 3rd September

Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion
6 9th September ; H1 (First Hourly Test) & A1 (First Assignment)
Problem #: 6.40 – 6.43 & Quiz # 2
Lab # 6:To Develop a Thermal System and Identify its Transfer Function by using
Experimental Transient Response Data.
7th , 9th& 10th September
Introduction to Root Locus
Root Locus Construction
Root Locus design and analysis by MATLAB (SISO Tool)
Lab # 7: To Design and Develop Relay Based ON-OFF Feedback Control for given Thermal

14th , 16th& 17th September

Root locus plot of two-poles one-zero case.
8 Analysis of controllers by Root locus plot; P, PI, PD and PID controllers using SISO Tools
Problem #: All examples, 7.16 – 7.22, 7.51 – 7.54
Lab # 8: To Control Chamber Temperature of Thermal Box by Digital Control Loop.


30th Sept.& 1st October

Root-locus plots of parameters other then gain K.
Root Locus Design: P, PI, PD and PID Controllers
Lab # 9: To Control 1st-Order Electrical System by P- & PI-Controlled Digital Feedback Loop.

5th, 7th& 8th October

Introduction to Frequency Response
Comparison between Root-locus and Frequency Response Methods
Theory of LTI System Frequency Response
H2 Test &A2 Assignment on 8th October 2015
Problems: 11.1 – 11.3
Lab # 10: To Control 2nd-Order Electrical System by P-, PI-, & PID-Controlled Digital
Feedback Loop.

12th, 14th & 15th October

Logarithmic Frequency Response (Bode) Plots of Second Order Poles & Zeros
Logarithmic Frequency Response (Bode) Plot of Higher Order System
Determination of Transfer Function by Log-Magnitude Plots.
Quiz#3: 11.11 (b)
Problems: 11.6 – 11.8, 11.11 – 11.13
Lab # 11-15:Mini-Project to design and develop feedback control loop for any mechanical
system (plant).

19th & 21st October

12 Comparison of different FR Methods; Bode, Nichols, Polar/Nyquist Methods

Construction of Polar Plots
M- and -Circles: Unity Feedback Analysis & Design tool by Polar Plots of G(j)

26th, 28th & 29th October

Correlation between Transient and Frequency Response: 2nd Order Response (, n)
Correlation between Transient and Frequency Response: 1st Order Response (c)
13 Kc (Proportional Gain compensation) estimation to achieve desired Transient Response.
Quiz # 4: Problem similar to 11.17
Problems: 11.17, using MATLAB Plots solve; 11.18 – 11.20
Lab # 13:Lab already assigned.

2nd, 4th& 5th November

Nyquist Stability Criterion
Inverse Polar Plots: Transient Response Analysis and Kc Design of FBS.
Gain Margin (Km), Phase Margin (Pm) and Stability
Quiz # 5: Problems on Inverse Polar Plot
Problems: MATLAB Plots solve; 11.21 – 11.29, 12.1, 12.2 & 12.22
Lab # 14:Lab already assigned.

9th, 11th& 12th November

Co-relation between Pm and Transient Response
Gain [Kc] compensation to achieve desired Phase and Gain Margins
15 Introduction to; Feedback and Cascade Compensations – Lead, Lag and Lag-Lead).
Problems: 12.3 – 12.13
Lab # 15:Lab already assigned.

16th, 18th& 19th November

Lead Compensation Design
16 Lag Compensation Design, Lag-Lead Compensation Design
Feedback Compensation Design.
Problems: 12.14 – 12.20; 12.23 – 12.25